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  1. Power Armor, like from 40k or Fallout, where you effectivly become a walking tank
  2. Yes but it should take much longer for shells to replenish at the repair pad to promote them only being used when they are needed to root out entrenched eneimes or to hit other armored targets the coax and turrets should be the main anti infantry of these tanks.
  3. Some Auto capable 7,62x51mm chambered weapons would be nice to bride the gap between AR and sniper while serving as a decent way for people to counter snipers. FN FAL Scar-H(and L while there at it) HK G3 Some other weapons id like to see AS VAL/VSS (Very quite weapons designed for use by special forces fire a subsonic round that hits bloody hard due to weight (9x39)compared to other rifle calibers) M32 Grenade launcher(the six shot 40mm one) Maybe some sort of tear gas to justify gas masks
  4. Donno about unconditional revives like in other games but adding a incapacitated status that would trigger if your taken out without a headshot, then the individual can be either finished off by the enemy with a few more shots or brought back into the fight by either 1: using the injector on them or 2: by having a team mate going over and doing a few second animation that adds a risk to reviving people. The important thing is that revive should facilitate keeping a squad in one peice but not allow this to be done in a hot zone ideally the revives should happen after the fight has ended or the downed player is in cover. what should be a knock down rather than a kill is debatable, perhaps this could be the role of helmates get hit in the head with a helmate your still out of the fight but your revivable, my personal opinion is that only either head shots or focused fire into one area(torse not including the plate) should result in a straight kill, if fire hits the plate and both arms and a leg then thats a knock down and when revived one should suffer a speed penelty and Aim penelty due to being shot in the arms. This would add a form of attrision to people who get revived repeatedly they would get slower, there aim would get worse and there armor would get fucked up. Edit granted this would require death to be more impactful.
  5. Ive been opticalled alot, kinda got used to navigating back to the repair bench, when i first started i kid you not I used to drive in what i was hoping was away from the enemy get out of the tank look around drive from memory, get out look around drive from memory rince repeat till i got home, still have to get out every now and then if i get lost on the way home or miss a turn, my favorite was this one time i got opticalled i was rotating the turret around and all i saw was grey couldnt figure out any land marks just grey, got out to realise i got opticalled so hard my tank fell through the map lol, I to this day reckon it was a Tor that did that to that specific tank. I donno if Iam the minority on this, i always figured at least half the playerbase would play in 2 or 3 man groups everyone has a few freinds they like playing with right, Iam not even a clanner. What iam trying to bring to the conversation is that tanks are not in a great spot right now and it is my opinion that team work to operate and team work to destroy would put tanks in a better spot. Even if they dont want to do that I can say that there is 2 things that would help tanks alot 2 things i tend to utalise when hunting tanks when i dont have access to one. 1: Tandem RPGs my go to tank buster these things allow one man to pose a letal treat to any tank, 1 hit to rear armor and good bye tank its not hard to sit in ambush with how these maps are designed to funnel vehicles especially down a handfull of predictable routes, even if there is a hardkill system on board Ive often just waited for a team mates bait single stage to hit before cracking it open, or if one doesnt have any team mates around theres always just waiting for a randoms one to get eaten, even if they made it so tandems did 80% damage to rear armor its better then a One hit kill. Another Quality od life change could be giving tandems a slower projectile velocity and greater bullet drop, iam not entirly sure how realistic this would be but they sure look heavier. 2: Mines these at most should do 25% and track a tank that they can one hit kill a tank is ludicrous for something that doesnt even despawn in death, i consider these so ludicrusly OP that i will only resort to using them if i feel my team is getting base raped by enemy armor, mines should be a tool to allow for follow up hits and eventually a kill on a tank not do it all by itself.
  6. Snipe? Do not insult me with such vile words, half of playing a tank is knowing when you can push and when you cannot, the role i take is that of creating space for infantry on my team, the difficult comes from knowing when to push and when to return to base for repairs hence me saying it I disagree on it being not easy. The leading cause of my death as a tank is getting impatient with my infantry being too passive and pushing onto a occupied point before RPG nests are cleared off as pushing in such a situation will lead to one hit kill from a tandem to the rare. But this is not a death because tanks are hard this is a death due to my own choice a measured risk i took and was found wanting in other times i could push up and the infanty will follow or I could kill the RPG or angle my armor on the point just right that the RPG nest has no line of sight at rear armor.
  7. Game wouldnt need it Iam very rarely queing into this game on my own and thus communicate with squadmates via discord or TS, my point is there would be a option the APC , there would be a option for 2 man groups the AFV and there would be options for 3 man groups MBT. Also as someone who does drive tanks alot in WW3 and can often keep the tank alive the entire match id have to disagree on it not being easy, granted its also easy to take out tanks my second favorite thing to do in this game, i would much rather it require team work to both operate and destroy a tank. But again this is my preference
  8. Thats why i suggest making IFVs solo freindly, in fiarness about 75% of a AFV and MBT would be functional from 2 players driver and gunner, which we already kinda have as to get full effect out of a tank you need 2 people its just the second is more a optional extra than a team work required. I guess it comes down to taste, on one hand I want team work to be required to both effectively operate and fight tanks, but i can see why people would prefer it to be soloable especially if they typically dont play with freinds. Its my prefernce simply because iam used to the idea of tanks being multiplayer vehicles and thus can be made powerful to the point that they feel like a tank, other games need tanks to be watered down because its one player commitment which just rubs me up the wrong way.
