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  1. Hi Grifo, It's not an issue on your side. The game is currently not being sold anymore. They closed down Early Access for the timebeing, we'll know more about it when it will return to regular sales. For now, you can only get it if there is a key outside of steam. At this point they exist in single digits. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. No problem, glad it's fine. And welcome to our forum, by the way If you have any more questions just keep them coming,
  3. In that case, it's a local issue, try delete all, or just your, picture from this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World War 3\WW3\HTML\img\avatar_cache
  4. Hi Grifo, The avatar is tied to your steam profile. Changing it there will show other players your steam profile avatar in game.
  5. @Soul Hi Soul, welcome to our forum I hope the developers' efforts will reach you all as soon as they can and you'll be happy with their work. Meanwhile, enjoy your stay and don't forget to post any questions you may in the questions section of the forum, I or another community member will answer ASAP.
  6. Hi, @Secretcodrin I can see that tynblpb (thanks man:) ) has you more or less sorted out, but just to put in some more detail into the picture. Q: What's happening with the game? A: The game is currently being developed as normal at the moment. I believe the only bit of confusion involved may be COVID, but regardless, the developers work from home if need be and have the ability to do so. The game is currently being developed, refined and polished until 1.0 which is expected in 2021. Q: How's the migration to my.games going? A: There is currently no public plan to migrate to MyGames. It is most likely the game will stay on steam regardless, but there is a plan for MyGames to provide servers for WW3 in the future instead of Zeuz. Q: What are the devs doing (are they good? are they still working on the game) ? A: The developers are fine and healthy given the current climate, and they are working on the game as in a normal working week. We will begin seeing the effects of this work in the infamous SoonTM time period, however it will come in 2021 in the form of 1.0, or in an update between now and then which the co-founder of The Farm51 wishes to provide. Q: When will the game be playable on my.games so that we get players once again? A: The latest date we have at the moment is some time in 2021, however as answered above, we will possibly receive an update between now and then. However, most likely still steam but there is no explicit statement in this regard. Q: Are pickles still relevant? A: I like to think so, I throw them into my burgers from time to time. Q: Will it be free to play? A: At the current time there is no confirmation or denial of F2P. There are however clearly plans for both, as they mentioned some plans "regardless of distribution model". Q: Will it have lootboxes? A: Given the lack of their information on the distribution model, it's not a clear time to be able to answer this question. At this moment, there was no response to this question. Q: Will it have paid skins? A: It could be possible if they decide to go F2P. They have mentioned in the past that (with the old game plan) they would only opt in for cosmetic micro transactions if the community agreed after 1.0. Plans have changed, obviously, but they don't seem to have a mindset set against cosmetics. Q: Will it have paid weapons with better stats? A: No. Any kind of P2W has been excluded out of their deal with MyGames. They do not wish to monetize the game this way, and this question has not been danced around at all. Always a solid no. Q: What happens to the people that bought the game? A: Regardless of distribution model, those who already bought the game will have a veteran status within the game, and whatever bonus that status may give. It was not explained yet, but those who owned the game so far will be given something 100%. However, if it goes F2P, players who owned it before will receive veteran status. They have also said they are considering giving people an in game currency in equal value to what they spent on the game. If it continues to be a pay per copy system, the players who owned it before receive the veteran status. Welcome back, and feel free to ask more questions, I check and answer daily.
  7. Thanks for asking questions, @DoctorMcBatman (Sorry for the tags by the way, I just want people to see responses directed to them. If anyone has an issue with this please mention it.) it's not a problem at all, I'm here to spread whatever bit of info or clarity I can. What's going on is unfortunate but if there is any questions or anything you need help with that may need or be done through me, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM. Hopefully I can sort something out. Good luck and farewell in case we won't see you again o7.
