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  1. I just can`t understand why u play solo. If u can find teammates. Why u r so unsocial
  2. I can`t find api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0.dll in any ww3 folders
  3. 1. I told in my previous message that LoL, DotA2 ... PUBg, CS:GO GTAV сannot be taken as an example. Items from events in this games can be saled in steam market or in blackmarket in internet. These are completely different things compared to getting a different texture in the game. Which cannot be passed on to anyone. As far as I know, the developers have already said that they do not plan to implement something that can be sold for real money. Cos this will lead scammers and cheaters to the game. 2. Like @tynblpb said If someone want to "force" players to try and have experience with all the weapons he can always add ribbons, badges, MEDALS that are earned only with big efforts. This idea is better than introducing events. Imagine that a medal was added to the game to kill 100 enemies without a sight from a sniper rifle. And you can safely fulfill it even for a year. Every kill that is not targeted will count. If we make an event to kill 20 enemies from a sniper without aiming during the weekend. All players on the server will only do this. And if I do not want to do this, then I will run alone with a Pecheneg among half the server with snipers trying to kill each other without an aim. No one will get pleasure. Neither they, since I interfere, nor I, because I am looking for a competitive moment, and not just kill blanks.
  4. Hello dear Developers! @Ragir I want to ask some questions: How soon can we try 0.9? Is it planned to release version 1.0 until 01/04/2020 ? Have you prepared some new maps for us? All new maps will be after 1.0 version ? Will we contol Fighter aircraft, Jetfighters. Will aerial combat be presented not by helicopters? Will we see patched vechicle HUD 1.0, with correct heli HUD and AA vechicle ? Will u add more free vechicle on base like in bf? Will u change breakthrough mode? What ideas do u have ? With the advent of menu 2.0, what will happen to the global map? Will the supply system remain? Will it work correctly giving bonuses, or is something completely different waiting for us? Will we see the general list of servers in one place, without dividing by EU / USA / ... etc. before 1.0 ? soon after 1.0 ? Will models be added to change the face of the character?
  5. Dislike Personally, in my opinion - good game should avoid events like this. I see this as an exclusively marketing move to keep players in the game, this is not practiced by successful games. If this is exclusively an in-game item that you could get / not get during the event. (I do not consider games in which event items fall on the steam market) I want see ww3 like bf3 or bf4 where u can play session just 4 fun. Without every event farming new item afraid to lose a thing for a complete collection. Or for example, if u can`t play on this event u will be able to buy this item in-game currency later. And of course it should be not bright item which stands out against the background of ww. Although we will get wipe on 1.0 and i think that it is not possible to save information on server about who have event items after wipe. The developers are focused on the speedy release 1.0 and they won`t be distracted.
  6. https://www.resetera.com/threads/rumor-microsoft-was-in-poland-and-it-was-interested-in-new-teams-that-could-join-to-xgs.160292/#post-27552891 Insiders said that Microsoft representatives recently visited Poland. And this visit was of a working nature. According to rumors, the company is actively looking for teams among local game developers who are ready to join Xbox Games Studios. According to the leak, Microsoft managed to talk with at least one studio. Which one is not disclosed. Boris Neshpielak, the Polish director and author of the documentary "We Are Alright" about indie developers, spoke about the company's intentions and big plans for Polish igrodelov. Later, the director’s guesses were confirmed by shinobi602 insider. Meanwhile, the list of independent Polish game development studios is not that great. Among the likely bidders are four teams: The Farm 51 (Chernobylite), The Astronauts (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter), People Can Fly (Bulletstorm) and Techland (Dying Light, Call of Juarez). Companies like CDPR and 11 bit studios, responsible for The Witcher and This War of Mine, respectively, are public, and Microsoft has not previously been seen in the acquisition of such teams. However, who knows.
  7. @RagirU can`t test in on PTE. Cos on PTE playing ppl who want play. On live servers always 3-5 ppl don`t doing nothing. They afk or sitting on base. Its the problem why ppl ask u to do 15vs15. And when u test 15vs15 with your dev team, situation was same (everybody played.) Just do on live client several servers with different players like in BF. Servers for BRE mod with 20 and 30 slots, and servers for warzone 30,40,60 slots, And everybody will be happy People will decide by yourself which server choose.
  8. ೞoℓf✌

    No helmet

    Did u take Helmet in solder customisation ? If u already have helmet, click on hat, than choose helmet again
  9. Olala. i caught it. It depands on distance. At a certain distance, the animation sticks. All what i can do is respawn or die.
  10. Thermal view don`t work on vechicle, but on scope it work correct.
  11. I can`t catch this bug. But when i playing and not thinking about it, this bug happens and very often. Looks like if u will click LMB to fast in some position or it depends when a lot of ppl on server, C4 glitch and i can do nothing. Only WASD/ jump /ESC - respawn
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