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  1. I can answer some questions. About new patch read here. theatre of war in China u can read here too https://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/bastion-uk/images/ww3-2020-plans-dot-png-1938046 New helicopter was anounced 30/09/2019 about other type of air vechicle There are not current plans to implement flyable aircraft, this is mainly due to how maps are constructed and the fact that we don't feel like this would really influence the gameplay in a positive way. I think this questions same like @Okejka added
  2. The Metagame will be changed so it's easier to use and works mostly in the background.
  3. @olfeusz @HeiligeRobbe @E - Cleaner your question added @olfeusz "3. Gamers (at least most of them) like unlocking things. In current state of WW3 you can quite easily unlock everything with in-game cash. We already know about Progression 2.0. Tell us more about this? Will it be only about old school leveling? Something more? Already added daily challenges are fine but it's just a beginning." Yes we can see here https://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/bastion-uk/images/ww3-2020-plans-dot-png-1938046
  4. A thought occurred to me. https://store.my.games/app/2573 "Heroes and generals" The game is present in both steam and my.games and mail.ru games https://heroesandgenerals.com/2020/01/ https://store.my.games/app/2573 https://games.mail.ru/play/game/heroes_and_generals/ Looks like it have only one main forum There is no impact on development by the partner. They do advertising and that’s it.
  5. He can`t load menu. Infinite loading screen
  6. From reddit about My.games and armored warfare
  7. If u speaking about singleplayer game this is a completely different story. I played BF 1942 like singleplayer with bots. Cos i don`t have Internet in 2003. WW3 don`t need offline mode. If the game dies, it must be released to rest, and not scoff at the corpse. No one in a healthy mind will play offline mode with bots in ww3 when there is a thoughtful offline mode in bf and cod. If u speaking about adding bots in online session to replace empty cells - I say definitely not. They act like mannequins.
  8. Bots is worst idea in every games. Stupid manekens, which spoil the game.
  9. Got bug again today. Still not fixed
  10. "unveiled here" - I don’t argue that the developers said that the Asian theater will be appear in the game and some others sings. But its not same like read report about it. 10 feb - was last news. Check twitter news was every week, and now we don`t get any news during 3 month. "Unfortunately, since we’re doing it all in-house and using the time we have, we cannot promise groundbreaking content every week consistently" Ok. But 3 month? Forget about community 3 month? (I do not take the communication of ajem and rozmo in the discord) I mean real official news. Like it was before. This silence is associated with problems. If there is no problem, and game development go stage by stage - why keep quiet?
  11. We do not like prolonged periods of silence. When we will see devlog? Announcement of news about the partnership, without the slightest need, it seems strange to me. I don’t know how grand the news you are preparing should be, but expectations rise to the level of HL3. I communicate with different groups of players, and many lost heart. Maybe you share at least some news? What is it? Why we didn't see it on official sources ? By the way, you did not tell how the company’s office works in connection with the coronavirus. If the situation is difficult due to coronavirus, tell us, we will understand.
  12. It won`t be removed game will be "on hold"
  13. I think i formulated 2nd question good. If u have any addition tell me
  14. @Matt_dOvale I pray that your words will be true But Warface divides players into different segments. Other example is Lost Ark. After game release ppl do really hard steps to play the game. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Lost+ark+play+korea After mail.ru group do RU-localisation https://la.mail.ru Europe ppl don`t get access to play. And still don`t have it, and should use VPN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBqQ7drzmx4 The same example but on the other point of view. Europe players can`t play normally
  15. @Matt_dOvale Yes i know i wrote about it. If i change steam shop region i will see it too. If i install VPN i can play it but with ping 900
  16. Unanswered questions There were a lot of repeating questions which was answered in one way or the other. Below is a list of questions that in my opinion did not receive an answer, and are not similar in questions from the first post. If your question has not been answered.You can also find some answers 20/01/2020 here. I will quote the answers from the message to the questions that were asked during the AMA Have you prepared some new maps for us? All new maps will be after 1.0 version ? Ragir: There's a lot of content planned for after 1.0, with 9 maps being there when 1.0 hits and more being added after the full release. Will we contol Fighter aircraft, Jetfighters. Will aerial combat be presented not by helicopters? Ragir: There are not current plans to implement flyable aircraft, this is mainly due to how maps are constructed and the fact that we don't feel like