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    Disagree, I'd rather have plentiful RPG's that are only effective against vehicles than a small number of them that can be used against infantry.
  2. You've made a few conflicting points here. A higher TTK gives more time for someone playing mindlessly to react to incoming fire whereas a low TTK makes them more likely to die before they even know where the shots came from. I'd love to know why you disagree as a few people have pointed this out now. You keep ragging on hardcore mode because it wasn't the favorite mode of the average player, but then in every other point you dismiss the opinion of average players because they don't play enough to have an opinion. This also ignores the fact that hardcore mode in BF wasn't immediately obvious, it was something you could find if you sought it out but you'd never play it if you didn't know about it in the first place. I've yet to see anyone else really push this realism angle that you keep bringing up when talking about TTK, (some) people like the new balance because they like the implications of it from a gameplay perspective, not because of realism. It just feels like you're inventing bad reasons for people to like the changes so you can dismiss them. I appreciate you're a big fan of the game and have a lot of hours in it already, but that doesn't make you the only person qualified to have an opinion. Plenty of people don't have the hours you do because they found issues in previous versions that stopped them playing (like the low ttk that has made you want to play less) or they just had other stuff to play first. Personally I bought the game to support the devs, I come back regularly to see how it's progressing but I don't play heavily because other shooters interest me more right now and the gutshot meta and head glitching can be really frustrating. I found this one detail a bit surprising. Does it make sense to balance the TTK with gutshots still in the game? Removing or nerfing them would have a profound impact based on my experiences with the game, so balancing with it still there seems like building a house on sand.
  3. People can give lots of good feedback when they're new, that's why when game studios do focus testing they pick people new to a series of games and try to find fresh groups each time. Games often have issues that experienced players just overlook because they're so used to them, whereas fresh faces will point them out. If someone plays the game a little bit, gets put off by something and stops playing then that's useful. Also when you're a small community it helps to be welcoming to new people to help the game grow, being elitist and shouting them down doesn't do the game any favours.
  4. People can't give feedback if they don't read the patch notes first? If someone returns to the game, immediately encounters a very rough map and they decide to stop playing, that's still useful to know. Maybe it prompts a lot of other people to agree, or maybe the devs go look at the metrics and realise that players are avoiding that map. Shouting down someone and calling them 'obviously dumb' because they made a one off critical post doesn't help anyone.
  5. What a ridiculous thing to say. The devs want this game to grow over the course of early access and so should we, if people return to the game to check it out and see how it's developing then of course the devs will want to hear what they think.
  6. Thanks for the reply! I do like the armor system for the exact reason of shot placement as well as being able to position yourself to absorb the worst of the damage, however placing shots specifically in the gut just feels off due to both the size of it and the proximity to the chest, as it often leads (in my experience anyway) to two players aiming centre of mass and the first to get a lucky hit to the gut wins. Here's how I think things could work instead: - Face to face with enemy: Headshots are the fastest way to land the kill, however using a rifle against light armor is also relatively quick. If you're using an SMG/pistol/shotgun or they have heavy armor, then aiming for the face is almost mandatory or you can focus heavily on a low damage but unarmored area (gut, limbs). - Side on from enemy: Headshots are still the fastest but the torso, while taking slightly longer to get the kill, is a bigger target. Armor and weapon caliber are almost irrelevant from this angle, i's all about DPS, making the high fire-rate SMG's and high damage shotguns particularly deadly here. - Behind enemy: Headshots are again the fastest, but the torso again is a close second while also being a large target. I quite like the idea of a smaller armor plate on the back, making aiming dead centre of the back maybe less effective but leaving areas around that which can be hit. The equivalent of gut shots might actually work quite well here, as you've got the drop on the enemy and have earned the right to have a quick route to a kill. Having a small piece of back armor might make SMG's quite a viable flanking weapon too as you can more reliably full auto the smaller target area. The one thing I'm not really sure about is helmets and where they fit in, given that headshots would generally be a reliable way of getting a kill which would make the different helmet tiers fairly indistinguishable from each other. One option would be a face hitbox, which allows you to get quick precise kills while also allowing helmets to maybe be unrealistically protective to give them more purpose than they have in real life. Low tier helmets could then only protect from shotgun pellets and SMG's, the mid tier could offer some minimal protection against rifles and the top tier might deflect multiple rifle round or even sniper rounds. Getting a bit off topic now but one thing I wish you guys had done is make the higher tier helmets visually stronger in some way, like by making the bulkier helmets only available if you have the highest armor tier, while the smaller helmets are only available at the lowest tier. Being able to see an enemy, know their helmet level and act accordingly would be great.
