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  1. The changelog would be too big hence there is no official one. Pending permission for unofficial one as far as NDA allows. The survey is for the Focus Test, which is now offline. The Alpha tests are only available to prior owners of the game, and future tests including everyone are planned.
  2. Hey, the update will be published to PTE. You will know ahead of time when it will happen. All available info right now is here. There still are more plans for testing (not just this one) open to everyone, which will expand in content with each one. For this one, it's mainly for server infrastructure tests, gameplay tests, performance tests as well as access for veterans as one of the bonuses available to them.
  3. Hej, każda osoba która kupiła grę w stanie Early Access, zachowa dostęp do gry oraz dostanie bonusy, których obecnie nie mogę wymienić.
  4. Unfortunately the issue is known, and it seems the servers are coming to a rather terrible state. Fortunately, we are much closer than further now and our reliance on these Zeuz servers will stop in the future, but the unfortunate part is that any efforts that worked before no longer work on these servers. It would require an update to something we essentially do not have anymore, and if there is any other workaround, our programmers are loaded with work for days straight as we pull through to finish the remaining steps of closed development. We will offer a restart periodically just in case it at least refreshes them for a few days, but any programmer efforts now are best used in the new version. However, as soon as a more public build is to hit the game (CBT, OBT, 1.0) we will not be using these servers anymore and they can finally be forgotten about.
  5. Imagine it how you will. It's a drop from run - prone. NOT a literal jump. Your altitude does not raise, it's a movement that simply allows you to get on the ground ASAP, while from an animation POV, it's an effective way to execute the animation and movement as quick as possible. It's not like the videos you see lol. Yes, it does block ADSing. Yes, it does block shooting. No, it's not more effective to jump off a height than normally, standing upright.
  6. Ah, Dun. Nearly there, glad you're having fun with some light detective work
  7. Tak, optymalizacja się poprawi, więc wymagania też zostaną zmienione. Niestety nie wiemy jakie będą wymagania
  8. Sorry, I figured our talks on discord have figured this one out. In case one of these ends up being related to the NDA, I avoid talking about it across the board. I will give you a blanket statement that I am watching all that you post, and investigate the problems you find myself, or send to QA, whichever is more convenient. It is really hard for me to be any less vague because of the nature of the NDA, and continued and unique statements will eventually run me into a corner that is simply not something I can escape from without sounding weird. You'll have the guarantee that I investigate your bug reports though. We can chat after the NDA is lifted as to what the conclusions of your bug reports are/were
  9. Hello, currently WW3 is not available for purchase and if you do not own it already, your only chance is waiting for it to return to store or sign up for the testing group. All information about that is on discord, but to make it short: It is under a heavy NDA, it is long term testing and only a limited number of people get in. You will know if you are in when you receive a PM on discord. If you have not joined already, I invite you to discuss this topic there. https://discord.gg/5Dhqw5zM Sign up: https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/12/04/world-war-3-needs-you-join-our-test-group
  10. No problem Servers have been reset, this should solve most problems, but I need to point out that some servers will eventually degrade into the Match Ending state. It should nonetheless refresh the map options a bit. Unfortunately there aren't much resources to work on the current servers, so only smaller issues can be fixed. Regardless, if there is ever any server that needs restarting send its name here or a picture of the server browser here, and the restarts should be the next day.
  11. Thanks for the report (With the image, big plus) I will forward it and it should be solved some time tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on issue as it is currently the weekend.
  12. Hi Maximus, you can't download or purchase the game at the moment. It is taken off from steam for the timebeing as it is developed behind closed doors. You can apply for closed testing here: https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/12/04/world-war-3-needs-you-join-our-test-group Be aware however, that the testing is long term and the waves so far have been small, so getting in is a matter of luck and time. I cannot guarantee you a time frame. Read the article to find the most important details, including discord. Therefore I encourage you to join the discord (Link: https://discord.gg/MHsTqC8R) and ask for further assistance there. Good luck and have a good one
  13. Hi Danny, I cannot find your Steam64ID through that. Could you PM me or post your Steam64 ID here? Post your steam link into this https://steamid.io/ to get your Steam64ID, otherwise we cannot help.
  14. Hey, thanks for the report, we'll do something about it as soon as possible once devs are back at work. Thanks again!
  15. The test group is still there. It is a long term process, hence people get in at different times, during different waves. All info about it is under NDA, and you will most likely not find out anything about it until you are in it. The only info you are allowed to give is that you got into the testing. Hence, there is no info about it that is publicly available. As it stands, only a limited number of people got in, based on certain undisclosed criteria, and we are currently between waves. No date can be given, they will all arrive as soon as they're ready, and the discord PM will be sent when your application has been accepted. As it stands, there is no other info we can give, and no other info available outside of the official post for the testing applications.
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