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  1. Ryuzaki


    Jeżeli będą jakiekolwiek obsuwy, to na pewno o tym poinformujemy. Na razie nie przewidujemy opóźniej i wszystko powinno prędzej czy później trafić do gry. Czy to przechodząc z 0.4 do 0.5, czy z 0.3.7 do 0.5.2
  2. Ryuzaki


    Nie siedzimy w biurze z założonymi rękami :). Praca wre, jeden patch już poleciał na PTE, czyli mamy 2 miesiące na 2 kolejne patche :).
  3. If all the major tasks and features will be already in the game, we could think of something like this - for now, though we need to wait for the final result and see how transportation topic will pan out. Cool idea though, got it noted :).
  4. Okay, as I was able to determine the prices of all weapon attachments have been raised to the 10k point. The situation you experience is that the SCAR was already added in the new, reworked system and the rest of the weapons should join them in the upcoming patch. The team has jumped into conclusion, that we want to make weapon parts more expensive and doing so, more rewarding - kind of like vanity items, which you can brag about. For now, we just want to test the prices, how people feel about them and if the progression is fast enough. But later, with the system which will let you overlook your gun in-game with some cool animation, and system which will let you throw and pick up weapons, it may be a viable option. But don't freak out yet, it's purely for testing purposes now and we may as well revert all the changes later.
  5. It would be a lot of work, I'd say too much even if we consider that this would serve purely transportation purposes. We are planning to add a few more transport vehicles, aside from quads, and we want to increase their numbers on the maps so it's much easier to hop on and drive.
  6. In the upcoming patch, we would like to introduce a server browser. You would be able to peak at the servers and pick one you want to join. I think it will help a little in this regard :).
  7. Ryuzaki

    Ammo Bug

    The update will hit the servers probably next week. We hope it will fix all known major bugs, bare with us.
  8. Just take additional ammo pack in gadget section, and you will have virtually unlimited ammo.
  9. Physical properties of the material aren't yet finished. We have a set of behaviors for different materials and how they interact with different type of bullets.
  10. Może napisz coś więcej: Jaką masz konfigurację sprzetową, jakie ustawienia itd. Jedyne co ostatnio było zoptymalizowane to zużycie ramu, które w jakiś cudowny sposób nie przełoży się ilość klatek na sekundę.
  11. I think we have gotten pretty close to the reality :D. Nice work, though.
  12. For us, this is the most nostalgic thing for the time being.
  13. Ryuzaki

    Reload problems

    Yes, as far as I am concerned that is what we would aim for. Not sure when it will be added, be it's on our minds for some time now.
  14. I think it's a bug. I'll make sure that it will get fixed :).
  15. Ryuzaki

    Reload problems

    Oh, I see what you mean now. That is a very valid point - I've already talked to a few people in the studio and we will add an option to reload the gun with a fresh magazine because you manually put one bullet to the chamber and in effect of this the magazine has now only 19 bullets, so it's not full :D. EDIT : Well, after some more talking we decided, that it won't be added for now. We in future would like to change the ammo system to the magazine system. Where you will have to manage ammo much more carefully and you will swap magazines around instead of replenishing the ammo.
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