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  1. @HeiligeRobbe Unfortunate that you won't make it, was hoping we could see some forum veterans :c I think the only streamer will be Lugresky, but he has a Polish stream. Thank you to everyone who will participate, and apologies for the short notice. I didn't think I'd be posting this myself.
  2. Hello, Thanks to the kind acts of Farm 51 (Special thanks to the main "Director" Ragir), the Polish community members @DareQQ and @Lugresky have set up an event and are inviting you to the event which will be today at 22:00 CEST. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IF YOU'RE INTERESTED. I am a middle-man as we need players (Many unexpected dropouts occured) and I have been asked to spread this message to the further community. I did not set this up, however I do warmly welcome and invite you. Also, apologies for the Polish on the images. They are taken from the original thread. "Przełamanie" means "Breakthrough". REMEMBER: The purpose of this is fun and testing of the capabilities of a different game mode. Green area = Area available to attackers. Red area = Area available to attackers AND defenders. Red hatched area = Area available to defenders when they hold C1 and C2. Respawn Broniących = Defender Respawn Respawn Atakujących = Attacker Respawn GENERAL RULES AND GAMEPLAY SET UP: Event "Breakthrough" is based around two different teams (attackers v defenders) . It will be on PTE, Warsaw Warzone and the areas were marked on the map above. Green area is ONLY available to the ATTACKING team. (Defenders cannot move in that area.). Red areas are available to both teams. Around 22 CEST, we are meeting up in discord voice channel to receive the password.. After everyone logs onto the server, the defending team takes points B1, B2, C1, C2 and goes to point C2. Readying phase begins. In the readying phase we do not shoot each other, also both teams have the time to set up their mobile spawn points. After the readying phase, there will be a countdown in chat and the game will begin. DEFENDING TEAM The Defenders must defend their objectives. During defending: The defending team cannot move in the green area and will only move in the first two areas to their point. E.G. If C1 is held, defenders can only move in C1, and C2. If C2 is held, defenders can only move in C2 and B2. As soon as they lose a point, they fall back to their last point, and they can move in that point and the point before that. After taking areas C1 and C2, the defending team cannot move in the red hatched area anymore. After the attackers take point B2, the defending team may capture points A1 and A2 The defending team cannot retake their captured areas with the exception of A2 (This can be recaptured after the attackers take it over, and if it is recaptured and help for 5 minutes, the defenders win) Defenders are allowed to use Jammers everywhere on the map ATTACKING TEAM The attacking team has to capture all the objectives, going in order of the yellow arrows. They can only win by taking A2 and holding it for 5 minutes before the time runs out or either team reaches their max ticket count. The attackers: May move on every area of the map Must take points in the order of yellow arrows (It is forbidden to take a point after the one you are currently attacking and you may not take two points at the same time.) The order is - C1, C2, B2, B1, A1, A2. Have to defend A2 for 5 minutes to win. In this time, the defenders may recapture this objective. If the defenders recapture the area, and then the attackers take it back yet again, they need to hold it for the full 5 minutes again, no matter how long they held it for beforehand. The attackers must only use jammers on the currently attacking area. MOBILE SPAWN POINT: The mobile spawn point can only be used as a respawn point. You are not allowed to use it to kill or wound. Remember to use it only in the areas you are allowed to move in. STRIKES: The following strikes are not allowed. Any fighting vehicles, IFVs, AFVs, Tanks. Any drones; UGVs, quadrocopters and the heli drone. All other streaks are allowed WINNING CONDITIONS: Defending team: Strong defense and holding at least one point until: 5000 points earned by defending team End of time 5000 points earned by attacking team (Points earned by the attackers go against their convenience. It means they must attack each point quicker than the last one, as them gathering 5000 points proves they are not able to capture the points quickly enough.) Attacking team: Win after holding A2 for 5 minutes. If you are interested, you are welcome. Please reply to this post if you are interested. Please note a lot of the spaces are already taken therefore not everyone will be accepted. You will be contacted later if you may or