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  1. I don't know if you read what was said well but let me clarify : They are removing the EA from the store on Steam which means the title is a "failed EA" as in "removed before finished" and it may never ever be released on Steam. If so, we no longer are the "testers" as you said as they would no longer have anything to do with us (the EA would be done for). However, what I think is happening is that they will move out of Steam and on MY.Games launcher or another one. As Youtubers or other people said, the game has always struggled with player count and a go at F2P may be coming up (and it's the speciality of My.Games). The fact that the cosmetics given to EA buyers are not "exclusive" or "unique" but "valuable" indicates that the full game may have paid cosmetics. an F2P game with paid cosmetics is smart and classic, no one here wants a P2W game but sadly, My.Games do love them.
  2. I don't know why they did this without asking us (referendum). We are the ones who funded and backed this game, we are the only reason they've gone this far. Yet they take one of the harshest decision without telling us or getting our feedback. I thought early access was meant to build a game together, so us players, and devs could create the game we wanted. That's a fold for me sorry.
  3. Performance is even worst than before ? I run a 6700k + 1070 with 3200mhz ram and I can't even run the game in medium without having drops below 60 when there's a firefight (1440p). It sucks having a decent PC yet I'm only able to play on very low to stay competitive which is ridiculous. I can run TW3 on ultra with 1-2 graphic option tuned down but on WW3 I'm so far away... I'd prefer you guys spend 1-2 month making the game run smoothly rather than add new content. Considering the engine and the graphics of the game, it should at least run @1080p 100+fps on a 1060 + i5 and 1440p 100+ fps on a 1070 + i7
  4. I don't know what caused it precisely in 0.7 but after a long break from the game I just checked on the game and it looks way too fast paced. I use 110 fov and it looks like I'm sprinting at 30mph with a light loadout. Not only this but fights looks even shorter.
  5. Honestly, I don't think reducing movement speed will change anything. People don't use vehicles because they can spawn on their squad leaders, on a capzone or on the designated vehicle. Why would I choose to get all the way back to base, possibly getting killed on the way and loosing more time than if I chose my SL as a respawn point ? Also, when you spawn at base, you're basically alone, this doesn't promote teamwork. When you choose your SL, you are there as a team and teamfights are much more fun. The only time I get quads from my base is when I feel like we need to flank the enemy or get the furthest capzone.
  6. Just get any Tank like the Bumerang and equip it with the AP machinegun rounds. The Heli will be destroyed in less than 10 hits. Do not use your primary, the damage is not worth it. I wish more people knew about this
  7. Hi, Everytime I try to equip it, it just changes back to the medium barrel. Is there something to unblock this bug or do I have to request a reset config ?
  8. Well you already need 5 shots with 5.56 if you hit armor with 2 of your bullets. Still that was one of my proposals among all the other ones. If they bring DMRs, they could be broken if they killed in only 2 hits no matter where you shot. If they always kill in 3 shots, then the TTK will be less than any AR and there won't be any reason to play them (unless headshot is 100% kill even on helmet shot) I don't think that protecting the hardest and the most rewarding part to hit is a good thing. See this target : The head is not even 10% of the target. Now with the helmet on : It covers ~40% of your face and it covers almost 100% on the sides and on the back. Now let's get back to calculus : if the head is 10% of your body and the unprotected part is 15% of your head (3 sides are 100% protected, the unprotected front is 60% <=> 60/3 = 15). This means that, to score an headshot, you have to hit a part that takes 0.10*0.15 = 1.5% of the surface of the player. if you miss and hit the helmet, you have to hit his head which is 10% of his body again : 10% * 10% = 1% of the surface of the player. Now let's get this straight : Do you really think that it is worth it to try to hit a part that's 1.5% of the whole target you can shoot at ? On top of that, if you miss, your bullet may completely miss the target. Whereas if you shoot high-chest, you have a much larger part to hit and on top of that, missing can cause bullets to hit the head or the arms. Also, you can freely shoot while moving without much penalty in this game so that's even harder. Let's not forget the fact that you have to face your target to be able to headshot him : you can only headshot someone if he was facing you, if you play that way, you have poor tactics. Most games got this part right by never allowing players to protect their head. CSGO is one exception because the game has high tickrate, guns with reliable accuracy/recoil and forces players to stop to make accurate shots. Still, some guns like the AK will one shot kill in the head and it is not seen as a broken mechanic : hitting the head is hard and it should be rewarded accordingly. In WW3, hitting the head is not even a guaranteed one hit kill depending on the distance. And now, a video to show how hard and unreliable it is to hit the head with server lag, imagine this guy doing that with his head while strafing.... : +1 I once tried the SA80 without any grips and the recoil is almost perfect, I'd increase it a bit more thought. So far we can all agree that firemodes are useless : anyone runs with full auto (even though people don't know that 3 round burst has less recoil and enables you to shoot even faster if you time it right). Semi is unreliable : it sometimes doesn't register clicks when you click too fast (despite the gun having a way higher ROF than how fast you can click with your fingers). I use it sometimes but only on Battle Rifles. /Please, use multiqoute. weedtime
