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  1. DANG !! Again F51 ! ? F51 = expect the worst, hope for the best . hope those servers hold on and get the updates correctly . We are gonna be playing , testing other games meanwhile the " Free pass" goes , but will be testing RECON and waiting for a better patch . @ Manchild hope you can play tomorrow ! regards k4to01 - WW3 - HALCON4 cheers
  2. Question Did you tried Verify Integrity of game files? under Steam / right click World War 3 game / Properties / Local Files- tab / select- Verify Integrity Games files and run ? after verified try again see if that works . If not they fkd up again LOL . cheers
  3. Excuse me? You dont need to be rude and say that my comments are stupid are you suggesting and saying Im stupid ? that is pretty rude ! And yes, they are working Cheats for WW3 Russian site and they have already a bypass for EAC . not posting the site against the rules. I been offended by your comment against my persona WEEDTIME, your passive aggressive post dont help to the contrary are offensive to my persona. Stop harassing me.
  4. As per title . Playing in all maps, in all modes, we got random CTD,s with BLACK SCREEN. We are sending reports, it's very frustrating and tiresome , dealing with CTD,s and Blacks-screens over an over. Our TEAMS and branches, decide we are not gonna subject our systems AGAIN to this CTD,s with a BSD again . So , we are not playing it again, until this is corrected in a patch . Pls. regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01 LiBeR PriMuS
  5. CTD's with BLACK SCREEN OF DEAD . We send reports, game play it's bit smoother, but CTD's are tiresome again , patch broke stuff _ again _ .
  6. Don't think so, just different to the other games , My team and other branches like how it is , they are pretty good , we have what we need to do the "job" task ingame . He's right on the money . King regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01
  7. WUT ?? , just forget it buddie ..... just play the EA game and report the old and new bugs . If you consider yourself one . its up to you . INsult ? By the rest; I agree somewhat with your opinion about the mechanics and some other aspects that need to be changed , and about of Tzoninhard , yes I agree as well, but... he really nailed this time in a couple of statements there . Sadly ... still servers are pretty empty , we keep and eye of them . cheers HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01 LiBeR PriMuS
  8. I think every thing its already said about this game and the bugs that EA have and were they went wrong , pfff .....that's easy and Devs , knows were are they failing and what have to be done, but still F 51 have not delivered, they had a rocky start ( actually Totally FAILED ) and still have not stand up from that start , they are trying Yes, but sadly and to be honest, truth, NOT.... WORD . We have give sooo many feedback and then .... The EA access WW3 multimedia product ,still is full of old bugs, it gives 2 steps forward and 5 back. IN my personal opinion and my whole team and other branches - To FANBOY this EA is not healthy and its TOXIC . Fanboy An extreme fan or follower of a particular medium or concept, whether it be sports, television, film directors, video games (the most common usage), etc. Known for a complete lack of objectivity in relation to their preferred focus. Usually argue with circular logic that they refuse to acknowledge. Arguments or debates with such are usually futile. Every flaw is spun into semi-virtues and everything else, blown to comedic, complimentary proportions. Known for using the phrase "Object of affection = Best Ever" However, while people only really say that as hyperbole, fanboys truly believe it. This Will hinder the proper advance of the F51 multimedia product , we know that, and I understand you want this game to succeed , but fanboyinit is not the way to help them. Let me put it simple ..... The game- play became BORING , we DID NOT enjoy it anymore . really matters now, were he spend it ? And to imply that NA empty servers are fault of the NA game community , it's a pretty broad offensive and not healthy for the cause. Yes indeed , Toninghard its been, pretentious in his posts, but...... in this particular post, he have some points that LOGIC don't lie . So at this time The EU servers have 45 ppl. that one server is locked with most 38 of the ppl, testing, and NA servers .... EMPTY . REALLLYY ??? cmon. Ghost Town HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01 LiBeR PriMuS
  9. This summarize what some O.F. FANBOYs are doing . Tzoninhard gotit right this time . and servers are -------- almost empty, Ghost Town HALCON4 - WW3 - k4to01 LiBeR PriMuS
  10. you are right Saltlord. we cant got over some vehicles in this game or blow them up. good feedback , some collisions are not fix ...yet I agree 100 % to many .
  11. Wowsyyyy !!!! Russian mafia !! will see how they handle this , if there is something to pursue interesting find Werefox .
  12. We play server with some 10 ppl. we record some bugs we wil post in the proper forum but that was it ................. no many ppl .......still pretty low Removed YT clip, you can post it in Off-topic section weedtime
  13. OMG... are u frikin Kidding me.... LMAO !! ops.... I toucha fiver thank you , honestly I did have a good laugh reading your post Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, you dont like it ? then look other way , stop the flame I agree that we disagree. no harm, no foul . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now back to topic We will try again this weekend, we are now a small team still playing WW3 , but will see if we can check again that PTE. we just build another 3 systems and will want to test those in the PTE in conjunction to other EARLY ACCESS we testing , will be a good stress test for them will report some ground to fix and collisions and artifacts we encounter in the new maps as well . FARM 51 ! Keep it up with that advertising campaign !! we do really like the idea of the TWEETS !! Cheers HALCON4 - WW3 - k4t001 p.s. Weedtime We do like the idea about RAGIR talking and contemplating about environments , very interesting . LiBeR PriMuS
  14. " Bro " .... There is a big difference between judging and feedback. mine is feedback . All kind of Feedback.... positive and constructive criticism it's needed to advance in the multimedia Gaming industry ( and sometimes, you will get negative notes , those will help as well to BOOST , your capabilities and resources , helping to get out of your comfort Zone and utilize that feedback on your favor.... to accept the challenge and overcome it . It;s and interesting " conversation " it it's been ongoing for a few years now. We do like the idea of this multimedia Product as stated before ......but.... F51 needs to GET ON IT !! CRUNCH TIME !!!! again But Hey if you interested her take a read , . Sit down get your popcorn and check it out , if interested https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/173353-kickstarter-and-early-access-games-are-ruining-pc-gaming Its a double blade butter knife ....... ..... . Hey FARM 51 . you guys doing great in that advertising campaign design ....Dont bend ...KEEP IT UP !!!! . Cheers HALCON4 - WW3 - k4t001 LiBeR PriMuS
  15. F51 GOOD for tweeter and those FREE KEYS !!... that's what were talking about ....keep it up ! Get that MEdia team on it , don't loose momentum and get those servers alive again !! You got the attention of the ppl. Engage !!! King Regards HALCON4 - WW3 - k4t001 LiBer PriMuS
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