may not make it. REGARDING ORGANIZATION Beginning at 22:00 CEST on the PTE. We gather on the official ww3 discord voice channel. You will be divided into two teams which will go to two separate voice squads. (voice squad #1 and #2). After the division, you will receive the password, which will allow you to join the server. The password has to be entered before the game is launched so don't launch it too quick HOW TO ENTER YOUR PASSWORD Go into your steam library. Select properties under WW3 PTE. Set launch options. Enter password given on discord. Start the game. Enter the server. The password you receive will assign you to a specific role (Attacker/Defender) EVENT We will definitely play two games so that people can get a feel of the attacker and defender position. If we play more depends on the management. First game will be played strictly under the above rules. Second game we will modify to test the abilities with such a gamemode - We lift the ban on score streaks, so you can use whatever the game allows us to. Relating to this, I recommend everyone set up their loadouts ahead of time so they don't leave their team waiting. BETWEEN GAMES I recommend leaving 10 minutes time of break between games. Do not go AFK after the first game, simply turn off the game and you'll receive the second password which will assign you your next role. After you receive it, turn on the game and wait on the WAR MAP screen. You will receive info at the end of the break and then we'll go onto the server REMEMBER WE ARE NOT PLAYING FOR GOLDEN AWARDS, BUT FOR FUN AND THIS IS OUR TEST TO CHECK IF THIS MODE COULD APPEAR OR WORK IN THE GAME. Now some words from me for the end. The above is mostly translated from the original Polish announcement. The original plan was to have everyone on discord but this was not expecting English speaking people to show up, hence this might be changed, or there might be a second voice channel which I will be taking care of. Be patient, it will occur, just maybe not exactly the way it was originally planned. Thank you for reading, and the credit goes to @DareQQ and @Lugresky once again. Wouldn't have happened without them. Many thanks for letting me do this guys. Also another thanks to @Rozmo for being kind enough to pin this. I hope to see you there.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG When a tank interacts with a phosphorus nade, the tank receives damaging sounds and hitmarkers even though nothing is actually happening. These are loud and a bit of a nuisance. Issue goes either after you go away or if the phosphorus nade runs out. As you can see on the video, I kinda did both but didn't get that far away. Perhaps judge for yourself. GAME BUILD ID 3743632 STEPS TO REPRODUCE See video SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Not crash nor performance issue. CRASH LOG Not crash.
  4. No to bardzo fajnie wyglada, z checia bede. Punkty za fakt ze cos takiego zrobiliscie, wyglada naprawde fajnie. Lubie gdy spolecznosc robi takie rzeczy
  5. I have an RX480, 8GB VRAM, 16GB RAM, I5 4690K @ 3.5GHz Game runs on ultra except for low shadows, at 50-60 fps (Vsync on) with no stutters, at first it wasn't bad but it wasn't as good as it is now, and it has been an improvement. I don't even know what you mean by hitboxes, the hitreg was improved greatly, and even better on PTE, not counting a bug or two with head glitches. If you don't want to play, don't play. 1.0 is there in months, and the devs shifted their focus to fixes and improvements with less attention to content than before. Performance seems to differ a lot and sometimes seems like even PC specs don't guarantee you a good performance. It's also said that good RAM sticks really help.
  6. In reply to Kony, while I agree that the strike is great and does its function, I'm not sure if its cost is worth it, or even worse; if it is even possible to balance its cost. Firstly; A tank is cheaper and can pay itself off a few times, given you are able to do it. Secondly; The tank does more things than the missile can do. Thirdly; The cost is high, but if it's too low, it renders tanks way more risky. And I think lastly; If you do not use the lower cost streaks, you're lacking in a wide range of things you could be doing for your team, like laying UAVs or jam signals, but there's also the fact that if you do use them, that sets you back from the missile once again so it's even more difficult to get it. I'm not fighting for any one solution; I'm just giving what me and a few others came up with, piling the ideas up and letting devs and people discuss and think about it, and maybe build it up together for a final project which will make the strikes be useful and balanced. It's kind of like us piling together Lego and trying to form something out of it, together.