  9. I think the game needs changes : Stop the spray and pray : People just dump their mags like retards at any distances because that's the most effective way to kill. Increase recoil on all guns, make mags above 30 rounds a lot heavier and with higher penalties (reload time, equip time, sway idk). Aiming for the head is not worth it because if you hit the helmet, you just hit armor and dealt less damage than a leg shot (everyone runs with level 3 helmet). To me, helmet armor should be removed to promote aiming well over spraying. Also, gun ROF is so high it's not even worth considering aiming for the head : why would I waste .5 sec to get a headshot (and possibly hit a helmet) when I can just get 3 shots on target way more easily in that time frame by aiming at their chest ? It'd be a nice way to introduce DMRs like SKS, SR-15, MK 14 that can kill in ~2-3 shots. That way, other calibers could be rebalanced: 5.56 kills in ~5 shots and 7.62 in ~4. Remove Cap zone bags we all know that feature is just makeup to hide the huge lack of teamplay of the game. The game is so fast paced that you can see people running around with 66 or even 33 hp, they simply don't care about healing they just want to fight apparently (because they know they can get health at the next cap zone). I think the game should have its pace slowed down by adding more cover between capzones : ATM, you either die because you were sprinting to a capzone and didn't see an enemy or you die in the capzone. Why aren't there any fights between 2 capzones ???? There should be more incentive to defend zones : I'm sure that 99% of the players just pick attackers everytime. What's the point of the global system ? The 2 factions are completely unbalanced. Even if they were, almost no one cares about spending ressources on the bonuses. The player should have a feeling of belonging to its faction and try to make it grow (for instance, a game called M.A.G had kind of the same global system and people really were into their factions and fighting for them). As there is no difference between the 2, this whole systen is completely useless. Why the hell can we even change teams and fight against our faction ???? (I know it's for balance but that's literally against the whole idea of winning games to make your own faction better) Make loadouts unique I know you're currently working on this but I hope you're making the right choice. Attachments should almost all have their pros and cons, there shouldn't be any superior or inferior ones. Currently, Jumbo grip is the best all around grip if you can spare the weight. Long barrel is objectively better than the other ones and there's no reason to go for the medium barrel (only cons). I like the fact that we have a lot of guns to choose from but I wish we could have additional gadgets to carry . Ie : Replace secondary weapon with anti tank mine or a drone. 99% of the time, having only 1 primary is enough, especially since you can change among 8 different loadouts after every deaths (and even change gadgets). I don't see a reason to have 2 primaries (unless you want a backup if you're sniping or a long range if you run shotgun).
  10. Can't agree more, the game is missing chevron and triangle for Holos and optics !
  11. I agree backpacks make you take a break. However, many players just ignore them and run around with 2/3 or 1/3 of their health for some reason. Also the health backpack gadget is useless now that you always find one is capture points. Most players just wait to get to a capture point to get their health back. Thus, the slowing down process doesn't happen as there's always a break after you've killed everyone in the capture point. I'm sure the devs added pickups in capture points because of the lack of teamplay in the game. Also there's still the tactic to fight and heal : if you get hit you can't heal anymore for a few seconds, the only difference is that you keep your gun ready to shoot while you heal. Yes it is weird and unrealistic but so far that's the best healing system I've seen between health pickups and auto regen
  12. Well I am a developer myself and it is very easy to implement (less than 1 hour tests included). You just have to keep track of the count of each magazine in a list. When you reload, you have to loop through the list to get the mag with the highest ammo count and that's it.
  13. we already have gas masks, it would only require you to not wear an helmet
  14. Well if we loose the whole mag, wouldn't it be better to have the full realistic version where you can still reuse your half empty mags once you've used all your full ones ? This would be a terrible thing for drum users as they only carry 2 spare ones (this comes from a 30 round mag user)
  15. Hello, What brought me to write this suggestion is how boring and frustrating healing can be in WW3. Backpacks are not fun because they make you look silly staring at the ground for 3+ seconds every time. First Aid Sticks are not giving enough health currently and buffing them would make them too good as they instant heal. This issue causes problems in players getting anything but health gadgets. I'm sure you've all seen them running around with barely any health for ages because they carry armor or ammo. This is caused by a teamplay problem : healing is boresome and many players don't know or just prefer to stay in the fight rather than wait for a teammate to drop them a bag. I also guess this is also why devs had to spawn health bags at capture zones. My changes addresses both of these issues and are heavily inspired on what I believe is the best healing system I have ever seen (from Massive Action Game, a 256 multiplayer game heavily focused on teamplay on PS3). Here are the changes I suggest to improve gameplay and especially teamplay : - Health doesn't regenerate automatically anymore - Health backpacks are removed (both in gadgets and capture zone spawns) Every soldier now carries the basic first aid syringe, its behavior however changes : - it heals by ticks (every second). Healing starts 1.5 seconds after application and gives +10 health every tick. It restores a maximum of 50 HP with each use. - Getting hit while regenerating stops the healing process. - The cooldown between every use is 6 seconds. It takes 1 second to apply the syringe. A new gadget is introduced : the Spray Syringe - Same behavior as the first aid syringe above. However, every tick restores +20 health - For balance purposes, selecting this gadget removes the first aid syringe from the player. Behavior for the Spray Syringe : The player can left click to heal himself. Right clicking sprays the content in a 60 degrees cone and heals allies 2m away from the player. Missing is not possible, an icon is displayed when the action is possible and right clicking doesn't do anything if the player is not able to heal anyone. Multiple allies can be healed at the same time that way. This new spray syringe allows players to heal while still being in the fight. As it's so easy to use, it'll promote teamplay a lot as one player can heal a lot of players, especially when waiting for an objective to be captured. Here are examples how it would work taken straight from Massive Action game Example of behavior when self healing and with regeneration interruption when getting hit Health points are on the bottom right corner Ally Healing with the Spray Syringe (Notice the circle being filled in yellow when an ally is in range): Note : the spray syringe was also used to revive players in the game but I don't think it would be a good idea in WW3. I have tried all the possible different kinds of healing system and this one is the best in my opinion. It is not overpowered because you still have to wait a fair amount of time to be healed (which can also be interrupted). It's not boring and frustrating like the backpack system that forces you to look at the ground for a few seconds. The only issue I see is realism, however, I would choose gameplay over realism all day ! Feel free to ask any questions !
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