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  1. im getting the rpg bug more often. (when holding R) the LMG bug doesnt happen for me i think because im using normal ammunition.
  2. hi go to settings, gameplay, Advanced then under Effects set head roll to 0, camera shake to 40. hope this fix it for you
  3. Permanent ban should be only for cheaters. - toxic players in chat should be banned from chat for certain amount of time. - toxic players who friendlyfire teammates on purpose should get redflag that the damage they should dealt on teammates return to them instead. (If that hard to implement, after killing one teammate with redflag he get kicked of the match immediately) i wrote this then saw Prunkgaming comment, i think it is the best solution.
  4. Welcome to ww3 you can add me on steam Majestec. Usually we are 3 people so we can squad up
  5. we need any balancing method atm till devs stick with one they are happy with. its rare to find good balanced "competitve" match.
  6. any plans to fix lighting or bloom effect ? it is hard to spot players in some areas and players seems to be darker than their surrounding. i have been testing many different settings in game but it is still hard to spot enemies mostly in closed areas. brightness doesnt make it better, reducing the gamma level in graphic card driver can help but make the game look washed away, which is not worth it. if anyone has a good settings or away around it ill appreaciate it.
  7. lately many people have issues with the hitreg and high ping, this guide might improve it and it will be different from player to another. after searching alot for fixs online, changing ethernet properties seems the most useful one. - it is revertable if the changes did not improve anything. - players with old and weak CPUs might get less fps and preformance. first, go to Network Connection, right click on The Ethernet - properties then Configure. Test 1: disable all of these:- - Flow Control - Interrupt Moderation - Large Send offload - Jumbo Frame play one game or more to see if there is any improvement or test with other games. Test 2: Disable all in Test 1 and these:- - all with (Checksum Offload) - Receive Side Scaling - leave this if you have weak CPU - Priority & VLAN play one game or more to see if there is any improvement or test with other games.
  8. Majestec

    Beretta M9

    - a game with elements of realism. totally agree with you and it is the fun of it. that is why i gave example of pubg. - on par with SMGs and ARs. i dont know how you understood it that way. what is meant that pistols way underperforming and just needed slightly buff to be more useable.
  9. Majestec

    Beretta M9

    it is just a game not a real life simulator. for example. PUBG have different armor levels two .however, pistols deals more damage than they should compared to rifles and smgs just to make them useable and for balancing purposes. are they weak in PUBG ? yes, but they are useable. most players picking pistols just for the weight in ww3.
  10. Majestec

    Beretta M9

    agree 100%, pistols are just too weak at the moment. in any other games pistols still can be a threat, in ww3 using pistol feels like holding a bb gun.
  11. Majestec

    How to report?

    since update after 0.6 the net code and hitreg is shit. Gecek cheating ? i dont think so, however he always seems have one sec reaction time ahead of me everytime, not because im bad player but because of the delay. he always seems to kill me with two bullets but im sure in his screen its different and i need more bullets to kill him because of the MASSIVE DELAY. he is not the only one tho. 90% of times i die before HE IS EVEN AIMING, how the fu$k someone can counter that 1v1 face to face. playing against him or some others doesnt feel fair at all and it is frustrating. no matter the skills or even better than him you still have disadvantage which is again not fair. i hope the devs have planes for the net code or hitreg what ever called because for the most players it is doesnt make any sense right now. many of my steam friends accusing him of cheating but im pretty sure its the delay related to server or ping.
  12. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): bug allow you to carry more weight beyond max limit GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):4581695 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): this can be done by: 1.picking helemt level (material). 2.then going to soldier uniform and picking any helemt doesnt have any weight such as 'cap'. 3.then going back to fill up the free extra weight gained of not having real helemt. 4.then lastly going back to solider uniform to pick real helemt. i hope it is understandable and sorry for bad english SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any):
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