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  1. I hear ya bro, whatever EA touch is just about the $$$ . But here is something that's is a game changer for the future of the franchise BF 3 is not been developed by DICE Sweden .... it's DICE L.A. !! They been working hands on for already 3 years on it , we been following them , this is not counting the 2 years of projecting it and observing BF1 and BF5. A lot of things are been changing in EA and CO directive . Just in case .... someone it's been under a rock. Dreskesden upload a funny video about it 2 months ago . But BAck to topic the servers ARE pretty much empty , but you guys in Farm51, I think you know what you want for your Project and we can't do anything about it , so be it . Just some Russian fans at times fill ONE server, ONE ! LMAO !! pls. FARM 51 , dont take me wrong but its hilarious . . ---------------------------------------------------- About EA and DICE Sweden - Actually, the BFV. FIRESTORM gameplay - it's pretty fun to play , with your team, or a bunch of random players and..... the LEVEL it's HUGE !!! ------------------------------------------------------ We truly wish luck to FARM 51 To all the Dev. structure, family and friends that help !! Our part ( small team ) we will continue jumping time to time into the games to contribute with test of bugs and reports, we really want to see your project to be finished to completion. Sorry to mention that all our branches are now Frosty with this Project of yours WW3 and They are testing and playing other multimedia products . Until then , we hope servers get more ppl. PTE. ( FREE WEEKENDS ) !! build bigger testing community. or FREE keys for testing with a good discount and perks, once the game released ! stimulate, reward, compensate, build, give, deliver. Or face the inevitable . King Regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4t001 LiBer PriMuS
  2. <Removed> weedtime Thanks Weedtime and Farm 51 , We were checking out Chernobylite, Fry found some stuff , we report that later . KING REGARDS HALCON4 - WW3 - k4t001 LiBer PriMuS
  3. lol thats ..... bad driving how da hell you got that tank stuckin between a small fence and a bin...... collisions LMAO !! funny tho
  4. thnks Weed . I know its on kickstarter.com Oh Im not worry about , just wish FARM 51 developers team in this project luck , we always tried to support the small studios, but they need to deliver for the gaming community, Remember we are customers as well and the gaming community never forget . I understand were you coming from about the small amount of ppl. "testing" but is NOT ENOUGH to cover what is in the Roadmap. To be honest, WW3 is not looking good , it's positive feedback, yes it hurts, but the future of this multimedia product is not bright . We know it , WW3 it's TAG by the gaming community already. We are gonna be a very, very compact community to play the final product, and the game in the final stage "product" still, it will gonna need a lot of Patches , it's not gonna be a long life game , not even with mod support or a SKD level builder , to be honest WW3, is not what we were expecting to be a successor of BF4 . or a Battlefield game, is not delivering that .....WOW FACTORE !!! On top of that BAD COMPANY 3 it's coming to TOWN !! And that is a GAME OVER for WW3 at least for us, we are gonna be playing that game 100 % But hey ! .... you need to rest maybe you read this at this time becasue ( it's your " job " and you love it so much, you can help it ) ? Moderator , ya... I know, we been there, came back wrote the book . MY team and I still jump to play some rounds and check for bugs and we keep finding some old bugs never fixed and new ones in the levels and try to give feedback.... but.... ther's something here....that ..... gameplay........ is not ...fun anymore, sorry to say . WW3 It's not offering nothing new already, something it's missing , my team jump for a round and leave, they get bored really fast, we know its a early access but, it's not fun anymore, the fun factor is not there, it's falling in the " another run gun- shooter category " To blow a complete wall to get access , destroy a truck and use it as cover and be able to move it , fly a jet (not a drone), a chopper (not a drone), open a hole in a wall, get in raid , nite vision googles , nite maps, weather, ETC .... you know what Im talking about. Now go to sleep. Weedtime you need rest . thnks Farm51 developers for your hard honest work. Ok Gl. king Regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4t001
  5. The new levels to test in PTE are empty , NA servers are empty ! This is not good FARM51, no good at all , there is no people to test this new levels and is this weekend 0 people around !! At this level of the roadmap ?!! IS NOT a Good sign , F 51 I think its time to start publicity campaign !! is not gonna be good for your other project if this WW3 is not starting to get LIFE !! cheers HALCON4 - WW3 - k4t001
