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  1. Forget BF. The game series has hit a creative block and the studio is so damaged and disorganised that the likelyhood of having a great game is low. This WW3 game on the other hand has so much potential to be the large scale shooter king. For me the only reason i stopped playing it was the poor optimisation that made gameplay very frustrating.
  2. You miss the point but probably because I didnt articulate well. Anything is going to work better with teamwork. Even games like call of duty which are designed for you to be a 1 man army in tdm will work better if you coordinate and team up. Yes teamwork can be designed up to a point but you cant force it onto players who arent willing to participate in teamwork. I am 100% for teamwork but for big pub games you need to keep it simple since 32 players wont all be communicating together. You can use complex teamwork in 5v5 scenarios like in r6 but in big pub games you will fail the more you try to force it in. I guess it's a case of both being the case and finding the middle point where it is fun and not a chore.
  3. Still a choice isnt it? And the teams that dont get ruined.
  4. One interesting thing that ive notice everyone complain about in every game is lack of teamwork. You cannot force people to coordinate in any way if they dont want to. DICE ran into this issue with BFV with attrition and the teamwork there was just to press E. Heck even in games like r6 and csgo it's hard to get 5 to coordinate. A large pub game has no chance. TEAMWORK IS A CHOICE, NOT A GAME DESIGN PEOPLE. GET IT INTO YOUR HEADS NOW. If you want teamwork then squad up with 4 friends and do it in a squad to the best of your ability. Heck get 7 mates and fill up 2 squads. The devs can only lay mechanics and lead players to water, they cant make them drink. This is why when 1 team has any form of teamwork they end up raping the other team which is another result that everyone attributes to bad game design.
  5. Angles my man. In hipfire you have higher fov. Recoil is measured in angles. 0.4 degrees of spread is a lot less of 90 fov rather than 40 (assume 90 is hipfire and 40 is a zoomed scope) therefore less recoil rise. When zoomed you have more pixels per degree of that makes sense which equates to more gaps between the shots. Having more recoil is a tradeoff for having more zoom and a bigger target.
  6. So I heard it was linked to having textures on low. Set them to medium and still can't access gun camos. Can anyone provide a solution?
  7. With all the scopes in game I was wondering if there was any intention by the devs to add the option to customise the sensitivity for each individual zoom level such as in Insurgency sandstorm and in Battlefield. I believe this would make such a huge difference to so many players including myself
  8. It's unbalanced just like in any other big pub game that doesnt intentonally fuck with the score like bfv. This is because once you get a snowball going it can very easily turn into an avalanche due to general lack of coordination and how much 1-2 succesful early pushes can swing an entire game.
  9. So I was super hyped for WW3 when it was announced due to having been a big fan of battlefield bad company 2, battlefield 3, and Hardline (before the suler garbage balance patch). Obviously with the direction of play that battlefield took post bf3 i was left wanting, frustrated and eventually gave up 1 year into bf1 when it was apparent that Dice had no control over their creation anymore. Ww3 came out in EA and even though I was aware of this and knew it I could not get myself to play it because of my godawful framerate and all the other wonky stuff which you would expect in EA. I waited until the 0.3 patch to replay (probably not the best one to come back to) and after experiencing the horrors then I told myself that ww3 was going to die and probably go unfinished due to the huge amount of issues and the tiny playercount and therefore uninstalled and forgot about the game. 2 days ago I remembered I had it in my library after a recommended video of the 0.6 giga patch. I watched the gameplay and noticed that bullets killed people and that the guy had 100+ fps on warzone plus new map etc. I reinstalled and got 3 of my buddies to do so too. HOLY SHIT. I take my hat off to you devs. This is an incredible transformation, like in those gyms where the before pic is a grossly out of shape guy who looks like a boulder and the after pic is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am so impressed and spreading the word about this incredible effort from the dev team. Keep this up Farm 51 devs and when this game is complete you will have a product that is better than anything battlefield has put out since the refractor engine days (i love bf3 but there are toi many issues to say it is better than this game plus graphics dont make the game as we all know). The level of detail is nuts. Everything from customisation to squad leader radio callouts, to voice lines etc. It's like having rockstar create an fps game with old school dice weapon mechanics. Bless you all devs and again thanks for proving me wrong. This game is going to be big but only if you keep doing what youre doing, it's only a matter of time! Keep it up and thank you so much!
  10. I haven't played the game since the patch which completely broke hitreg but am very keen to return. Has the hitreg been fixed now? Saw all the other fixes and additions and am very excited to try this game again.
  11. Of course it isn't! That's 100% right. You cannot please everyone. Your goal as devs, I'm assuming, is to pick a target audience and a style of game. The design is completely up to you guys of course as I am just a customer very keen on seeing an awesome product. That being said however, there are mechanics which are much more rewarding than others. You guys are very lucky as you have a perfect example with the BF franchise that shows you how failing to pick a specific audience with focus on the fundamental mechanics will lead to your franchise dying. From what I've experienced as a gamer (so take this with a pinch of salt as my views are more comp shooter geared), maps shouldn't be designed to force constant chaos as it becomes unreadable and random with a compressed skillgap. Now I'm not suggesting you guys create WW3 deDust_2 or Operation Metro as that is too much for big pub games. However take a look at the most played maps across BF history (I reference BF a lot because you guys are building a similar product) and you will see that special attention is payed to divide the maps into areas and set lanes with 1 or 2 points which let you see across all areas but are very exposed when doing so (the rooftops in operation firestorm in bf3). It allows players to focus on pushing a lane, control an area, and push or hold. If you expose every area to chaos and 100+ different angles then you get a situation where you get shafted if you push or hold depending on whether the enemy team got a lucky spawn or not. Same with gunplay and soldier movement and ttk. The world is your oyster as a Dev and as I don't want to tell you how to do your job because I'm just a rando on the internet. My point is that combinations and mechanics have been tried and tested so don't ignore previous outcomes Thanks for reading and for putting in so much work on this game!
  12. Tdm is the gamemode. A gamemode needs to be well designed in order to have fun. Take any other gamemode and stick it in that little section of warsaw and it would be bad. By your logic i could make a completely flat open map with 0 cover, stick flags around it and say "it's warzone" when people complain about bad map design. Rotating spawns are essential but currently they they flip so fast that you just get rear ended by people who havn't even encountered an enemy before getting to shoot you in the back. Or having to check 10 different angles everytime you turn a corner. It isnt fun and is extremely random.
  13. There are so many crossfire areas and lanes all looking into each other with rotating spawnpoints which make pushing one direction impossible due to the inevitable cheap flanks (cheap meaning gifted by a spawn). I suggest the devs block off more of the map and keep it smaller. Berlin TDM map is really good as you have a good idea of where to expect enemies and there are good lanes and paths which allow you to traverse the map without being exposed to 100 different angles.
  14. gonna try that badboy out then!
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