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  1. 1920x1080 - my cpu is a power house thou.
  2. TDM should run better since there are less things going on so i wouldn't take TDM as a "bench mark" any way
  3. Only difference between mine and your specs is that i run a I7-9700k and i have a 1080ti-oc-11gig and i get 165fps solid on all game modes and maps on ultra settings with no issues. I just can't see your CPU having issues with this game so yeah, it could be a networking issue but maybe on your end or you are joining servers out of your reach?
  4. If the game was released i would agree bu any time during the EA phase including leading up to release i would expect a wipe, i would expect a wipe on release day but chances of a wipe so late on would be minimal unless they change something in the back end that is major for release and requires a total wipe.
  5. Was about to come here and let rip, i am mad that i got trolled GG
  6. Regarding the thermal scopes. Something needs to be done when ADSing with the thermal scopes as when you come out of ADS your whole screen goes black.
  7. Buys into EA, moans about EA issues....
  8. TBH - everyone got 51k, that's more than enough to kit out a few guns. The fact people are moaning about the wipe when it was said by the devs numerous times that there would be a wipe once progression is live baffles me
  9. Yes, everyone got the same amount, if you had 10 billion or 10 we all get 51k. There is no reason for them to reward some and not others just because they chose to stick around and play the game without progression. I assume that they will always compensate all players for any wipes they do since it would piss them off starting from scratch all the time, after all thou, this is EA so.
  10. Well what did you expect? They told us that there would be a wipe for the last month.... Everyone got 51k compensation.
  11. I don't think you understand what i am talking about.
  12. Its not "dead" it's just very low populated compared to what it was around launch. I just looked now and it is at the lowest i have ever seen which is just under 400. What you need to remember is that they have disabled progression so players including myself are staying away from the game till progression is enabled on the live servers as having no progression makes the game stale and very boring very fast!
  13. Since progression is not active still many players including myself are staying away from the game to avoid becoming very bored of it.
  14. Seen this many times and its normally the players that have spawned in while i am around that area.
  15. If you read around you will see that this part of the game is disabled along with progression.
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