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  1. Youtube keeps limiting/deleting the video, that's funny, too funny. /YouTube doing the right thing, we also do not tolerate videos like this. weedtime
  2. Fair enough, didn't expect everyone to be against choppers, but it is what it is i guess.
  3. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam did a great job at balancing out the choppers. If you stay too high, and the AA missle's are lockod onto you, you have to get below 70feet, or else you are dead.
  4. 40 players is the max as of now.
  5. Map size is not an excuse, because as we can see from the current layout on the map, these can be extended easily... and even with the current layout on the warsaw map, a heli would fit. but they already stated on the forums that it is unlikely to see them. anyhow i still think i'd be epic to see them on 64 servers. and about balance... i do not agree with you said.
  6. The only truth in this picture is how indeed the battlefield franchise went backwards since bf2.
  7. Played all of them, and that's the one i would prefer
  8. Out of all the games listed here, i'd take the PUBG one without a single doubt.
  9. We should be able to lock the vehicle from the outside when pressing L it locks the vehicle, but currently only works if you are inside of them i believe. However, i think the enemy should still be able to steal it, not sure about this.
  10. Have the same setup, but i don't experience any stutter, try a fresh re-install of windows 10 if nothing seem to help.
  11. I believe the maps would be extended on 64/64, that's what they replied to my thread, however, i can't link it, since its locked content.
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