  8. @DoctorMcBatman I put this in there in direct response to that. Firstly, that is implication first and foremost and even in that same answer, they still say "regardless of the distribution model". It's apparently not yet time to share how the future will go. Implication is not confirmation, but I'm afraid in this case it's not even implied by developers. That question is taken from the May AMA, albeit the answer is pasted from a similar question, just as a disclaimer. The question is asked by a community member and clearly worded that way because they already think it's going F2P. It's not an answer formulated by the developers, it was simply put there as a recap. Why it was not corrected is probably because the person responsible overlooked it and found it's too late to change it, or didn't want to edit that person's question. That too could've looked bad.
  9. Polak

    Tank engine/-es.

    Honestly, while it is a possibility, the feature was there since even the closed testing began and devs never really spoke of it at all. In terms of content, there surely must be a reason it's there though, right? Can't answer with certainty, since it was there for so long and never touched, it might be withdrawn plans or a base for future engine upgrades. Definitely not something that 100% won't happen, I believe.
  10. Hi nubbits, 1. The rough release window is currently unknown, we are told by MyGames' financial report the 2021 release window. It seems developers themselves seem shy on this information, however it is fair game to call it official and publicly available. Unfortunately due to the nature of MyGames and Farm's agreements, they both have to decide what information they wish to provide and when, therefore both of their reports regarding WW3 are becoming more centered around money and vague info on projects, as they are intended for investors. I'd like to give a quarter, but the flow of information is being put through a narrow bottle neck, which is as a result of both a new company coming into the mix as well as restructuring of plans for WW3 in the future. 2. There are plans for an update, and/or testing for those who played prior, between now and 1.0 however this will come whenever MyGames and Farm51 both decide that the update is 100% ready in content, polish and refinement and can be received positively. Quoting Kamil Bilczynski, co-founder of Farm51 and the man in charge of the WW3 project, "New patches will enter the game when Farm and MyGames will be satisfied with their quality. This is the only parameter which we follow in regards to updates". So it is possible, likely even, however I'm afraid we'll only know about dates closer to when those things are supposed to happen respectively. I understand the responses may be very corporate, but I am not in charge of information. I'm here to help out the community and therefore I just answer whatever deepest buried bit of information there is about the game that someone who doesn't know, wishes to know. There is a good bit of sources in Polish, inaccessible to most English speakers or anyone else from a different country. Most of my responses will not be new, and I've been in the same boat as everyone here, asking, but not often getting answered so I know what it is like. Added the recent developments, it's not easy to receive ground breaking news, but I will try my best to provide anything out there that is relevant to your questions. Therefore I hope it is at least understood that this is more of a preparation for something big, the developers are working to provide us a version of WW3 we hoped for, but it cannot be done overnight. Therefore, unlike the mistakes of the past, they have switched to announcements whenever something is ready to be done, I think we can all agree there was a lot of early calls done in this game's history, it's not easy to win this game. It might be ready next month, it might be ready in twelve, but we will eventually get what developers have envisioned since 2016.
  11. @DoctorMcBatmanThere is no confirmation of the game going F2P. The one thing everyone uses to justify it is implication which is an answer to a theoretical scenario which they have nonetheless outlined the possibility of transferring your purchase towards. The refund system is not done by the company, this basis would bankrupt the company, it is done by Steam and therefore any request goes to them. IF the game goes free to play, any kind of P2W is excluded and those who owned the game prior, will receive in game compensation in the amount they spent for the game, on top of the veteran status and whatever it brings. If it does not go F2P, it is still going to reward those who owned it prior. Nobody will confirm or deny F2P until the game is close to returning to sales, on the basis of the above "too early, too bad". To this day, when asked about F2P, the co founder does not explicitly state whether or not F2P is a thing, only saying we will learn closer to its return to sales. It could happen, in which case the previous statement applies, but it could also not happen. This decision lays within the higher ups within The Farm51 and MyGames, and neither system will be hard to implement, given the game still contains old F2P plan systems, but while we had it, it was always a pay per copy system, therefore neither option can be excluded.
