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  1. Same bug on live servers When u reloading and trying take pistol and shoot immediately u will not reload and not equip pistol. Annoying bug
  2. Yes we punish him like this 8 times. But he stay in battle and continue TK. I thought he should be kicked from server after 3 TK.
  3. Team kill not punished ? This guy all match do TK and damage friendly vehicles? Two or three patches punishment worked, was the system removed? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125342470
  4. Good to know that u don`t work on balance I think at this moment 0.7.1 heli with machine guns balanced perfected, Bug with jumping crosshair anoying, of course, it interferes and it needs to be fixed. But if u can fly on heli even this bug not a problem. P.S. i hope i shouldn`t record video to show, that me still flying and killing well. =D
  5. 1. I think Warsawa well divided into zones, all maps should be separated like waves 2. Why are flags located close together? If you put them away and let play 15/15 and give some more time, it will be more fun. 3. @weedtime I propose to create another topic with voting, where players can post their visions of flag positions. Having previously attached clean pictures of cards in the first message. I think anyone in paint can draw a point where, in his opinion, it should be. For example, i prefer wide distance of flags from each other like b1 b2 // c1 c2 than d1 d2 and maybe a1 a2 too far, but if it possible to put respawn between them will be much better 4. @Ragir Maybe devs can organisate the players to enter the map together at the same time, as was the case with recon. And 1 developer should be among the players, he can regulate the number of people on the server and analyze the situation like in recon mod.
  6. New gadget icons are terrible.Bring the old ones back
  7. Glad to see the new PTE patch so fast !
  8. Defenders need time to move to another pair of points, after losing the zone. Attackers at this moment should not be able to "rush" new pair and plant bomb when nobody of defenders there. (Cos defenders did not have time to respawn, there leader not respawn - point already Under Attact, or they did not have time to run). For attackers, the new zone should be “out of the battlefield” for a few seconds. P.S. BF1 have nice system: u need kill all defenders on an already captured zone before attack next.
  9. @Hypnotic Nothing related to skydiving will be implemented in ww3. This will create a bunch of problems with rooftop snipers. With additional detailing of the roofs, which would in vain load the map (server).This approach explains the introduction of drone helicopters. (Not real helicopters that you can navigate on your own, or sitting inside). Even in new mode u cant see jumping with a parachute.
  10. @Matt_dOvale agree with u. Game need something to avoid spawnkill. Avoid "wasted time" both side without any fun. Im not talking about APC and tank only, I`m talking about all system of balance. Maybe for first time, before balance will fixed free tanks or something bonuses can help do at least something
  11. None of the existing forms of help to the losing team really helps. Additional spawn point after losing all the flags does not give an advantage. Especially useless they look in Berlin and Warsaw. MSP has been recovering for too long; this is especially critical when there is a complete lack of control over the flags. I think "dumb team" need help which can really help. I`m not interested to play "Massacre of the Innocents". And "dump team" doesn't enjoy the game. And 1-2 good players who played in "dump team" doesn't enjoy too. "Said tank would get destroyed quickly" But it will give at least some enthusiasm for both teams. @Matt_dOvaleLet's imagine that you are in such a team. Сan you do some help with it to stop spawnkill ?
  12. Very often in warzone mode i see the following situation: all the flags were taken by the allies, and the enemies fight off at respawn and try to control 1-2 flags near respawn.Not able to respond to the enemy. In most cases, this is due to the fact that people do not have points for calling reinforcements to storm the flag. (Bad leaders, not enough skills to storm the point on their own, other team join early). I propose that in the event of an enemy lagging behind (for example, by 2000 points), to throw off his equipment (tank and APC) once for free to give him a break. Following the example of mechanics in BF with leviathans.
  13. Version 4275060. Especially in Smolensk, nothing is visible. Idk how right call this process on english. When i just push V, during 3 seconds i can see, trees, rocks. other objects after 3 sec i see only blue screen and red thermo objects. I don`t think that it work correct
  14. Version 4275060 Сouldn’t understand why no one enters our squad of 2 people, it turns out that if you enter as a group, the squad is closed and it is impossible to enter it and you cannot open it yourself, need create a new one.
  15. OS: Windows 7 6.1.7607(Win7 RTM) Core: i7-7800X 4.1 GHz Video: GTX 1080 8gb Motherboard: X299 RAIDER DRAM: 16gb DDR4 quad channel 2400Mhz SDD Samsung 500gb AIDA64 report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bmSw6bUDIFzaHyvIoaWGuIRHoZw6GulB/view?usp=sharing
  16. The patch is generally good. I like helicopter rebalance(now much interesting aviate that before on imbalance heli =p), new UI, weapon weight rebalance. For me, game didn’t lag before, but for my friends it lags like before. I expected that they could play in this patch. I don`t like too fragile technique. In patch 0.1, the technique was better. I think now it should be rebalance again speed is good, but need more hp, to live with rpg shots and missles shots. I don`t see any reasons to spend my BP to buy tank COS IT CAN BE DESTROED BY 1 MINE. And now there are a lot of crashes (even BSOD) i believe that u will fix them all, but before release 1.0.0 version, after we test version like 1.0.99 on pte server PLEASE put this polished version on live like 0.9.99 version do tests with players again, and only after few patches when u again fix all mistakes call the version 1.0.0 Because every time something goes wrong
  17. This game need to lower the entry threshold for minimum performance. For ppl with potatoe PC. I don`t think that politic to create online games 150gb on HDD required (like bew CoD MW) is good idea. PUBG popuar cos everybody can play even on calculator At least so that those who can play PUBG 60 fps will be able to WW3. My friends still can not play, not stable FPS, friezes after shots. (But they play PUBG and BF4 on 60FPS+)
  18. I think problem with old one. U can drive into old one, and old can drive into others vechiles
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