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  1. Honestly, it's kinda understandable forgetting to heal. I've done it a few times myself as well but not when i am really low, only the damn 66hp. Not a lot of visual cues.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Being somewhere you are not supposed to be (if this is somehow intended, please ignore/lock thread). You can also shoot through it but they can't shoot you. GAME BUILD ID: 3343723 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: On the video below.
  3. GAME BUILD ID: 3335211 DESCRIPTION: I was spamming X on a chokepoint with a thick coat of smoke and a rectangular red icon appeared which basically gave me wallhacks. It's not supposed to work like this, right? (no footage, shadowplay was off)
  4. I just played 32v32 for the first time on Moscow small. I didn't know that was a thing in smaller maps, It was pretty hectic but the frames... oh my god.
  5. Ignore/lock if this is not a bug DESCRIPTION OF BUG: really blurred sites on sniper rifles GAME BUILD ID: 3327628
  6. Following feedback/question (mostly question) : Is it possible with the current type of steam servers to not leave to war map after round is done and keep playing possibly with map rotation? There would be less downtime plus people would start from a fresh server which is kinda rare right now. Furthermore, Is there a reason the TDM is split between 3 separate matches, of 50 tickets if i remember correctly, instead of 1 match of 150 tickets? Nothing negative but i think i would slightly prefer 1 single match of x tickets.
  7. ''bug hunting'' just comes from playing, i don't know what else to tell you. The fact that you take the time to record it and post it here is all devs can ask. You can check the patch notes to see if there is any specific request there, otherwise you just play.
  8. Soyrice

    PTE now?

    There is no point staying there. PTE is done for now. Switch back to the EA.
  9. You are stuck on the news of the previous samsung models. c24fg70 had panel problems as you described. The refreshed model(c24fg73 and all the other versions) don't have any of those problems. I notice the BLB on scenes changes in movies and series where the whole screen goes black, not anywhere else. You will not escape BLB without full LED array(which only exists on the asus pro-art displays) You have a massive budget. Prioritize your needs. Do you care about better contrast and no ips glow? Think of VA Samsung panels. Do you care about the best possible picture and color accuracy? Get an IPS monitor. Just don't get TN. You will love every monitor that you will end up with, i can guarantee you that. Go to a microcenter or any other hands on available store and see the monitors for yourself before you buy. I am guessing you went through a lot of videos so not gonna mention that. Forgot to mention that i have my samsung monitor since March 2018 with no problems.
  10. Quantum dot is just marketing i am pretty sure. I wanted 144hz and not shitty TN panel and i am 100% happy with my choice. You should consider the 1440p version in my opinion. You might get a slight BLB (you can't really escape that with LED technology) but no IPS glow and better black levels compared to IPS.
  11. Good luck but you are not gonna find a monitor without backlight bleed. Also, I have the samsung c24fg73 (144hz VA). Smearing?! lol.. ghosting? Nope. The monitor is amazing. Only drawback is slight BLB on high brightness.
  12. From the moment i started playing and without having any confirmation, i knew the netcode is very very decent unlike some other games cough pubg and i have to give you guys props to that. It's very fun to play and it's gonna be an absolute blast with time and future updates. ?
  13. The weapon sway i guess. When you get shot and the reticle of the optics go all over the place
  14. You didn't deliver very well but i tried as well in the past.. The crybabies are post-millenial generation. Millenials are 1995 or older.
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