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  1. That is OBS you can change a lot of them ! I use too Window Caputre because Game Capture dont work!
  2. Hey maddinii, sorry i try this all if you say but nothing happend. WW3 runs only in Capture Mode, Fullscreen still no supported. i run all games with 30 FPS on OBS. I turn off the WIndows Game Mode and Shadow Play. FPS drops only i open the Map ingame in a current match. OBS support says too turn off Shadow Play and Windows Game Mode and made your Source clear on OBS ( i have only 5 Source active on OBS when i stream WW3 ) Sorry some words in German.? On the Picture And i stream with two PC's ( NDI Stream ) so i have more FPS and CPU on my Game PC ( Normal FPS and CPU ) My Game PC makes the fps drops on OBS. My Stream PC have only the CPU load. I wish im not the only one have this bug , error or what is it calling....
  3. Upps wrong Section on Forum can you move this Thread to Other i think the Bug Forum isn't right ? /Moved weedtime
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): OBS FPS Drops / Fullscreen bug GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): Every Game Build 3705486 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Hey WW3-Team, im a small streamer on Twitch, ( who cares? ) Na my problem is i have FPS drops if i stream WW3, if i open ingame the Map or call a Strike and this shows the map the Game made some fps drops on OBS and it runs a little bit laggy. ( Example i turn on the Nvidia Shadow Play the game made fps drops on OBS too so i turn it off. but still the same fps drops If i leave the the Map after 5 sec. i have normal FPS again. This bug is since the Release of the Game. BTW i can stream Rainbow6Siege without fps drops but it is in Fullscreen. Or other Games running too but WW3 runnig bad. ? I will stream this Game so much but its so wired this fps drops. 2. Question Why is the WW3 not 100 % running on Fullscreen ? This isnt the right Fullscreen i think so. ? Because i have a second problem with OBS i cant capture WW3 on Fullscreen it shows only the Loading Screen everytime. Info: OBS is a streaming tool but you know this for shure ? PS: Sorry for the bad english Best regards Rey619 SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Monitor: King Kit Triple-Display ASUS PG278Q @ King Mod Neptune Case: NZXT H630 Big-Tower - silenced, matte black Video Card: PNY - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Mainboard: ASUS X99-E WS, Intel X99 Mainboard - Sockel 2011-V3 Processor: Intel Core i7-5960X 3,0 GHz (Haswell-E) Sockel 2011-V3 CPU Cooler: Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler - Vapor Chamber Fan: 9x NZXT FN V2-140 performance fan, black / white -140mm Ram: Corsair Dominator Platinum Series DDR4-2666, CL15 - 32GB Kit Hard disk: 2x Western Digital RE, SATA 6G, 7200RPM, 3,5 Zoll - 4 TB , 2x Samsung 850 PRO Series SSD, SATA 6G - 512 GB Power Supply: be quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 - 850 Watt Keyboard: Cherry G84-4100, Cherry Keypad G84-4700 Mouse: Cougar Surpassion Mousepad: Logitech G640 Sound: Steinberg UR 242 USB Audio Interface Headset: Beyerdynamik DT290 Webcam: Logitech Brio 4K Stream Edtion Eye Tracking: Tobii Eye Tracker 4C Network: 100 MBit/s Glassfiber , 12.5 MB/s up / 12.5 MB/s down CRASH LOG (if any): _____________________________
  5. Hey guys can we have please a Invert Mouse setting on Vehicle we have it only on Soldier. I mean Invert Mouse on Vehicle and Invert Mouse on Solier The reason is for flying the Helicopter drone. Best Regards Rey619
  6. Only adding the feature in the Settings if you not need it turn it off ;D thats would be nice a Button Turn off / on
  7. Why is this Crane here in Moscow ? Why we cant jump up to the Crane and enter on the Window on B1 B2 Location ?
  8. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Moscow bug with the Baricade / Sandbags on Spawnside A1 A2 GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3715425 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): You can shoot into the base, better its not bulletproof SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): - CRASH LOG (if any): -
  9. Hello. the Helicopter Drone is nice but can you add a inverted mouse setting. My problem is. If you move the your mouse to your body side it will turn down the aim on heli drone. I prefer. move your mouse to your body side it move the heli drone aim up. example BF4 have this setting.
  10. Hi, I have try i Small round magazine of the M4. If you will deploy you start with 10 / 20. Maximum is 11 / 30 ?? makes no sense on my opinion 10 bullets more. The other problem is if you have a ammo pack and you fill up the 10 bullets ( Max 10 / 30 ) only evey 3 bullets fill it up with FMJ Ammo Typ. It is the same tick rate like HP Ammo or AP Ammo makes no sense. And the Reload Speed must be faster. Best Regards
  11. I think Viop/ Voice is default on. 1. But if you can turn it off in the Options. And it must be Showing a Toolbar for VIOP Volume IN or VIOP Volume OUT. Example Picture "Setting VIOP" 2. You can change the Keybindings: Example Team Voice , Squad Voice, mabye Gerneral Voice must be removed i think ( crying peoples ). Example Picture "Binding VIOP" 3. Dashborad ( Ingame WW3 ) there must be a Option / Menu to Mute all Players or you can handpick someone and mute or Unmuted him. Example Picture "Dashboard VIOP" 4. Ingame ( WW3 ) HUD it must be showing you sending Voice and who on your Squad is speaking or is muted by your own. Example Picture "HUD VIOP" This Picture is from a Game like " Enemy Territory - Quake Wars " aka ETQW this game have some good idea or are the best idea's ever is seen. VIOP, Console bindings, Net_client Lagometer, HUD changing, Ingame Clan-Member features, Ingame Stats, Ingame Server-Browser, etc. That is my personally things about WW3 to made VIOP better than other Games. Sorry for my bad english.
  12. me too since the smal 0.5.1 Patch my game stutters, stutters.
  13. Rey619

    About Shotguns

    What is planned about the Shotgun tips. Example: Dart Ammo Tip , Frag Ammo Tip , Slug Ammo Tip and Buckshot. Is there any plans about this feature ? Because the Shotguns nerfed too much now. And what you made with the Amor ? Ragir say you guys plaining other Amor Typ. Example the Dart Ammo have more Range but does decreased Damange. Best Regards Rey619
  14. Rey619

    RPG spam

    Its a War there is all allowed to kill poeples. If you ban RPG ingame or remove ammo Pack if you are using RPG in your Loadout. I will leave this game instandly..... Please dont do this DEV's xd
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