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  1. which servers are you guys playing on mostly? NA or EU
  2. check this to reduce ram usage while gaming (EmptyStandByList): https://youtu.be/offcMVAabLI also you can increase Paging File size to switch load to hard disk when ram full (add to SSD instead of HDD if you got one). as of Vram am not sure if that enought or not to run the game(you can try Lowest Graphic first).. GL
  3. https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/12/04/world-war-3-needs-you-join-our-test-group/ question regards sign-up for testing; do we need to sign-up for testing, or testing will be available for all who own the game already ? plus will it be on public servers or testing servers.
  4. if the ram not enough and causing this issue, try increasing paging file to 10,000 mb both initial and maximum size.
  5. it seems the graphic card downclocking it self, i used gtx 1070ti and rx 5700xt for ww3, the 1070ti was less fps in general but way smoother with less stuttring. i think amd cards are not that good for ww3. check if u did update for graphic card driver, if so, use the older driver maybe? however, as for my pc berlin and warsaw are the least stuttring maps for me.
  6. im getting the rpg bug more often. (when holding R) the LMG bug doesnt happen for me i think because im using normal ammunition.
  7. hi go to settings, gameplay, Advanced then under Effects set head roll to 0, camera shake to 40. hope this fix it for you
  8. Permanent ban should be only for cheaters. - toxic players in chat should be banned from chat for certain amount of time. - toxic players who friendlyfire teammates on purpose should get redflag that the damage they should dealt on teammates return to them instead. (If that hard to implement, after killing one teammate with redflag he get kicked of the match immediately) i wrote this then saw Prunkgaming comment, i think it is the best solution.
  9. Welcome to ww3 you can add me on steam Majestec. Usually we are 3 people so we can squad up
  10. we need any balancing method atm till devs stick with one they are happy with. its rare to find good balanced "competitve" match.
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