  7. You're not, I mentioned footsteps in the pre-alpha and as far as I can tell nothing has changed since then. At best the footsteps are very quiet, at worst they just seem completely silent even from a few yards away.
  8. I took a break because of the high TTK combined with gut shots, it made getting the drop on someone less important and increased the chances that someone could play haphazardly and rely on flickshotting the stomach, either by luck or skill, to bail themselves out. Spraying people in the upper chest/head frequently only to die almost immediately to a gut shot was/is incredibly frustrating, for me at least. I could adapt to it and focus on the gut more, but honestly I play a lot of other shooters too and I don't want to ruin my play style in those games to fit WW3. High TTK and high available of meds can be very irritating too, especially with ranged fights. The good thing about a lower TTK is you don't necessarily have to be super skilled and very quick to drop people, positioning and teamwork can get you far. The only thing that bugs me about a lower TTK right now is how easy it is to stay almost completely hidden, you can peek a corner and only show a couple of grey head pixels in front of a grey wall.
  9. Thanks for the info. I've only played 0.4 a little but I've enjoyed it so far, though I'll echo what others have said about armor feeling a little weak currently. What's the current dev feeling on gut shots? I still don't really understand why they're so devastating from either a realism or balance standpoint, it feels weird switching from another game to WW3 and having snipers focus on your gut or trying to spray down towards the stomach instead of up towards the head. Any thoughts on the current way players can peek while remaining almost invisible? Often all I'll see of another player when getting shot at is a muzzle flash next to a corner. Ideally projectiles would originate from the gun barrel instead of the centre of the camera but I'm not sure how much of a rewrite that would be.
  10. Have you guys been keeping a keen eye on the ping system in Apex Legends? It's a pretty slick way of communicating for guys who don't have voip, though in games like WW3 the general approach is shoot first ask later, so maybe it's not as useful.
  11. Don't these points kind of conflict? Positioning and tactics lead to seeing the other player first, rushing around corners in a low ttk game is a great way to get dropped by someone holding an angle on that corner from a well protected position. Have the devs said these changes were about realism? Low ttk might be more realistic but that doesn't mean realism is the driving factor behind the change. I quit before 0.3 even came out because the high ttk combined with gutshots made most engagements feel awful. The lowered ttk has tempted me back.
  12. TTK felt way more RNG before when you would spray at someone and have a random chance of hitting the stomach, which had a massive effect on the outcome of a fight. Agree with most of this, I like positioning and flanking to be more important than twitch reactions and being able to full auto 60 rounds. I disagree on the armor system though, if implemented right I like the idea of getting the drop on someone requiring not only that you see them first, but also that you can carefully place your shots around their armor plates. It makes camping in a corner and spraying anyone who runs past less effective, which is good in a game as grey and dull as this where everything just kind of blends together. I do hate the gutshot meta too, but that's easy to fix if the devs want to.
  13. As important as ammo/med packs are, I sometimes run without them as you can find them all over the place. If the drone was a strong tactical item (maybe give it thermals or some other buffs?) then it could definitely be worth foregoing the packs and taking the drone instead. It'd be nice if the drone had more range too, that way you could spot from relative safety, in fact it could make a really good sniper gadget then. Can you disconnect/reconnect with drones? I haven't tried it.
  14. A less powerful option would be to allow players to mark a spot rather than an actual enemy, so you can inform friendlies of the general enemy direction/position without being able to pinpoint them and track their movement. I'd prefer voip but then Battlefield has voip and no fucker uses it. I tried out drones recently and they can actually be really useful in an enemy push, I left mine sat about 100 metres up and spotted every enemy before they could get in position while my team just lined them up and gunned them down the moment they peeked. I'm not sure if they do this already but a nice use of drones could be to provide very short range radar directly underneath its position, so if you're anticipating a push from a particular path you can float a drone up there and get minimap information or markings as an early warning.
  15. In my last match I got 15-20 kills in a relatively short match (5th or so place in my team), captured multiple points including some ordered by the SL and we won the match at a canter; my reward was around 3000 credits. The rank up rewards are a nice amount but I'm still quite low level and already the gap between rank changes is increasing quickly, making those rewards harder to come by.
