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  1. Hi Ragir - when do you guys think that a map cycle or a map voting function will be getting looked at? I'd love it if we could just stay in the 1 server and let it cycle through maps!
  2. Hopefully everything runs smoothly tonight and it's an enjoyable experience for us all
  3. As above, just wondering if there's a particular thread for us low-life streamers to do their own self promotion when they're playing? I don't want to be "that" guy that lol
  4. Is this something thats been discussed previously or an old thread I can refer to? In short - I'm wondering if / when there's going to be a time when we won't need to leave a sever in order to jump into a new map. Will there be a standard map cycle or a map vote at the end of each round implemented? Happy to be pointed towards an old / applicable thread
  5. Random server crash. Unable to sent crash report.
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