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  1. Hey welcome to WW3 forums mang . You have a good rig. whats your O.S. ? Had you tried to verifying your game files? On steam click on the game name (right mouse) open down tab, select Properties, then it opens Properties window , select Local Files tab, then select VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES... click and wait until verified. sometimes you need to verify a couple of times, reboot and boot game try this , if you haven't tried. cheers
  2. yeah they been like this for quite a while now, dont know how da heck FARM51 didn't got this before, they dont check the status of their servers ? YIKES !! NA servers ..... pfff . seems they dont care about the NA customers, on top of that . NA just have a couple of games going on , like 3 rooms that's it !
  3. HALCON4

    PTE it's over?

    Interesting question, hope some one can clarify this , so we can have good better use to that space in the hd's, < but what I thnk maybe we can still use PTE, but dont quote me in that, Who knows what MY GAMES and FArm51 have on store for this game now ???
  4. indeed. Enigma hackstar ......why dont you send the one you use LMAO !!
  5. This is my personal opinion and my whole branch: If for any reason they release another FREE WEEKEND !! , for sure by all means, jump in !! and see if it's worth your time and money, at the same time your opinion and feedback will be valuable for the Dev. team , as for sure , maybe you can find new bugs and have fresh approach towards this Early Access Multimedia Product called WW3 from Farm51. -------------------------------------- Now to answer directly to your question; As per my personal experience, my whole Team and our BRANCH, in the stage of how it is right now ... this multimedia Product ? - NO - not worth - --------------------------------------- But again ... if you are ready to go through painfull stages of frustration, ctd's . bad performance , fanboys, cheaters , etc ,etc,... as per Early Access multimedia Products are ( this all depends in the studios that are developing the games ) and if you have extra cash , time and patience, is totally up to you. Hope this can help a little to make up your mind and give you a more clear window of a screener , out of the smoke mirror of an early access multimedia products. We been playing, testing, reporting, etc,... this Multimedia Product, since the First press release and Pre Alpha of this Multimedia Product called WW3 , it was Promising, had potential, changed radically and needs to much work, TO MUCH, and NOW, the times are challenging . We sincerely, appreciate all the efforts that this Studio FARM51 had made and to all their Family member's and everybody involved direct or indirect, in the creation in this, their new Project of a new First Person Shooter multimedia Product called WW3, ( Our Game , that we gladly pay to play, test and provide feedback ) . We Truly appreciated the efforts of Studio FARM 51 in this difficult times of a WORLD VIRAL PANDEMIC . ----------------------------------------- So @Legacy : Hope they can release another FREE WEEKEND and if you feel, jump in . put some boots on the ground, you will be WELCOME !! OTHER than that , NO WORTH . STAY SAFE. LiBeR PrImUs
  6. @ Rozmo for sure sending.
  7. Hiya dudes ! No it doesnt stutter, like for us stutters mean microfrezzes here and there as before, ( alpha stage). No it really frezze ( if you know what I mean) , for 10 to 15 secs. ( Thats the time lap of frozen screen) But the timming for those frezzes , from the start of round are random, you could be standing in spawn zone for 3 mins. And not have a frezze Or at times is just matter of a few seconds from spawn. So with that said , we ( our team ) have those frezzes , after that gameplay as usual. Hope thats clear for you 2 guys. Other than that WW3 Its pretty much canned for us. Until next roadmap update. Have fun you guys !! Cheers dudes ! Stay safe with CORONA VIRUS !
  8. update : No... AGAIN !! Unfortunately , we still have that FREEZE AND boot from servers ( Twice ) . The Freeze in all levels and gameplays at the start of games 10 to 15 secs. enough to die lol , we did a Check in Integrity of files twice , but still no avail . Very frustrating, hope you guys are reading this. we are gonna leave the game for a while, this is NOT GOOD, just ruin the Online experience. ( just ) .
  9. Thats been forever there , there are various points in this level that you can see through walls at a distant point , in the subway stairs, from Behind A1, point respwn base , another from rubble behind spwn point base C1 , you can get inside the fell chopper and go under level , from C1...etc etc etc. and all this you can shoot , funny thing as with with armor vehicles. But not saying how to get in those or pin point location, so there are not exploited. MY team and I had a lot of fun finding this on ALL LEVELS , POLYARNY have a lot of those and SMOLENSK still have old ones as well. thanks for pics tho.
  10. @ROZMO and FARM 51 -THANK YOU ! The Hotfix fixed the server boot and we stop the CTD's.... but we still have mayor issues with PhysX and Frezze at the start of all rounds ! this is happening in all 10 of our brand new systems , every-single time at the start of any type of round 10 to 15 secs. of freeze, O.S.-------------WIN 10 V.Cards ------GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO 11GB PCI-E w/ HDMI, Triple DP, USB-C - CPUs ----------Core™ i9-10980XE Extreme Edition Processor, 3.0GHz, 18 Cores / 36 Threads. M.Ram-------Corsair Dominator® Platinum RGB Series 64GB (4x 16GB) DDR4-3600 Memory Kit H.Drives-----2 TB-Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 2280 Solid State Drive P.S's----------Corsair AX1600i Digital Power Supply So .......... NO , are not our Systems, we ran other games NO prob. at all. We dont know if the game system files went corrupted when our systems downloaded from Steam the rolled Fixes or something went FUBAR !!! But in this WW3 EA we are experiencing Freezes , optimization and PhysX in between other issues... Hope you guys can fix this , it's been very Frustrating . ( Note : still spanning under levels, not as often as before but still happens ) KING REGARDS LiBeR PrImUs.
  11. Today we will test that, as son we return from field , thanks ROZMO !
  12. ATWAy sup dude..... did you read my post or just scan it ...... LOL I think you did and your " answer " make us laugh here As I posted..... We had both CTD's and the SERVERS BUG connection "boot server" that had his first precancerous appearance since wayyyyy back in the Early alpha state. But I think you guys are in EU .... Our team, we are all in North America . Dono what the issue, but we had those CTD's weird...tho. Hope they fixed the game all around . --------------------------------0------------------------------ Oh well congrats for you 1000 th post ...... LMAO !! ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- PERIOD . Stay safe with the CORONA VIRUS , coming soon to your door .
  13. Ya tynblpb, we have both ! CTD and Boot crash from server ! and I post the version of the early game and the message / . This bug ( servers ) is been wayyyyy back , from early ALPHA !!! lol you were not even around LOL
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