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  1. hey Nyquist, - lean Hold- i think it is way better and faster when you get used to it.. if you are struggling with leaning while moving, try to set leaning key bind with X & C or C & V ( where ever your Thumb finger rest or feel natural) - i recommend this because you can move freely with 3 finger and lean at the same time with thumb and you will start moving like olympic gymnast after getting used to it or you can bind them with mouse 2 extra buttons. my own bindings are C & V for leaning and Space for crouch so i can lean and crouch the same time with one finger freely. i hope you find this useful.
  2. I think game preform graphically better this patch.however, the netcode or server is the issue here because it way worse than before in 0.6 which make the game runs poorly with stuttering and feel less smooth. I donno if they change something in the hitreg or the codes of the server or just because more players playing than the last months of 0.6 which add pressure to server. To add on the hit reg way worse than before for everyone .. many bullets doesnt count to kill someone and sometimes dying behind cover. im not expert with this, but i think this is the main reason for poor performance.
  3. everything seems fine except: -infantry are too dark, even darker than the background.. campers are way hard to spot in dark areas. + weird lighting as mentioned by Fullback -depth of field while ruining seems permanent now, meh -still there is bug to cancel re-load animation by pressing R while sliding with some weapons -looting faster while using pistol (not fixed) not sure intended or not -there is more stuttering some how, perhaps related to server performance overall good job guys and keep going .. i just hope there is a way to fix dark infantry because it is so frustrating sometimes to die because you cant spot enemies in certain areas.
  4. Hey, did you try Verifing Integrity of Game Files on steam ?
  5. hey death, i live in Oman. basically same location as you .. however, i think you cant make that much different to ping sadly, except trying to move to other location or getting faster and more stable net.. most hit reg issues related to game server. you could try this tutorial to improve hit reg which i did while ago: it might make it worse or better, depends on Ur setup ... try it, if you felt it make it worse just revert it. GL
  6. hahahahaha. thank you but i like it fair and square. added you. it will be honor to join you guys.
  7. Hey meatsac. Well i guess i have been sacrificed for the greater purpose. Anyways .. the thing i asked oldsandwich “what the hell are you doing” in all game chat, and he didn’t reply to me or said anything about what are you guys doing, so i thought he is one of those fu*kers. Anyways we shall meet in the field comrade and have a nice day ??
  8. yea i figured it out yesterday, because someone else not in TSA clan used the same method to kill players.. and thank you for the clarification. I was pissed because i did not know how i was getting killed which lead me to misjudge them.
  9. it is low but it felt so odd. i don't know about meatsac, and i am sorry if i accused him falsely, but it was too odd and still, if the other guy not hacking as you guys think. person shouldnt use such glitches to get free kills and ruin experiences for others.
  10. i have almost 300 hours in this game and i never accused someone of hacking because he is better than me or because of my shitty ping... i saw players behind walls using bugs or glitch for their advantages but still.. until this day i countered this lil shit.. he shot me before this clip but he couldn't kill me and i did not hear his gun nor see anyone around me .. then he killed our leader without any visible bullets or sound .. and no one was around again . check by your self : https://streamable.com/fwthn - hit in exact same place 4 times with high recoil weapon
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