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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 2020 The best wishes , TO ALL !!
  2. So we test the lately new PTE. patch DEC. 24 2019 and after match we got this message and screen stuck in the tank laoding screen: ERROR as per reads; ERROR : ANTI CHEAT ERROR, MAKE SURE GAME WAS STARTED WITH EAC LAUNCHER PTE. Early access ver. 78377 and we all need to close the game with TASk MANAGER . cheers.
  3. Merry Xmas to you and all FARM 51 guys !! thnks !
  4. aWWWW, dangit !!! ..... That bug we were calling it the Russian roulette !! LMAO !! thnks for FIx
  5. Weeeeeeeee !! and more old bugs still in game , hard to count them , LMAO !! I mentioned this bug before , honestly we just give up , LMAO !! We have soooo many videos, captures of bugs on , textures, collisions, animations , omg ...etc...etc.. etc.. not even worth anymore, for us. We still fell under the levels lol .... still you can shoot through textures, flying Armor vehicles LOL , etc.etc. etc.. You keep going ur doing a good job . Weeeeeeeeeee shoot like that , its Fun !! thers a combo --- lean -crouch - prone ( if you can ) then u go flying at 180 deg. to the sky LOL .
  6. Ausie mod it's SICK !! Yes Indeed MOd tools and Mod community give replayability and as you pointed provides LIVE and longevity to a multimedia product " game " . And it make it FUN and promotes creativity !! hey a Dutch Armed Forces ....thers n Idea .... We were thinking to create a Coalition ( on the works ) -- NATO Unit or a S. F. U . LiBeR PrImUs
  7. @Dunabar relax ?... LOL my post was not direct to you buddie, .---------> I didn't quote you <-------- did I ?? This is meant to RAGIR and FARM51 Studio- it's about this Multimedia Product and the whole " community " ... I guess you didn't get the point ? ( pls. dont even bother to respond ok, will be appreciated, thank you.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyhow @Ragir me and my TEAM and the whole platoon - say NO to " idea " of FOG , what you Ragir and F51 have in mind will work, just tweak it , polished and deliver !! and MOve on to more important aspects of the Multimedia Product , "roadmap" . Thanks for efforts FARM51 and hard work , but it's pretty SAD looking at you FARM 51 Dev team and ARTISTs , NOt been able to deliver a better product. GOOD luck. LiBeR PriMus
  8. @Matt_dOvale Indeed yes Im aware of that one, we play SQUAD and doing some mods missions and in ARMA since ARMA 1 , we are pretty active in the mod community , that's why we see this multimedia product called WW3 pretty frustrating with the DEV team already. SQUAD - We started the Community MOd of Canadian Arm Forces now its a FREE DLC .
  9. @BoomCZ Farm 51 have plans to release an SDk or MOd tools at later, dono about a level editor, but first let them " try " to finish to develop the damn multimedia Product, it's been a year and this is not looking good , but to your question YES indeed , maybe the community, ( if there's still one ) at the end of this roadmap, will give LIFE again to this game , maybe , just maybe , we can even FIX the damn thing !! make it better , in the MOd community there's a very talented ppl. even devs, and artists from another multimedia products in the market just saying . lol .\ Ya this is just SAD and frustrating. LiBeR PrImUs
  10. 5 5 members have voted ?!! omg.... reely ? what about the Polish and Russian community on this ? this is just SAD. NO fog, jezzz, just go with what you have RAGIR, FARM 51, get it done and move on, onto the most important things in roadmap, FIX the damn thing.
  11. Bug confirmed , at times it recognize the some keys, but NONE of the Mouse buttons and then black screen to input . And another bug as well when leaning to left or right character turns 180 degrees into air LOL , buggy as hell .LOL funny tho . happens randomly pretty , annoying if you ask .
  12. @RagirNaprawdę mam nadzieję, że F51 będziecie w stanie to zaimplementować, ponieważ wraz z moim zespołem mamy już dość oszukiwania w WW3! Sprawdzamy ich profile i wszyscy mamy zakazy VAC już w innych grach. Nowy hack, którego używają na razie jego NIEWYKRYTY PRZEZ EAC, często aktualizują podpis. Przykro mi to mówić, ale niestety faceci, których mamy, pochodzą głównie ze stref UE, smutne, ale prawdziwe. thnsk Twoje zdrowie
  13. It works, he just prove his point.
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