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  1. So the scar h is also abattle rifle. And yes it's obsolete in real life.. but this is a video game, and I wold like to run something in a full rifle cartridge so it can punch through plates and I'm not shooting some guy in the chest and just shrugs it off and shoots me in the face in a active of spray and pray. Im not a fan of such a play style where even at longer ranges using semi isnt really worth it. If people in real war could take 3 rounds to the plate and still be fully functional.. I promise you the army would look at a larger round
  2. So I noticed the battle rifles (rifles that fire full rifle rounds and are semi or full automatic) are non existent. Will we see weapons such as the m14, the sr25, the fn fal, the hk417 are anything like these weapons?
  3. Do why are there no battle rifles chambered in full rifle cartridges. Like the m14, fn fall, hk 417. The list goes on. And I hope they add these in the future
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