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  1. I am missing my Partisan clothing since the update all configs/loadouts are broken/empty and will not save too all guns are invisible in soldier customization preview (sometimes I t-pose too) included screenshots of gunpose without gun and T-pose (Sidenote: Are the new prices really supposed to be 20k per pants etc.?!)
  2. Not really new tbh... (location: Berlin street from C2 to upper spawn) [Did you ever hear of "screenshots" or are you new on pc?] EDIT: If you were late in Berlin games it could have been destroyed by RPG or a tank (specially tanks from upper spawn reversing for retreat love to hit that spot)
  3. With this gasmask and partizan camo I feel at home again. (Later I made my light soldier v2 Pioneer/Support hybrid carrying Vitiyaz+RPG+Ammo and second lowest armor)
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