  16. Coming back to the game after not playing for a little while, there are a few issues which I've seen brought up before but never really addressed. Having to find a new battle each time I really think this is having a hugely negative affect on player numbers right now. I just played two matches back to back and both were close to done when I joined, with one team way ahead of the other. If you're lucky you'll get a fresh battle, but then it'll be almost empty and you'll have to wait 10 minutes for it to slowly fill up, by which point the outcome has likely already been decided. I looked on the roadmap and couldn't see any plans to keep players together between battles (I think it is there I just couldn't find it), but this should be a priority in my opinion. Stomach shots inflicting high damage I've yet to see anyone explain any positives of this. With players tending to full auto and aim for centre mass, winning fights becomes a bit of a lottery of who lands the first shot to the gut. The armor system is nice but I think the chest plate should cover the gut too, so in a one vs one fight with both aiming centrally, the one who reacts fastest and controls their recoil best will win most fights. Progression is painfully slow My reward for joining a late game, getting a few kills and then being declared the winner was 600 dollars/credits, meaning I would have to repeat that 30 times to afford a new rifle. That just feels way too slow and while I can appreciate the hardcore players want something to keep them motivated, making players wait so long between fresh unlocks seems a bit ridiculous. I think weapons should be cheaper to unlock, mods should stay the same or be slightly cheaper, but the mods should need to be unlocked per weapon. This would mean that for the same amount of content you're increasing the number of 'things' that can be unlocked, helping to break up progression a little, and it would encourage players to try different mods with each weapon rather than reusing the same red dot for everything to save money for the next rifle. I'd much rather unlock a new rifle sooner and have to deal with it being un-modded, than have to put a ton of hours in to unlock it and then immediately be able to mod it to the max. Players are barely visible when peeking In a game like this with plenty of mid/long range combat, getting sniped at by someone who is basically invisible is not fun. I'm not sure where the camera is placed but it feels like it's close to the top of the head, allowing players to peek while barely exposing themselves. I've suggested this before but bullets should originate from the barrel of the gun and the camera possibly should be lower, as right now there just isn't enough risk to peeking. The potential for the game is still there, but I'm not sure such a heavy emphasis should be placed on new content when the basics of the game need a few major changes.
  17. Do bullets still originate from the camera rather than the gun barrel? That's my one issue with leaning, you can see the enemy while barely showing a couple of pixels, which coupled with the pretty grey color scheme makes you close to invisible at times. If you had to actually lean far enough for your gun barrel to poke out you'd be much more exposed.
  18. Yeah I agree they're very similar, but the perception seems to be that buying actual weapons and attachments means pay to win but buying boosters is accepted.
  19. I see the logic in it and given that the weapons are quite balanced I don't have a problem with it, but I guarantee people will kick up a fuss about it, bomb reviews, write articles about it, etc. People will try to claim that you can gain an advantage even when you can't, or that grinding to unlock everything that can be bought will take X hours and it's unfair even if you don't need everything you can unlock. Maybe you could get around this by only allowing certain items to be bought, like for example don't allow new guns or vehicle additions to be bought, but red dots, lasers and other mods maybe are fine. You could also allow the purchase of boosters that speed up progression, with possibly some boosters being given for free at rank 5/10/20/whatever so that they're not a purchase only item. I think allowing cosmetics to be bought via microtransactions is a solid approach that few will have issue with.
  20. The problem with removing it is some players will use third party software to add a crosshair and gain an advantage.
  21. Did you guys sneakily change this without me realising? I tried testing it a little after you asked this and it did nothing.
  22. This! The lean system they have is horrible and obviously designed around console plebs. I made the misstep of buying it after watching some pretty positive videos on it, then after an hour or two of multiplayer I refunded it as it just felt god awful. I don't know how people can praise the gunplay when it just feels so built around spray and pray.
  23. My suggestions were based on the gut shot being removed and head shots being more deadly, so the 3 shot kill would only be possible with headshots, shots to the back and sides (depending on whether back armor becomes a thing), or maybe certain AP ammo's against light armor. I don't like the idea of helmets having some kind of damage reduction value, I'd like to see them changed so they either stop a bullet or they don't. Two possible ways to go about this would be: You take a hit to the helmet and depending on the rating of the helmet either you die or you lose it, the next shot kills. Hits that the helmet it rated to take (say, direct 9mm hits and up to 7.62 for shallow hits for the top level armor) do no damage even when it's hit repeatedly but anything above those ratings are an instant kill. I quite like the second idea but it might make 9mm just a bit too useless.
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