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  1. This small thing was a reason why you refunded the game? lol.
  2. You can't modify the loadouts while you're in a match. You can modify them in the main menu, but you can change between 6 loadouts (loadouts you created in the main menu) while you're in a match. The only thing you can modify while you're in a match is your gadget (medi kit, anti tank mine, etc)
  3. Yeah, you should play and help your team to win instead of modify your loadouts. 6 different loadouts are enough, right?
  4. Hello, if you turn your "effects" quality on low, you can't see the custom camouflages, emblems and names on other soldiers and your soldier as well. You have to change the "effects" quality to medium atleast, but I believe many players want the most fps, so they'll turn everything on low. The consequence is, that most players won't see your individualized soldier (I'm not talking about clothes, just camouflages, emblems and names). The same applies to camouflages on weapons. Why do you choose to handle it this way? Just asking, because of the possibility to customize your soldier like you want is actually an awesome thing in WW3, but like this, it has not the full "awesomeness" like it should, if you know what I mean. It would be good if you see it with each setting, just with a lower resolution for each setting "low, medium,...." Best regards, Psychodynmics
  5. You can change the color and opacity of the color. But maybe it should be a little bit more obvious on default, because I think many people don't check/change the color settings
  6. I think it's good like it is now. Once you get used to the maps, you'll find your ways better. Like this it feels more immersive in my opinion.
  7. Hello, it's just a word, nothing gamebreaking, but it's still something to report, right? DESCRIPTION OF BUG: if you're capture there's a text which says you're attacking a point, but the word "Attacking" is misspelled. It says "Attaking". GAME BUILD ID: 3242871 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Attack a point SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS): - CRASH LOG: - Best regards, Psychodynamics
  8. Hello everyone, it would be really awesome if we can test our loadouts in a test range like in BF4 as an example. Would be better, because like this we can test scopes, spray patterns, etc. Best regards, Psychodynamics
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