this would really influence the gameplay in a positive way. With the advent of menu 2.0, what will happen to the global map? Will the supply system remain? Will it work correctly giving bonuses, or is something completely different waiting for us? Ragir: The Metagame will be changed so it's easier to use and works mostly in the background. Will models be added to change the face of the character? Ragir: I don't have anything to say about this one, but it would be weird to have just one dude clone running around All questions about new stuff and features let's formulate: We want to see what coming to ww3 in next patch. Give details of this. If you can’t tell "when", show what you have already done during this time. Show report, gameplay videos or teasers. We need it. How big advertising campaign are you planning? When will there be as many people on the servers as here? How many active players do you anticipate? How do you plan to bring this game back to life? It's seems forgotten as of now with 0 playerbase outside EU. Will the game be live service or something like premium battlefield? Will be only one main site https://worldwar3.com or different region will get different sites, forums e.t.c something like https://ww3.mail.ru ? Will https://forum.worldwar3.com/ be sole with different languages threades or will be some forums for different countries and lang? What about DX12 support? On Steam page can be seen, that game will support it. For example, it improve multi-core using. Will WW3 have UNREAL 4.25 engine? So the game will be on the new generation consoles? When ? The soundtrack will be expand by a few musics? What is the decision being made with respect to large player count servers? Will we see increase the number of players on the server from 30 to, for example, 40,50,60? Are they being troubleshooted? Are they on the backburner for now? Will we see large version of maps? Are you going to slightly rebuild the flying system? Is there a chance to see maps like Operation Lock with BF4? Is there a chance of a theatre of war in the United States? Why can't tanks respite on the map automatically, like a revival point? I think we could use something like that. Because after the first few minutes, suddenly the fight comes down to infantry only. Do you have plans to make maps for armored combat? Any chance to see "plant the bomb" 5vs5 mode? Any chance to see hardcore mode servers like in bf4? From the communication in the forum one could deduce that some major complaints of the community are worked on (head glitching, sound system, etc.). There never has been a more detailed explanation on what are the plans there exactly. Will we get an overview on what has been going on the last months and where the progress of all the promised reworks is at now? Will be any last event? Opportunity to get a key. On the global map in game menu there is definitely frontline between two coalitions. And we see, for example, buses with ukrainian car numbers on Polyarny. Will the game have some lore? And will be difference between equipment based on this lore, or it will be grey mess, like now. Why was it decided to ensure that there were no specific factions and everyone fought against everyone? Neither in the battlefield, nor in the CS, nor in the insurgency, nor in the rising storm, nor in other analogues of ww3 ... When Americans Go Comfortably Against Americans! This is not the third world war, this is scatter, porridge and reeling is obtained. This is a weak link in game design in both r6 siege and ww3 Are there any plans to further the differences between the West Faction & East Faction? What about the plans for the finish game and the division into east and west fractions. Will this idea be developed? How will be new metagame looks like? Will Recon continue in closed community testing? Will the game be just a little hardcore, like now? Will the level of hardcore that is at the moment be maintained? Or will you make the game more causal? There some absurdly gameplay things (for realistic setting) were not on the start of the game, such as long barrel reducing damage and switching fire mode reducing recoil, with absurdly high sway (sway is realistic itself, but amount is not). Will be it reworked or reverted? Are there any plans to increase the Time To Kill (TTK) to further the differences between the various weapon calibers? "Seasons". It's all about seasons in most popular games i.e. PUBG, Fortnite and so on with payable season pass. Are you going to go in this direction? We already know about Progression 2.0. Tell us more about this? Will it be only about old school leveling? Something more? Are you planning any new game soon outside of ChernobyLite and WW3? New Project? Will you provide the API for ww3 with statistics? So players can build their own portal similar to Battlelog in BF? Are there any plans to limit players to a certain ping per server per region? Eg like in EFT When is warzone large coming back? Will there be any other Anti-Aircraft tanks (like ZSU-23-4MP "Biała")/man-portable guns (like FIM-92 "Stinger") added to the game, other than Leopard 2 "Gepard"? If yes, how will they be used? In terms of size and quality, would you position WW3 closer to AAA production? Indie AAA? Or where would you place this production (I mean the final product)? Which competetive production do you think