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  1. Какой смысл кидать просто ссылку с одной ветки в другую ? Вот если бы перевел .....
  2. Может время вышло ?
  3. LG 29UM65 GTX1080
  4. ೞoℓf✌

    New FPS guide

    @maddinii I hope devs will release ultra low settings officially. Which can helps people to play on 2 VRAM. And than they will block editable .ini cos a modification for performance would be meaningless, only for "cheating"
  5. ೞoℓf✌

    New FPS guide

    This config is wrong. Some parameters can`t be = 0 U even didn't turn off shadows (cos did mistake with values) Your config. My config.
  6. Этот тупой баг еще со времени закрытой альфы
  7. ೞoℓf✌

    Micro transactions and WW3?

    What is about WW3 inventory page in steam? If u add outfits, new parts models, skins etc. And people will buy/sell them, will u have % from sales inventory items ?
  8. ೞoℓf✌


    Ranks in the game
  9. ೞoℓf✌

    Resource rewards

    I`m thinking that this system of supplies not work. In future it will work correct, and your reward will be bonuses on zone.
  10. ೞoℓf✌


    There is already one topic about tanks.
  11. change shading from DirectX 11 to DirectX 10 -sm4 changed lighting. If it too dark for you, try using reshade and increase gamma. Or turn off -sm4. But u will loose some of "boost FPS". Smolensk, Berlin, Warszawa TDM looks good with this config.
  12. ೞoℓf✌

    Radd Community Discord

  13. Anybody else tried it? How is it going?