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  1. After this BSOD game behaving strangely. Looks like something stealing my internet. 1st i stack here (looks like EAC was deleted after BSOD) Then i stack in 1st loading screen like 1min with word: Autorisation Then i enter match and got hard lags. Desynchronization, cast back. Something stealing my internet.I close the game and try conenction again, loading screen go fast, connect to the match was good, but and the and of the math i again got HARD Desynchronization, cast back. I wait end of the match, but in 3rd match after this i even cant respawn
  2. BSOD after attemp to open the game Minidump didn`t saved version 4275060
  3. IDK what is going on, but in previos battle i see it.
  4. GAME BUILD ID 4275060 DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Can`t use heli after jamming. Can`t spawn heli after 1st heli death.
  5. GAME BUILD ID 4275060 DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Speed. ram. Merge into each other
  6. Got 1 crash. And infinity loading screen after match in map rotation
  7. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfmCXs6cQtG_9dvfoMPiqzhxE7698tP5B7p_WOjW-EhTyEgjw/viewform
  8. i aviated several hours, guns not shoot to cross point. Only if stay on high, calmly, bending over
  9. Need more UI for helicopter. Like: Hard to understand where are the trunks pointing
  10. I don`t think that it is bug. Cos same situation was on 0.5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p77xcFK95co But with new UI it looks strange.
  11. UE4CC-Windows-05C122D342DC8DEB010787AFB72744C4_0000 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nkoFbYlQzFeUhUjfzhHUbiTHE35Vov4z/view?usp=sharing
  12. @HALCON4@Rozmoand will be cool to see vote for the next map ?
  13. Maybe he mean, can u give 30 keys for stremears, to gradually give them audience on the twitch for watching
  14. 3873406 On spawn mobile can`t use RCWS, F2 place looks like F3-F4
  15. Firstly need to capture B2. Only if attacker captured B2 they can attack C2, if captured C2 too they can attack C1 ... than A2. Defender team should protect flag. If point was lost, they can`t take it back.
  16. Ну и хорошо. На сервере нужны проверенные люди, которые будут соблюдать правила режима. Its good. On the server we need proven people who will comply with the rules of the mode.
  17. What does "COMMUNITY TOOLS" from roadmap mean? In the game files we can find pictures of Chernobyl. Other part of your studio has scanned Chernobyl, is there any point in waiting this map in the game? When game will start use the new version of the engine? Did u already start draw Asian map? When we will see new interface of main menu/war map/customization menu ?
  18. 3847490 Idk how call this bug, But i see it often.
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