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  1. Hi. I want to clarify one thing in this game. Namely, the tendency of my character to comment on everything that happens around him. "Oh! Grenade! OMG! Nice shot my boy my baby oh yeah commmon! " And you know.. even when i am alone on a whole goddamn map this trigger doesn't even check a teammate existence in a close range and just loudly pronounce - "i'm Here! I saw this grenade and i'm just doing a little rap about it for you boy... because i can" No... because i can't.... If this is an important part of the game mechanics can you place some decoy granade that looks like a premium edition of CoD:WW or a rubber boobs ? If no... why? This game TTK's is actually living on the spine of a map listening and situational awarness in general. And this stupid replicas.... doesnt make it better i guess. Not any of them.. But at least they could be much quieter.
  2. First off all, spawning system should get all the basics like "out of combat respawns".
  3. I like this TTK, it's not really a hardcore one... but not bad The problem for me personaly all over a whole testing is 1) netcode: damage that cames in one message and looks like a one shot, instadeath when you prefiring from the corner someone who running to you (like you just start leaning but you already dead) , dying behind the wall... etc. 2) perfomance: so, during a closed beta i heard about it from 80+% of players. Stuttering, lagging, stuttering, freeezing... but today ppl with a less perfomance rig tells me - it's fine and no stuttering... but for me they still on the same place.. New options ^ GPU buffering and CPU boost.. helps to improve fps... but that's a fake... like a TrueMotion on TV... my input lag is awfull. TDM mode is pretty smooth, but warzones... it always redrawing the map with a huge spikes.. so, sometimes im even a freezing for 3-5 sec... So thats the main problems.. and soul is really fine. It's not even a Sqad... it's more a project reality.. the best form of BF) And it's going in that directions. With a proper feedback. P.S. CoD is a trash.
  4. Here is not so many active players to panic and fixing such a things untill a planned rollout. And that's not the only issue. Just one or two good squads and the game is rolling down. A lot of players still dont know how to play... and it doesnt metter what kind of weapon or vehicle will block you on your base). Btw, suicidle drone is pretty cheap but it's like a TV-missile for a little bird.. working good but as i said reaction should came from a team> not from a person..
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