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  1. @Atway helidrone jammed easy, especialy, if use jamming on all map.
  2. Didn`t know that jammers can block it.
  3. На каких настройках графики играешь ?
  4. On 0.5 pte was no problem to enter in helidrone back after jamming (https://youtu.be/p77xcFK95co?t=79) On 0.6 (3715425) im openning tablet and nothing. Helidrone doesn`t die- he flying up. And i can`t spawn another one. He flying up out of the map. I hope u will do it like in 0.5. Its stupid that i buy it for 3500 point and loose it after first 600point jamming, without any chance to avoid it.
  5. Ok. If it will help with frezees. Should he put some programs and printscreen statediagram ?
  6. DESCRIPTION OF BUG My firend playing 7sec than get freeze for 3 sec than again playing 10sec than get freeze 1 sec etc. (no stability) he has good ping and 60fps. He told me that its not important shoot he or aim or just run. After 3 games he got crash GAME BUILD ID: 3696335 SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: 750ti i5 4440 3.10Ghz CRASH LOG (if any): UE4Minidump-58588.dmp
  7. Yeah. This is true. Now the costumizing system is not interesting. In previosly patches it was pazzle. Now armor plates so heavy. And all my time in the game i use "a best hand grip" and long barrel i don`t see any point to use other one. If Devs don`t want add achivments to open costumisation parts, parts should have more different param, one of them can`t be the best.
  8. Не мог не поделиться. Очень забавный килл. Уже прекратил стрелять и ушел перезаряжаться. Вообще никак не мог понять, как я сделал третий килл. Увидел только при 0,25 замедлении.
  9. DESCRIPTION OF BUG Call lewiathan, which won`t ride. Than it start flying. GAME BUILD ID 3696335 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required):
  10. 3540764 When i play warzone time freezee. Today lost conection twice.
  11. @Atway Saint Petersburg without Inflatable Boat will be same map like Berlin.
  12. @NUmetalSoldier Oh SoF2 cool game! Nice to see funs here
  13. F10 can turn off HUD in game too, don`t think that it is bug
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