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  1. we need any balancing method atm till devs stick with one they are happy with. its rare to find good balanced "competitve" match.
  2. Majestec

    Beretta M9

    - a game with elements of realism. totally agree with you and it is the fun of it. that is why i gave example of pubg. - on par with SMGs and ARs. i dont know how you understood it that way. what is meant that pistols way underperforming and just needed slightly buff to be more useable.
  3. Majestec

    Beretta M9

    it is just a game not a real life simulator. for example. PUBG have different armor levels two .however, pistols deals more damage than they should compared to rifles and smgs just to make them useable and for balancing purposes. are they weak in PUBG ? yes, but they are useable. most players picking pistols just for the weight in ww3.
  4. Majestec

    Beretta M9

    agree 100%, pistols are just too weak at the moment. in any other games pistols still can be a threat, in ww3 using pistol feels like holding a bb gun.
  5. i dont think you understod what im trying to say, perhaps i explained it poorly.
  6. I was saying the same thing, and i believe its even will better on ww3. he didnt mean to steal the map, more like a map similar to metro style where its stright line with few side ways that focus more on pushing the enemy team back to their base with few capture points and constant gun fighting with many players in same area. i wish the f51 team consider at least one map to be like this.
  7. I think game preform graphically better this patch.however, the netcode or server is the issue here because it way worse than before in 0.6 which make the game runs poorly with stuttering and feel less smooth. I donno if they change something in the hitreg or the codes of the server or just because more players playing than the last months of 0.6 which add pressure to server. To add on the hit reg way worse than before for everyone .. many bullets doesnt count to kill someone and sometimes dying behind cover. im not expert with this, but i think this is the main reason for poor performance.
  8. it is , but there is no bodies to search from ? ... somethings must be realistic to be fun, others not
  9. design next map similar to Operation Métro ? and Damavand Peak in bf3. these existed maps with this amount of players just feels empty not because maps are too big, but the points are too far away from each other. the good thing about one line maps is: - more epic moments and fighting - you can feel who is wining by seeing who is pushing more to enemy base - it will be perfect for this amount of players - less ruining around and getting killed from back
  10. - ability to change between first and second weapon while sprinting - fix picking up enemy weapon, always just 30 round - add DMRs - Fix claymore explosion direction - buff pistols
  11. - unable to aim or ads while standing close to object in-front of you (smiliar to playerunknown br) will give more meaning to use smgs or short barrels in tight places - fix for gun fire, for example when fighting , enemy seems shooting you by their foreheads not their guns. U see only his helmet but still he is shooting you. - add voting for next map - make some maps less roundesh and more like line, 3 points, similar to metro in bf. More fighting and epic moments less running around - nerf heli damage (in right hand it get frustrating to deal with it and get one shotted) - leaning should change looking angle , not just weapon angle - dynamic weather if possible - reviving ? - giving advantages for losing team depends how much they are behind. - DMRs ? - each squad member has same color set as leader (depends on mode) - nerf radars, they should’nt show the exact same locution of enemy, because it hard to out play someone with radar and anti radar shouldnt be limited by time. - make it hard to spray enemy with auto rifle from far distance - healing box (forgot what it called) should heal full health , people dont use it anymore because it is not practical in fights - you can respawn on leader within same time but double time to respawn on squad members. COD coming soon i hope u guys finish 0.7 sooner because if you dont do something keep the playerbase they will shift to cod, tho i wish you luck and all the best.
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