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  1. only for squad and only 1 time for player
  2. Ok, thanks, Close this topic
  3. Being able to try the weapon or vehicle gadget before buying, in order to avoid clueless purchases. I spent virtual money unnecessarily, because I didn't like different lenses. It would be nice to be able to see in detail (also through gifs) how the product is before the purchase. A Type of arsenal mode.
  4. Create a private polygon mode, so you can practice and test weapons and vehicles, before entering multiplayer. A sort of private offline polygon. Preferably even before having to buy them
  5. It would be beautiful, interesting, dynamic and every game would always be different. I would like dynamic weather, but not synchronized as in reality. Here is my example: beginnings of the afternoon with the sun and finish in the evening with the rain. or start at dawn with the fog and finish the game with the sun or snow. it would be nice if the software house developed such a thing. (they would be the first to do it!)
  6. yes, i sure. Combo, but i see only a light.
  7. but i see only the light, not the laser.
  8. on/off light and laser. i see only light not the laser.
  9. https://worldwar3.com/en/development-roadmap/
  10. Problems with the site. the connection is not private. Privacy error. I use windows 10, google chrome (last version stable)
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