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  1. I'm surprised that they haven't fixed this issue yet and that ( -nohmd ) temp fix didn't work for me at all and having to completely shutdown the background processing for my Oculus Rift to play this one and only game (this game is great, not harping on that at all) whereas other games don't need me to do this process. Having to COMPLETELY shutdown and start the Oculus Rift start up program every time I decide I want to play my VR I have to sit through the intro "First Contact" demo every time and it's so damn boring and extremely annoying. Has anyone found a legitimate fix for this and if so how do you go about fixing this annoying bug?
  2. What I would like to see in a near future update is the addition of a Radial Command Wheel for such things as: Requesting Ammo or Health, or asking for someone to drop their Equipment Bag to repair our armor (helmet and Chest Plate) or even asking for someone to do some Reconnaissance around a certain point (but only if one of your teammates has a drone equipped as their gadget). There can either be 2 Radial Command Wheels (one for your squad and one for general area around you) or just one Radial Command Wheel and depending on who's around you and what they have equipped determines the options you can choose from for certain actions, like I mentioned before. It's always so tiresome and a bit suicidal trying to track down a teammate for [insert reason here] and having to precisely hover your cross-dot over their gadget Icon and have to "spot" your own teammates for them to know who and where to drop their things for. (I know it's pretty much how Battlefield 4 does it and I for one didn't have any issues for or against that RCW in BF4, but at least for the most part my teammates always dropped ammo or health when I asked for it) Also could you maybe either make the mini-side ops (giving health or ammo) that appears in the top left corner with your other main objective(s) a bit more noticeable or better yet have the requesting person(s) names appear in the chat box with their requests next to their names, under the Teams chat Tab. Ex: [Team] [insert players Gamertag here]: Requesting Ammo/Health/Armor/Etc...
  3. So how are the PTE tests for the Quick Joining filters going? Are they performing adequately enough to consider adding them into the game tomorrow?
  4. as stated in the title, I can't join the same game as my squad, whether I'm the squad lead or squad mate, whenever we join the game everyone else can join in but I just get sent back to the game's main menu with the message: "You've lost connection with the host" in the bottom right. Has anyone else experienced this issue before or am I the only one?
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