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  1. Load out didn't change since yesterday, and no patches were released, so unrelated to that. If there's something going on server side, or account side then maybe that would explain it.
  2. First noticed with MG5 loadout I had Spawn in, ammo counter shows 100/0 Fire one round, ammo counter shows 29/0 29 rounds fired, 0/0, unable to fire (out of ammo) Drop supply pack and resupply once, end up with 6 ammo in reserves, reload = 6/0 all weapons now do this unless their maximum rounds per magazine are lower (Sniper rifles 5/0, etc) Weapon performs and acts normal otherwise. Secondary weapons seem unaffected in some instances Edit: Now with 500% more video example Verified steam files, attempted multiple loadouts, changes, etc. No resolution for issue. EDIT 2: Change might have something to do with additional ammo. I swapped on one weapon with no results so I changed all weapons on all loadouts to default ammo as additional and the problem seems to be removed.
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