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  1. The ANDERS armored vehicle is no longer available to choose from the personalization list, but if you left it in any slot, you can still order using your battle points within the map. * Same thing for the TOR rifle that is no longer in the linsta of choice, but on some servers my character has already been killed by this weapon. I wonder if it's just on my PC or was it general.
  2. It would be interesting for the weapon's laser to blind the character who looks straight at the laser, just as a normal laser actually does when looking straight at it. The tactical flashlight, however, could blind the character also when he is close to the flashlight flash and indoors closed. Looking at the laser well could cause something similar to this image.
  3. Handgun : FN Five-Seven and Walther P99 PDW: FN P90 and Kriss Vector Assalt Rifle: FN Scar H, HK417 and CZ BREN (7.51) Carabine: CZ 805 BREN A1, Famas, HK 416, G36, Tavor and L85A3 BoltAction : L115A3 and DSR-50
  4. For me the game is more than live!
  5. First of all I want to thank Farm51 for this great game, which I will spend hundreds of hours on. Now going to the point, I would like to take a look at the choice of weapons, accessories and vehicles, and do not be forced to buy it at the first click of the mouse when selecting the product. Sometimes we want to see the accessory first, and then we decide if we are going to buy the chosen item. So if possible, I would like the purchase of the item not to be on the first click, but that we can see the item before buying. A tip would be when you move the mouse over the item, it is displayed visually the weapon or vehicle, and only then have the purchase confirmation. That way we will not lose money from choosing an item by mistake. *Forgive me for any typos, English is not my language, so I use Google translator to ask questions and answers here at the Forum.
  6. Adding some to about these classes? Pistol FN Five-Seve CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM Walther P99 Bullpup L85A3 FAMAS VHS-D2 Assault Rifles CZ Bren2 (ver. 7.62) Sniper Rifles DSR-1 (ver .338) or DSR-50 (ver .50) Shotgun Kel-Tek KSG UTAS UTS-15 AA-12 ?
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