  7. After having a discussion with members @Salt Lord and @Demo "The Owl" on Discord about strikes, we have come to the fact that the missile strikes are simply too expensive/don't serve enough use for their price, or there is better alternatives. Right now though, it seems like they're less worth it than the free RPG and some teamwork/good positioning. We have come up with some alternative costs, features and/or mechanics that this strike could use. Also if I got the names of the strikes wrong, forgive me, I'm on about the three missile strikes, got them off the top of my head and asked on Discord. One thing we thought of was giving people 3 Missiles per use. This could be done a few ways. Damage would also be tweaked. 2 missiles for a tank and AFV with the AFV taking a notable difference in damage than a tank per hit and one for an IFV. A) Receive 3 uses of this strike whenever you want, and use it as it works currently (get overlay, select area and steer it to target) B) Enter a UAV view of the map such as the one from the Modern Warfare series where you get a circling overview of the map, with the ability to send three missiles down. You get the ability to spot people and see where you are sending this down. Ability to mark could be removed for balancing purposes. Another thing could be ramping up the points so that we get more points for using it so it gives more to cover for the large expenses. For example the tank can pay itself off even three times, while this will never pay itself off. The issue with it right now is that if it's too cheap, tanks lose their value. If it is too expensive, the tank is better over it because you can destroy more tanks with a tank rather than with a missile. There are more technicalities to this however I think that this should be left to the devs and communities. The more info I put in here, the more the chances of someone denying the entire idea without trying to change it up a bit. Such details include; cost, damage, ability to spot, etc. A period of cool down between missiles and/or laser guidance could also be implemented. I personally think that this could help these strikes to be used, and if we all throw in some of our opinions here, we'll get a system that suits everyone, is worth it, and is balanced enough. Looking forward to some feedback!
  8. I think the majority of these changes wouldn't be the best for the game play, Moscow ideas would ruin vehicle combat and other places don't seem to need that much of a change. Moscow is my least favorite map but this isn't the kind of work that it needs. However I do think that the access to that top floor in Berlin and the towers next to the barricades in Warsaw would be awesome. The elevator is a maybe too but sounds like too much work for the devs to be worth it at this stage of development. Just my two cents though.
  9. As someone who is planning to join the police, police uniforms. But I'd say they'd be against the theme of the game, or at least frowned upon. So... Shame
  10. Huh. Thought it was just me and only a visual problem on the customization option... Maybe this is a wider bug and maybe it requires a bug report
  11. +1 man. I like it when a game rewards people for thinking, rather than aiming. Another thing is... People call aiming "skill." There's more than one type of skill in games. In this game, skill should be the ability to use, think of, and implement tactics, rather than spray someone down and brag about being a good player. Kills shouldn't matter in Warzone, objectives and teamplay should. Also @HeiligeRobbe Firing a weapon blindly is more common than in any FPS, that's for sure, it's for suppression. This is more of a case due to war evolving to not being total war or mainly being this volunteer kind of thing we see in the Middle East. You can see some examples on YouTube even, real war footage where guys just spray at something you can't even see.
  12. The suggestions above seem awesome, especially Prunk's grenade rotation idea, I'd love to have that in game. Be able to manage what grenades you get, and use them either destructively or tactically. (Maybe tactically destructively :P) Maybe a bit advanced, but having the ability to rotate the cylinder to skip to the shell(s) you want to use at that moment with an animation.
  13. After playing a bit I think it is fair to say this is the most fun I've ever had with the game. I love the gameplay changes you've made, and I just want to say that the changes to artillery now made it very useful and I constantly use it now when given the chance, I've had more kills with it this update alone than ever I'm fairly sure. I like the TTK changes, makes the game a lot more hardcore and in my opinion, better. The server browser is needless to say, an amazing addition. So far crashing has been reduced to a fraction of what it used to be. I got 2 crashes since 0.4 launched, that's it. One of them was before 0.4.1, and the other was today. For another two hours after the crash, I had no more crashes. Sounds are amazing. Animations feel more fluid, but I never had any issue with those anyway. BP costs are good, but I think that the missile strikes are still a bit too high to make them viable. Over all, the update is fantastic and I hope to see more of this quality coming from you guys
  14. Nice video, well made and I like the commentary. First video I've seen from you, but I suppose there'll be more to follow now, your content is very well made. I also agree on the TTK, I like how it's made the game more difficult and promoting positioning and thinking. The ballistics are cool, too.
  15. A lot of people raised a lot of points, which you seemed to ignore. I believe the most important is that: There is no facts. This is opinion.
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