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  1. I understand the acquisition and the various collaborations, but it is ridiculous to see how the staff, administrators and developers have disappeared, not responding anymore.
  2. any news from the team?
  3. @Matt_dOvale My mistake, my English is poor. I had read the news, pending 1.0, it is currently not available on steam. Only then will it be released again. google translate help me
  4. The game is no longer available on steam. So will the normal version be automatically updated and continue on the PTE? there are several doubts. There is no point in keeping two versions now.
  5. with the collaboration of MYGAMES, will PTE be closed?
  6. Aviators


    very very very soon
  7. you can put carcasses of planes, helicopters, new jersey, etc. etc. obstacles can be created and be a map that combines two styles of play. Obviously the initial idea is this, then everything can be modified and modeled to make everything more fun and complicated for snipers
  8. it would be nice to play on a map set in an airport (parking, runway, luggage storage, checkin, gate) all the games create the usual maps. Shopping centers, parking lots, metro. The airport would be a nice big and innovative map. or a large map like this, where you can also use land vehicles in wide open spaces as well as fighting in a closed place.: or a small and simple map:
  9. WW3 can become an egames? What is the procedure, what are the requirements? it would be nice if it became that. I hope so.
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