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  1. HALCON4

    Prywatny Serwer

    w rzeczy samej
  2. HALCON4

    Cheating discussion

    Pls. dont be sure about that one, we been around enough and we have seen a lot of coders around circumventing EAC , FF, Punkbuster and the EYE in between others . So yes, it can be done and Yes, they do it for FUn . That's how they have " FUN " it's challenging and gives them a certain type of accomplishment to beat the "code" it takes certain mindset to accomplish that level of intelligence, that normally it's hard for the normal player to understand. And for end, the player adopts denial or what happens normally, he - she, thinks that the other player it's really good , when in reality, the "player" don't kow exactly how does the mechanics of a multimedia product function . easy... it's called HAcking But Indeed, they been banned as Ragir stated , EAC and FARM 51 are doing their job , but as always, they show up and they are around, we know it, they know it , and they will be more around , when this multimedia product gets release in it's totality . ( And they will be banned, players that use a public or pay private $ ) But... They will come back if this game ends to be more popular, if not , it will be a stable population called ... ( Te$t Ground ) . <- this apply of what you said it Atway . Funny tho , how things work in life . Enjoy the game King Regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to02 LiBer PriMus
  3. HALCON4

    non-disclosure issue in recon

    That's AWESOME news!! Let se how this SHIP sails in this Drake Passage !! Thnks for Update !! King Regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01
  4. HALCON4

    Is the new TTK here to stay ?

    Tzon. with all due respects... Please... S.T.F.U. already , I never wanted to say this , but dude ... you are pretty annoying !! You already annoyed this community enough . Slow down The Devs. decide in the consensus of the community and as @Prunk said , it will be fix down the road, there are other priorities now as well. king regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01 LiBer PriMuS
  5. HALCON4

    Cheating discussion

    Cheats are back, but no AA now, seems that they got a wayaround of the bypass debug check from EAC on top of the glitches Tzon.... . King Regards HALCON4 -WW3 - k4to01 Liber pRImuS.
  6. I'll give it a shot. still we have PTE installed . cheers ----------------------------------- liber primus
  7. HALCON4

    Damage control

    lmao !!
  8. Useless patch . ctds still going on and now with a Fringe BLACK SCREEN of DEAD to desktop !! we need to close the game with task manager, our systems froze . WW3 > WW3 - Win64 - Shipping.exe - Application Error Binaries are corrupted in this new patch ! This happened before and its BACK again for the WIN !! IN between other new BUGS !! and horrible sound files . PTE it's empty - useless - I'm done with this " EA " Alpha 3 stage - Game - ( ppl. is not going to pay anymore the $36 .00 on this stage ) . media poll and socioeconomic study , ppl will pay $19.00 . ( if any ) Sad to inform - Uninstalling till further patch . pls. FARM 51 concentrate your efforts in this game before launching another !!! mmmmm , My Team and I as other BraNCHES, we are Uninstalling THIS MULTIMEDIA PRODUCT . But we keeping the PTE .... HA HA HA.. suckers
  9. HALCON4

    Crashing is worst now

    Well, what do you think PTE is for ?? A test environment to test the fixes as they working them, for the next patch before go live!! If you want to help improve the game , and improve the feedback live for the game . Yes !!...by all means !! You are Welcome to join PTE test environment and play with FARM 51 Dev. Team and give live feedback in comms. ( Discord ) As you play. King Regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01
  10. HALCON4

    Known settings that causes input lag.

    Enrique It's ok buddie , sorry I assume that u knew what input lag was . Sorry , I asumme wrong , my bad. But hey !! I hope now u can play better, with this new patch, they already clean the garbage bin . Thank Tzonin for clear his doubt and enlight the guy. Enrique google is your friend . Have fun with WW3 !! Cheers
  11. HALCON4

    Crashing is worst now

    FARM 51 Knows about . yup they did that , need it becasue of some changes in the files and for nature of the patch, but it will be fixed that's nothing and easily fix in comparison of the CTD's and other heavy serious issues this game have . cheers
  12. I do really hope they fix it , me and my team are Really DONE with this crashes and some of my team now, are uninstalling the game until further patches. The worst of this, it's that there's no people in the PTE server, so. there is no a real time feedback, for incoming fixes patch and that really hinders the advance and positive outcome of the game . . Im contemplating the idea as well , lately this game have not show sign of advancing in a positive way, still it's in a ALPHA 3 stage !! ...its way to much, not even close to an E.A. stage ! , bugs carrying since the close test and before that , and are not fixed. CTD's for the Win !! FARM 51 FREE PTE WEEKENDS for ALL !! ( you need all the people and help in those servers to test the fixes before go live ! ) or face again another backtrack and loose more people. King Regards HALCON4 - ww3 - k4to01
  13. HALCON4

    Bład zamknięcia PTE

    Myślę, że wciąż pracują nad poprawką, niektórzy wciąż tkwią w tym procesie, ale inni nie mają problemu, ale teraz mają czarny ekran, oni już to zauważają. Dziękuję za aktualizację Cheers ! ( I think they are still working on the patch, some are still stuck in the process, but others have no problem, but now they have a black screen, they already notice it. ) Thank you for updating HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01
  14. HALCON4

    Tam takie bugi (upierdliwe wręcz) cz. 2

    Dziękuję Ci