  6. After switch team for points in your respawn u got points for artillery and radar scan OK. NOW... here is were it gets pretty bad. You can't select "click" any of those numbers of perks - NO # 6 NO#7 NO#8 etc. and if for any chance, the persistence of clicking on one for those perks, activates it. YES ... you will get ur mapscreen for Artillery Target BASES or Zones to target with artillery , BUT ... your character will froze in W ( forward) Not even able to move any other direction than W forward. You need to kill the character or press respawn to avoid the frozen screen. And this will continue for the rest of the match , not able to select any # of the perks, if you do click or select any perk your character will froze in W and or the game will CTD !! This happens just after the new patch FARM51 you broke the game again , on top of that stutter and microfrezzes AGAIN !! C'mon... Devs !! at this level of the game ROADMAP !!.... We still have this kind of troubles ??? Thanks for the new levels but the game still stutters and microfreeze . ( again ) Oh and by the way the respawn zones need seriously a new level repositioning , how they are now..... are pretty bad !! Enemy spawning just behind you, WDH ?!! lol Seems that the game is going BACKwards NOW !!! Sincerely HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01
  7. BUg confirmed.\ It's bugged... can't kill a fly with that CQB weapon ... , and the muzzle flash it's huge, even with suppressor ( silencer ) , Other thn. that, the game it's start moving in the right direction ! thnks FARM 51 Fun to see you guys playing your Project and We do really enjoy playing with you Guys from FARM 51, We observe and learn your from your tactics as developers that know the levels etc. It's always a pleasure and fun, to see the Developers playing their Projects with the player base , it's something that in the gaming Industry it's now rare . KUDOS FOR YOU GUYS !!! . Cheers HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01 LiBeR PrImUs
  8. PTE. its loosing connection to Network and sudden CTD> all game types, in all maps . UTE lost connection , as per today April 6 2019. gaming with stutter and LAg. in NA and US servers. It's going in the right direction ... but PTE its pretty unstable now. Regards HALCON4 - ww3 - k4to01
  9. The Hot fix have not, I repeat have NOT fix the Infinite loading screen as per today April 04 2019. Appreciate the efforts !! , But unfortunately, still my team and I haven't been able to join a single game in regular build and some crashes happened after the "infinite loading" suddenly finish . online reports send. PTE working ... but now with some performance issues , lag , stutter , some vault animations are bugged , prone animation it's bugged when trying to turn on back, steps to loud , and a number of new and also some old bugs reappear .... but it's kind of playable. Back to the drawing board ! King Regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01 LiBeR PriMuS
  10. Holimess in this patch !!
  11. We got the same and we are sending the reports after the crashes pop up online. It hangs in the loading screen just before match and then CTD's ! we sending report after game close via online reports , CTD's again the PTE i'ts working . But the normal client crash every single time we trying to join game no matter region servers same thing . Hope you guys find the culprit. Yes we tried everything to not avail cheers
  12. indeed they are back with ESP, bones " wallhack " and Aimbot . The one guy cheating was saying " Oh I'm in japan , I'm a Marine " LMAO !!! in Japan with high pin and killing everybody one shot , since the TTk was fixed and knowing exactly were we all were coming from, we got a video , that we are going to uploaded to STEAM and youtube . We are just getting tired of this BS. the game it's already suffering of lack of ppl. it's a frigging alpha LOL. then to play when this guys arrived and ruin the fun gameplay. Funny thing is how they argument when we caught them cheating , they come with this ridiculous pretexts . by the way the servers have a HIGH Latency on top of that cheers HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01 LiBeR PriMuS
  13. Smolensk it's coming to you p.c. complete and ready for armor vehicles combat !! Looks real good and will change the pace for battle , get ready for a good fun field combat !! Get ur cammo ready and drones!! Thnks FARM 51 Looking good!! Cheers!! HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01
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