  9. I have to agree with you on the supression bit, I understand why people dont like it in terms of a competitive shooter but I dont think WW3 is a Competative shooter like CSGO, Supression is a tactic designed to force the enemy to hunker down and not return fire, in reality supressive fire is a tried and true tactic that is used to this day in order to stop the enemy from attempting to return fire in the first place and no game will ever match the reality of bullets hitting all around you knowing that any single one of those bullets could kill or maim you. Thus Supression should be a choice or tool at a squads disposal. As Aceb says I also see the game as a set of choices to achieve a goal/objective, supression should be one of those choices, as is flanking(which can be facilitated by supression), using gernades of various types and so on so forth. A competative game is all about who is a better at mastering set learn able mechanics be it aim, evasion or map flow. But tactical games allow for someone to out play someone on the thinking front via making better choices even if they have a worse shot, they also have random elements because thats true with reality, reality can be random, reality can be unfair, but so many random and unfair things happen that it eventually evens itself out.
  10. Suggestion to improve tanks. MBT: Make it a 3 man tank Driver, Main gunner, and Top gunner/Commander. -Driver has access to third person camera and a smoke generator -Main Gunner HE and shrapnel rounds have old blast radious, 50cal and 7,62 both do full damage and fire rate, additional zoom level longer range and access to termal optics, cannot do third person -Top Turret Full damage and fire rate from the turret, access to longer range magnification and termal optics cannot do third person, access to smoke gernades. MBT: Alot tougher takes at least 2 hits to the rear of tandem, front and side ruffly 7 RPG hits to disable(cannot fight back), add new damage state tracks stops vechicle from moving and thus from falling back, Land mines do minor damage and track the tank AFV: Again 3 man with Driver, main gunner and commander main advantage of this is it should be alot cheaper than a MBT almost half the price at base but as a trade off much weaker and very unlikely to win in a fight with a MBT, but at a significant advantage vrs IFVs and especially infantry with its Autocannon. Also due to the versatility of the Auto cannon it should be less relient on the top turret therefor making it a effective 2 man tank. IFV: Same price as a AFV but is a 2 man crew with driver and main gunner being one person with the usual optional top turret. This gives a solo tank option trade off is due to having lighter armor can be one hit to rear armor by a tandem also very weak vrs even Auto cannons giving it a weakness to AFVs Additional: Tank optical buff, much slower replenishment of Main gun ammo this is in attempt to make tankers try to use the MGs to kill infantry and only put a HE out if the Infantry is dug in, it should be a very powerful round but thus should be a limited round thats used sparingly at the risk of running out if one wastes them on ammo if they then come against a MBT they may be found wanting for ammo. If the Tor still does like 10% damage per shot then it needs nerfing into the ground vrs tanks as thats just silly. Tanks should be easier to disable than destroy, perhaps even a chance that if a shot goes internal it could kill a crew memeber, things that could be damageable, tracks, loader/breach, turret ring, Engine, ammo racks which could cause a burn off requiring the tank to return to base for repairs and a lenghty re arming. Suggestion on RPGs: -Add a max weight to character building To run RPG and heavy armor should require sacrifice my suggestion is make the max gun you can use with RPG plus heavy armor be a SMG and not able to carry a bit equipment like Med pack, Ammo pack and Gear Pack making RPG guys require a ammo bearer to launch many RPGs -Allow RPGs to carry as many Rockets of as many types as they want at the cost of weight with Weight being from lowest to highest Frag, Single and Tandem -RPG shots should be able to disable the track of a tank thus stopping it from fleeing
  11. Really its always worked for me and my squad, granted we use tanks not drones
  12. Well typically the squishy thing behind the plate is the point of failure not the armor, example of what level IV steel can take, if anything it is not a problem of the plate being too strong its a case of hitting arms and legs being too effective as they drain the main health of the character and dont take independent damage to their own health bar.
  13. Id say yes for revive if a few things were also true. Head shots(not helmate shots but head shots) should be a non revivable character. When 50cal weapons get balanced these should also be non revivable. If someone is incapacitated it should be visable that they are still alive and thus finishable. Lastly a revive should not be something you charge up and hit someone with, the medic should have to stand still over the team mate for at least 1 second to bring them back, this would mean A the medic is putting themselves at risk and B it encourages reviving to be done once a fight has been resolved rather than during the fight in a attempt to keep your squad whole. I think the most important part is being able to finish the enemy on the ground to prevent revive spam at chokes. I think Eternal Crusade did revive systems the best in EC anyone could revive a team mate(usually by standing over them and saying something to the effect of get up lol) but you had to do a 2 second animation that you could not move during, the person who is revived only had a fraction of there health thus still needing a medic, people who were downed could be finished off by either shooting them quite alot ruffly the same amount of hits it took to down them or they could be executed in a cool little animation where you character would do something like stick the barrel of there gun in the enemies face and blow it off. Lastly while downed you could move all be it very slowly thing PUGB slow.
  14. Yeah id like to see a few weapons of this type added like the FN FAL(because its the bloody FAL), SVD for the Russians and RSASS for the Americans. Id have to disagree with not allowing them to go auto where applicable sorry RSASS and SVD, id say let them go auto but make them inaccurate while auto at anything beyond 20m, another balancing factor they could use is weight not only of the gun but of the Ammo with mag size having a serious impact on how heavy you are, if someone is taking a gun like this with good armor then they should be commited to that roles and that role alone so no RPGs no full size secondary and so on.
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