is the closest to yours (i mean the final product). Will WW3 have maps in the US or Western Europe in the future? What are you at today in terms of project advancement. Are you already testing the final version of the game internally and using QA? How many QAs are currently working on WW3? Will the menu system see a drastic overhaul and will it improve performance? With the AA leo currently being in game, do you guys still have no plans on adding any player flown air vehicles or have plans changed When will the performance of the game improve of the warzone game mode and a another question when is recon coming out WW3 will be on current generation ??? Or you and your publisher will create your own. Do you plan on switching out the server host? The servers so far haven't been the best at all, and I am wondering if the host has anything to do with this. The purchase is goin to be on hold for outsider, why is that? Purpose on negative reviews or?Is WW3 going to be an AAA game? How do you face new standards like Ray Tracing, that will mark the difference between a AAA game and the rest from year end?One more.. Will you have dedicated servers or will the game rely on peer to peer? What about financial resources to sustain development of the game, could You tell us something in this regard and about contribution in this matter of my.games? And what about additional asian servers? How about gameplay videos or teasers? Do you consider adding other antialiasing options such as SMAA? How about Vulkan API? Is it even considered? Any private dedicated servers support? or renting system for clans and lan wars? Are you not afraid you will lose some players on the road and don´t get any new players due the closed purchase on steam. What happened to battle royale mode, are you still working on it? Does F51 have intentions to carry through on it's original vision of releasing WW3 without care packages and MTX? Any chance of adding a few more gun sights? Also, to go along with this, maybe more options of weapon skins? Are you going to change character of WW3 to make it more realistic, arcade or it will stay as it is? Do you think WW3 has a chance to compete on a global market with AAA FPS titles like COD or Battlefield? What are your expectations regarding to chinese market release? Do you think My.games can help with it? Do you belive that the key weaknesses of the game, I mean optimisation and servers can be finally repaired to satisfy players? What main issue caused prolonged develompent of ww3 versus initial plans? When will we receive devlog? We are all waiting for it! hmr hmr
  17. We will take and share the questions for you, we won't be able to answer everything in one hour but it's not the last AMA and your questions might be answered at a later date if needed. Don't worry too much. Your questions will be answered by Kamil Bilczyński (Kamil Bilczynski), Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Farm 51, and Alexey Larionov(Curtainman), Producer at MY.GAMES. Some questions was answered, supplemented by community managers: [CM] Halth, [CM] Tyrell, [CM] ajem. [CM] Halth: Questions about Roadmap, content and development will be for another time. [CM] Tyrell: The issue is that we wanted to do this AMA fast to answer questions about MY.GAMES partnership. As everyone was worried about it. *** about F2P and P2W *** MY.GAMES do F2P projects. WW3 will become F2P with microtransactions? Who will observe microtransaction. Do the decisions remain with the F51? Or will the publisher dictate pricing? Will prices be regional? Curtainman: The details of the distribution model will be revealed later in 2020. However it’s important to mention that F51 will have full control over development process and the vision for World War 3. Additionally, in any case, we are not going to introduce pay2win elements to the game and we’re adamant in this decision already. [CM] Halth: Answers about "F2P", "partnership" were answered, but we can't answer to a question if we don't have the answer (such as release date) or if it's not related to the current AMA (content and development) [CM] Halth: But the answers will arrive sooner or later [CM] Tyrell: Yep, definitely won't be P2W *** about dates *** To Farm 51: When do you plan to release 0.9 update? Kamil Bilczynski: We will release new updates when they will be ready. Where answers about concrete dates? [CM] Halth: You prefer hearing about a random date then a lot of delay without being sure about anything? Giving hope is nice but if we are not sure about any release date, lying to the community or disappointing you all is a no-no [CM] Tyrell: Hey hey everyone! I get your feeling. As I said at the end of the AMA, I don't think sharing dates for the sake of sharing dates will be a good idea. I remember being very very disapointed when one of my favorite game shared a false date *** about MY.GAMES and partnership *** Will My.Games going to help you in other way than resources and expertise? What role will MY.GAMES have in development? Will they contribute staff, funds or leave it entirely up to F51? Will this deal help accelerate the development of new content like maps and weapons? Does the partnership have any personal consequences on Farm 51's side? I.e. have F51 employees been replaced by MyGames guys Kamil Bilczynski: A lot of questions In general - My.Games