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  1. bring warzone large back no air strikes to keep down the lag but 64 players big maps lets GO!!
  2. I love the timing keep in mind it will flow even faster once they add more players to each match.
  3. should happen but good luck with that.......
  4. I like how my post became a nerf/op rant guys i think this is more of a hit reg issue than anything else. no one wants turned down tanks, heli, and guns.
  5. Nah you just played against some real idiots
  6. but does that make sense? you can shoot it down but the rpg takes longer to kill it? also i've shot at helo plenty of times I havent had your luck I guess my aim or gun must be broken.
  7. Warzone use to be bigger but due to server issues they had to lower player count. So eta on them increasing it back is unknown at this time. I really miss large warzone it was the reason I bought the game.
  8. Sometimes rpg's don't register when you hit the helicopter or they do minimum damage which is very annoying considering how long it takes for you to hit one. I know people are going to talk about the jammer you can use but that is not enough to take out a chopper I myself have called map wide jammer and watched the chopper fly away as if I didn't. Maps like berlin and warsaw give the helo building cover which makes it even harder to bring down. I watched a player go 97-6 in a match because by the time we killed the heli he had enough points for another one back to back. Farm 51 please tell me how this is fair game play?
  9. this whole convo has me shaking my head and dying laughin
  10. dude I'm max level and 51k is not enough when parts in the game are 10k - 20k if you are pass the rank of captain when they wipe you should get a 200k sign on bonus.
  11. so there are no servers right now?
  12. can't wait to see whats next farm 51 but good job on the free weekend.
  13. Ok its Give not giff, this is WW3 not WW2 and the load is not that big. Map rotation could and should be done hopefully sooner than later.
  14. Makes since that you don't get it. Carry on with your day sir.
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