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  1. Yep, map rotation is the biggest reason I put it down
  2. I was hearing all kinds of yelling and had no idea whether they were friendly or not, so I changed the enemy language to Russian and now I know when enemies are near when I can't understand what's being said ???
  3. I remember the good old days when the tanks were bugged and you could kill one with a few AP rounds from a TOR right into the turret ??
  4. Was in BF4, figured it was a fair way to balance them - they'll f*ck you up, but they're obvious through thermal/nvg
  5. It makes sense that mines should one hit armour, but armour should be able to see the mines clearly using IR / NV options. Make the mines super bright in those vision modes so if the driver is paying attention, they'll be able to avoid/destroy the mine.
  6. Took down a helicopter drone the other day with the co-ax .50 on my Leo
  7. You'll never make everyone happy, but I'd think people would appreciate the choice between grinding or paying to unlock, so my vote is yes.
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