will help us in any aspect of WW3, to make this game more bigger and better. Thats why we chose My.Games as our strategic long-term partner for WW3 project new content like maps, weapons will come for sure How did the team and the people over at MyGames handle the significant backlash, angry comments and concerns they got from the community on the forums and discord? Kamil Bilczynski: I’m pretty sure that My Games is a perfect partner for WW3 project Before we sign a deal i had a lot of discussion with them, they really understand WW3 as game and player expectation as well. We have a solid plan how to improving WW3 together - don't' worry Why did you choose WW3 for a game to support if you are a producer of Warface (simillar FPS shooter game). Isn’t WW3 a competitor for your own title? Curtainman: We feel that World War 3 is already a great game and we want to work on it together with Farm 51 to make it even better as well as to attract new players to it! As for the Warface title. we are sure that both games provide unique gameplay experience and won’t interfere much with each other. Will mail.ru related to partnership? How? [CM] Halth: MY.GAMES is the gaming section of Mail.ru , so we are part of Mail.ru What My.Games will give WW3. 3 main items [CM] Halth: You mean what MY.GAMES will bring to the game? I won't consider myself as a "main item" but you got an exemple Help for publishing : Community management, Marketing and other things alon these lines How many years will your (Farm51and My.Games) cooperation last? Curtainman: You don’t usually put an expiration date on things like that, in this regard it’s like marriage:) But seriously, we trust this is going to be a long and fruitful cooperation. Is there a team at my.games now working or helping on the development of WW3? If yes, is there a specific area(s) which they are working on? Kamil Bilczynski: Yes - we are working pretty close together on many key areas! We will share more details about our cooperation when we will be ready to to that...we just starting Any chance for Partnerships or Partner Programs with content creators? [CM] Halth: Oh There will be Partner Programs with content creators (Yeah my words have less impact than Kamil or Alexey, but you can expect it for sure) Maybe some details regarding the partnership? What can we expect [CM] Halth: I guess it's the usual relationship between developers and publishers. Developers makes a good game, Publishers makes it known to a lot of people so it becomes a success Will there be any collaboration with other games that my.games published (for example Armored Warfare)? [CM] Halth: It might be an idea in the future but I guess we will want the game to be released first before proceeding to such a cross-over /collaboration. It's quite difficult especially when the two games are so differents What does my.games see for the future of World War 3? Curtainman: We think that as soon as the game is complete it has full potential to be a hit on Tactical FPS market and even the FPS market in general. As a publisher we will apply our resource and offer all the help to Farm51 to make this happen. *** about steam and access*** Why will the game be "on hold" for purchase exactly? When we loose opportunity to buy a game ? Curtainman: Players who have already purchased World War 3 in early access will be able to play it indefinitely. However, the game will no longer be available for purchase on Steam until further notice. We will certainly reveal full details about that later. Will there be any patches, big and small, before release? Can we update the game and play? How long it is going to stay in EA version? Curtainman: Game will be available on steam but will not be available for purchase until final release. We have some plans to share and test new improvements with players before 1.0 release, but for sure we don't want to show unfinished/untested updates. If people bought your game via Steam in an Early Access Phase for 99pln, what will they get when the game goes f2p and will it be worth the previous price? Curtainman: You'll definitely keep access to the game and you'll receive rich amount of game's content regardless of our distribution solution that is still to be announced later this year. With the professional QA team support from my.games can we still have access as players to the PTE environment maybe a bit before launch?, online players always find more bugs than QA teams [CM] Halth: Players who bought the game will have access to the game during the development so I expect you will be able to be our super wonderful QA What will veteran ww3 players receive during final release? Kamil Bilczynski: All early access players will be recognised as veterans and will receive special gifts when the game launches. Any purchases of in-game content made during the Early Access period will be transferred or refunded as in-game currency as appropriate. *** about game and new patch *** Do you believe that the key weaknesses of the game, I mean optimisation and servers can be finally repaired to satisfy players? Kamil Bilczynski: In my opinion together with My Games we have a much better starting point to polishing and improving the WW3 game and launch successful final release ! How many new maps are your team currently working on? Kamil Bilczynski: You will be surprised (we hope) Will you