  12. @DoctorMcBatman I've seen your pre-edit earlier and I'd like to respond. I am here to provide information for those interested in it, hope you don't mind. This is not a case of people being thrown aside. There has been a change within the development itself since the MyGames partnership, and PR and marketing are also MyGames' job now. Devs can't say anything big, and MyGames can't say anything big unless both agree. That is why, "if possible" is added onto my statement. They need to mutually agree to when is right, and there is a hierarchy in this system. This is not a case of pushing one button and everything is done. Time, money and work needs to be put into making the game. If I spoke with 100% certainty about this topic, telling you we're getting an update right now, I'd not only be lying but you probably wouldn't see me again. Once something might be added, I'm sure the individual developer would like to put it into the live branch of the game. However, that person is under the lead of their department, animations, programming, etc. And that lead is under the project lead, which in this case is Farm51's co founder. Then you have to take into account that this is a business, and they cannot do moves their investors won't like. And now, a publisher is added into the mix, and that raises the need for cooperation, so even the power of those in the top is split into 50/50. Of course this can be a different split, but I'm talking in general from what we can see. And finally add community reaction to whatever they might do. It's not as easy as "just do it" within the retrospective view, or the view of those on the other side of the hill. This is the answer to "why is there no communication". Because it's complicated. If I had dates, specific details, and words from those in developer positions, as well as the authority to use them, I'd answer your questions on the spot, accurate as can be. I'd love to come to the forums one day, and announce that we're getting testing for all owners of WW3, or 0.9 next week, or whatever it is people might love. I'm sure that is the case with developers themselves too, but keep in mind the hierarchy, of which I am at the bottom. Nothing can be done too early, especially now that they've announced they're reworking many systems of the game, we don't know how finished they are. And the community's reaction to everything being done too early, from launch to individual updates, announcing stuff, to even Early Access itself, has been negative, and they're not blind. In a lot of cases it's lose lose. Lose patience of people by announcing something months early and not giving it, as we could see from animations, or not speaking and still disappointing. I can see a lot of heads that went from being disappointed by one to being disappointed by both, and there's no winning move. Hence they are primarily moving towards 1.0 and publishing any update is second stage. They are considering testing and updates, and for those who want communication, that's more communication on that topic than there ever was since April. Finally, I'm here to help and provide information on top of securing the rules. If you have any, ask, either by a forum post or even a PM. We have more answers now than in August or May, and even though they are still not always definitive, developers are starting to point towards which way they want this all to go, and I'm happy to act as a medium for people to ask questions to find answers that are not easily found. Only thing we need is an atmosphere that encourages conversation, and that is simply following rules and asking questions. Edit: @HeiligeRobbe Unfortunately while I'd love to answer it for you, the above statement holds true on this topic. That we do not know, sorry.
  13. @tynblpb Acknowledged, the bug has been mentioned a few times before so it should be known. Thanks for the feedback
  14. Good to know that is sorted I apologize for the problem, I have forwarded it to the developers to investigate. Nonetheless thank you for your report, hopefully my reply sorts out anyone becoming mislead. As for future plans, all we know is that they are working on it right now and the co founder responsible for WW3 wishes to give us an update between now and 2021's 1.0 if possible. He states that the quality of this update must satisfy the publisher and the developers before being published. However he does not state what this update would bring. Thank you for your continued interest, I hope future improvements will satisfy you
  15. @OkaniYoshiii Bonjour, bienvenue sur nos forums. Mon français est limité mais j'ai approuvé votre message. Des traductions incomplètes existent dans toutes les langues, même le polonais natif de Farm51. Le jeu est fait en anglais. Ils seront corrigés, mais j'aimerais dire que nous obtenons un nouveau menu dans le jeu, donc ceux-ci pourraient ne plus exister dans la version de développement. Merci pour votre rapport et votre contribution, veuillez profiter de votre séjour. Si vous parlez anglais et souhaitez de l'aide ou des réponses, je peux vous aider davantage dans notre section anglaise
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