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  1. How many FPS do u have? If u didn`t lock your FPS for example on 60 FPS or 120 FPS and your FPS is extremly high, it is normal situation. that your temp high. Try to lock FPS on 60 FPS and check temp again. Check your fan speed. Maybe u have fixed speed? Fan should be faster when temp go high.
  2. Version 3477715 Can`t choose secondary sight on Beryl 762
  3. Version 3477715 Vepr has more weight than ak15
  4. Just interesting, can u describe ammo problem on the engine side? Why does this happen?
  5. Какой смысл кидать просто ссылку с одной ветки в другую ? Вот если бы перевел .....
  6. @maddinii I hope devs will release ultra low settings officially. Which can helps people to play on 2 VRAM. And than they will block editable .ini cos a modification for performance would be meaningless, only for "cheating"
  7. ? This config is wrong. Some parameters can`t be = 0 U even didn't turn off shadows (cos did mistake with values) Your config. My config.
  8. Этот тупой баг еще со времени закрытой альфы ??
  9. What is about WW3 inventory page in steam? If u add outfits, new parts models, skins etc. And people will buy/sell them, will u have % from sales inventory items ?
  10. ೞoℓf✌


    Ranks in the game
  11. I`m thinking that this system of supplies not work. In future it will work correct, and your reward will be bonuses on zone.
  12. There is already one topic about tanks.
  13. change shading from DirectX 11 to DirectX 10 -sm4 changed lighting. If it too dark for you, try using reshade and increase gamma. Or turn off -sm4. But u will loose some of "boost FPS". Smolensk, Berlin, Warszawa TDM looks good with this config.
  14. Version 3421056 When i wear hats i can put armor head plate like on helmet.
  15. sm4 change shaders model. Cortex just suspend a few processes. With this program it is easier to do than manually. I'm too lazy to manually open/close even explorer.exe ?
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