implement a complete and easy to follow tutorial? Kamil Bilczynski: Yes, we have such a plans Would you consider adding map voting after each round? Would you consider adding map rotation? [CM] Halth: I won't put this question in priority, as it's more of a good suggestion than a question Are we going to get a large "Arma" style map? [CM] Halth: I'm curious too, do you mean a map for a lot of players or more of a sandbox map? What part of development was so far the hardest one? (again without obvious ones i.e. release disaster or 0.3) Kamil Bilczynski: Creating a multiplayer FPS game is a constant challenge, every day...this is a nice story for another long conversation in the future (after successful final release) Will there be any DLC´s? Curtainman: We are certainly planning to release a post launch development roadmap as well as production plan later this year. When can we expect new teased content like animations to turn up? Kamil Bilczynski: When new stuff will be ready to release on live update Thanks to our cooperation with MyGames we will have access to professional QA team, which (we hope) help us a lot on bugfixing stage. Will there be more diversity for character customization? Kamil Bilczynski: I think today we have a lot of the options for character customization comparing to other fps game But Yes - more operators and outfits will come in future If you have any suggestions just send us an email what you want Is there a rework plan for some maps like Berlin, which is quite a weak map visually, compared to Smolensk or Polaryn. Kamil Bilczynski: We are improving old maps in terms of gameplay and visual part - you will be surprised What will be the weight for single player experience vs multiplayer? Kamil Bilczynski: Right now we are focusing on multiplayer..but who knows ? Maybe in the future we will release some pure-hard tactical single player campaign...but right now we are focusing on multiplayer How will be the WW3 protected against cheaters? Nowadays every FPS has tons of cheaters. Curtainman: Yes you’re right it’s an important issue to handle. However, both MY.GAMES and Farm51 have experience in managing FPS games and dealing with this problem accordingly and that’s exactly what we intend to do As far as how exactly it goes, we will reveal the details as soon as they are set, prepared and finalized. *** about consoles and other platforms *** On what conslole will be the game? Ps4 or xbox ? [CM] Halth: Consoles are not on topic as we want the game to be ready and running on PC first (it's in the answers) On what type of consoles do you plan to release the game and when? What is the role of My.game in porting process? Curtainman: We are very excited for the new generation of consoles as well as the possibilities of console release in general, but we want to first focus on delivering the best possible experience to PC players. Currently we don’t have any announcements to share regarding bringing WW3 to other platforms. *** about communication*** What happened to communication over the last three months? Kamil Bilczynski: We were working pretty hard on project and talking about cooperation details with My Games. Is Ragir still working on this game or he is fired? [CM] ajem: yeah, Ragir is still working on this game Can we expect some regular information/communication again or will the development go on "in the dark"? Curtainman: We will certainly keep you informed of our progress. We are going to release WW3 development roadmap and production plans later this year. Will you release past videos, photos, etc. of development from early on, before EA release? Some fun stuff, some serious stuff, both? Kamil Bilczynski: Sure,why not *** about regions *** What are your expectations regarding to chinese market release? Do you think My.games can help with it? Kamil Bilczynski: Definitely, asian market is very important for us and for our strategy a i’m pretty sure that My Games as global publisher will help us to manage WW3 on asian regions The game will become regional? Russians play only with Russians, Chinese only with Chinese, Europeans only with European e.t.c.? Kamil Bilczynski: At this moment we don't have any plans to have a different "region-separations" comparing to today WW3 servers. *** about technical *** To Farm 51: Do you still plan to replace microsoft servers with linux servers? Kamil Bilczynski: Yes, we are considering linux servers as sold alternative for windows servers. RTX and DLSS 2.0, will be support for this? Kamil Bilczynski:Sure, why not - to be honest, we are evaluating this possibility *** *** Can we expect answers to unanswered questions after this AMA? Curtainman: We are going to be posting a summary of our today’s AMA this week and we’ll try our best to add some more info there:) However, you see, some things are still in production or under discussion and we will be sharing them as soon as we can. [CM] Halth: Please note that few questions will be answered later and you will receive a recap of this AMA soon [CM] Tyrell: We will be back soon with the recap from the ama and some more questions answered.
  18. I just can`t understand why u play solo. If u can find teammates. Why u r so unsocial
  19. I can`t find api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0.dll in any ww3 folders
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