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  1. RAGIR -----NA servers are TOTALLY DEAD ! none players , I mean nobody play this game anymore in NA !! when we play " sometimes " in EU servers , Or we just loose connection or PING are terrible , just unplayable the Online experience it's terrible , the game went from " good " to BAD in total, very disappointing , - progression in regions are different WDH ! . Period. You guys cant fix it anymore , with every patch something brakes. We STOP playing. Just less than 100 players at times " US fans" plays it......" at times" . NA have other games in EA that have better performance than this !! . This EA game your Project it's BROKEN, the game. it's gonna arrive to release all broke , forgotten and empty. It Was..... but.... is not more. The Battlefield killer was just a JOKE ! empty promise and bad projection in total . My TEAM and I , We are very disappointed as customers and as players, we just got tired of bad implementations. bad design and bad global projection in total. FARM 51 need to do something OR RIP. My Team and I tried to support this EA game as much we could, but the game went to the garbage !!! Down the drain !! The 2 fiscal year Next Battlefield gonna be here , BY BY WW3 Dream !! Very disappointing .
  2. Indeed as per the loading screen of this WW3 Multimedia Product !! That will be a very strategic and well balanced distance capture point for the level.
  3. Or the Russian HAck that is floating around since couple of months now , pls. dont tell me that u guys are oblivious to this one ? LMAO !! UNDETECTED and dont tell me that I need to probe it , lol it's against the site rules to provide with links ...so....google it then and you will found it . ahhhhhh the Mother Russia LiBer Primus
  4. BUG confirmed it's the lightning , we got the same issue. ported from PTE
  5. HI WOLFIE ! Nope all disappear and We have the same issue all the TEAM here having the same issue !! Remember when were playing that day ? , and I mentioned, We read that you were starting to have some issues with the FPS, we read your response, we were in the room 5 systems and having the same situation at that time . Game Broken again
  6. THE CTD's are back !!!! we are having BSOD !! and Loading infinite loops in NA servers are back !!! horrible drop in FPS !! bad, this one it's.... BAD !!!
  7. Confirmed and SERVERS in NA -> infinite loading SCREEN again !!! OMFL..... again you guys broke something LOL
  8. Thnks Rozmo and FARM 51 .!! ... but map rotation need to be fixed a lot of CTD's, Our reports were send already, still map rotation bug . WW3 it's on the right track, but ... still dono if its gonna be enough to bring back the players. We here still form time to time play a round or two and report some new and old bugs, but its tiresome and frustrating , not to see this game to advance properly, time will tell . For us was the gameplay , TTK, performance and CRAZY CTD's that kill the momentum to our Player Branch, just one squad plays now. Cheers
  9. DANG !! ? ? Again F51 ! ? F51 = expect the worst, hope for the best . hope those servers hold on and get the updates correctly . We are gonna be playing , testing other games meanwhile the " Free pass" goes , but will be testing RECON and waiting for a better patch . @ Manchild hope you can play tomorrow ! regards k4to01 - WW3 - HALCON4 cheers
  10. Question Did you tried Verify Integrity of game files? under Steam / right click World War 3 game / Properties / Local Files- tab / select- Verify Integrity Games files and run ? after verified try again see if that works . If not they fkd up again LOL . cheers
  11. Excuse me? You dont need to be rude and say that my comments are stupid are you suggesting and saying Im stupid ? that is pretty rude ! And yes, they are working Cheats for WW3 Russian site and they have already a bypass for EAC . not posting the site against the rules. I been offended by your comment against my persona WEEDTIME, your passive aggressive post dont help to the contrary are offensive to my persona. Stop harassing me.
  12. As per title . Playing in all maps, in all modes, we got random CTD,s with BLACK SCREEN. ? We are sending reports, it's very frustrating and tiresome , dealing with CTD,s and Blacks-screens over an over. Our TEAMS and branches, decide we are not gonna subject our systems AGAIN to this CTD,s with a BSD again . So , ? we are not playing it again, until this is corrected in a patch . Pls. regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01 LiBeR PriMuS
  13. CTD's with BLACK SCREEN OF DEAD . We send reports, game play it's bit smoother, but CTD's are tiresome again , patch broke stuff _ again _ .
  14. Don't think so, just different to the other games , My team and other branches like how it is , they are pretty good , we have what we need to do the "job" task ingame . He's right on the money . King regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01
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