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  1. Quite frankly this is a very long post and thread so I won't be addressing every detail here, but I'll say this much; I absolutely love the laser designator idea. I think this is much better than having a free kill from anywhere on the map where you're absolutely invulnerable, on something that costs so much BP, for (currently) such a little price. This idea could make it so that teamwork or at least very smart positioning is a much more viable option, and I like this. It would also really add some immersion, and overall I love the idea. "Too dangerous for their user" Well, too dangerous for those who up to now play the game like Blitz in R6S, or for those who are way too used to using missiles from a safe location, as opposed to useful (and free) tools such as the RPG or AT mine. Big up, Dun.
  2. No, the person in charge may have misunderstood, wrongly presented, and or missed out on explaining it further. 64 players and large Warzone will return once they improve optimization and/or servers. It is answered on another AMA question, as far as I'm aware, however if not, it is still indicated a lot on Discord. It's been answered at least 10 times just to @Salt Lord alone. However, as the person who responded also said, Recon will feature larger maps and players on top of that, too. As for warzone, it is a matter of optimization and servers, no date is given.
  3. I'm sorry but this is all wrong. You can one or two hit literally any vehicle if you have TANDEM into the back. Maybe 3 if luck isn't on the side or there is an armor which opposite to my knowledge makes it a three hit tandem. Weak zones are there, I have no clue how you managed to get this. And BOIIII- There is a big difference between HE and APFSDS. What's the point of using APFSDS? Tanks, IFVs, AFVs, and literally anything that isn't a flesh target.
  4. Okay so after being guided here by a dev, I would like to show my idea on the forums this time as to the gun I have previously stated I'd love in the game, and would like most in the game - The Mk14. The gun is a modern DMR variation of the M14 Battle Rifle, so you could also include the M14 parts, and put the gun under the "Battle Rifle" category to accompany the lonely SCAR. It is a very aesthetically pleasing weapon, and it has a build much different to the guns already offered in the game. Here, have some pictures. I'm no guy for balance, so statistics I would leave up to the devs. Pretty please
  5. I kinda have to support the image I made, lul. Stealing my stuff Anyways, I think the more important bit here is that the engine change might mess it up and make some people leave, whether it be because of an unstable release to Live, or a way too long period of fixing on PTE. But due to the amount of people saying how animations are a big problem (Which I do not understand but whatever) it's probably a good idea to deliver it after the new animations on top of after the engine change. This will help sustain a playerbase, as well as guarantee a good number of players for new mode(s) to come. Also, free weekends aren't something that you can keep pulling off I think, if one or two go wrong, so this has to be something kept on the safe side.
  6. I believe it's not a problem (But that is just me, do note we have a lot of players already and limited room). We'll get more info soon As a side note, thank you everyone for coming. V3 was much better than the predecessors P.S. if any YouTuber has any recording it would be cool to throw it out there.
  7. I posted a discord invitation link in the thread two days ago, only made it back then. Must've missed that. PM me if you're going next time, I'd give you the password and discord link too.
  8. This is not true. CPs do change depending on size of the map. I cannot find a Moscow map image, but those CPs also do change. You can also see that the zones you would like to see used, are in fact used on Warzone large maps.
  9. Hello guys, a discord is set up for breakthrough V3. Please join only if you will be playing. https://discord.gg/3yP26d8 @xWeird @Salt Lord @PointShootActionTTV @NeoOrNeon @nubbits @Dunabar @Gemini899 @Wikstone_ @Matt_dOvale See you there!
  10. Are you genuinely slow, trig? Of course, the point of the game is teamwork lol. Plus it's more than possible with 60. I didn't hit all of them. The heli was actually just flying into the battlefield, and you can see the single RPG hit it just after I used my jammer. You can also see it turning from instead of going away from the base, to going to the base. The hitreg is a problem, and 2 or 3 RPGs should be enough if hitreg counts it. I've see you literally say that helis are the equivalent of cheating in the game. Not to mention those hackusations on legit players It's not worth considering a statement of someone who says that. Also actually, a small edit here. Remember that same game you hackusated someone where I told you the heli is not impossible to shoot down and you said it is, so I took down two helis to prove it's not? Didn't even get a reply. You're making me sad.
  11.  29.05.2019 22:00 CEST PTE Server Boys and Bois! Team GiD and The Farm 51 wish to invite you for the third version of "Breakthrough". The previous two versions received a great interest from the community, and the experience from the previous games gave us a great deal of information, which helped us (At least we hope) to create the best formula yet. Here, I would like to yet again thank TF51 for the ability to organize this event and everyone who helped us organize. Especially: @Ragir - For all sorts of dev help we wouldn't be able to do anything without, @DareQQ - For being a great organizer and making it happen, @Lugresky - For the image work, help in organizing and for organizing the Social Media, @Mike4r - For help in times of crisis.  Like always, we're reminding you that the main goal of this event is fun, and that the event is organized by the community of WW3. Map and General Information: We will be playing on Polyarny. This time, the rule will be clear and simple. The entire game will go on with no pause to capture points and re-positioning the Mobile Spawn Points as this time, everything will be set up before the game.  GREEN AREA - The area is marked with a green line. This area is only available to the attacking team. ATTACKERS MSP - The area where the attacking team has to set up their MSP, it will function as the second spawn area. A1 - Area the attacking team has to take over. It will function as the third spawn area. RED AREA - The area is marked with a red line. This area is only available to the defending team. DEFENDERS MSP - The area where the defending team has to set up their MSP. It will function as the second spawn area. B2 - The area which the defending team has to take over. It will function as the third spawn area. The areas will be captured in the following sequence: B1 > C2 > C1 > A2 (The directions are marked on the map with yellow arrows.) Rounds will take 30 minutes maximum. (Not including the set up.) General Rules and Actions After Joining: After joining the server, the attacking team takes point A1 and sets up their MSP In the area marked on the map. On the opposite side, the defending team captures area B2 and sets up their MSP in the marked area. We wait for everyone to go onto the server and then after the organizer's sign, the defending team takes over point B1. After B1 is captured, the game begins and the attacking team has 30 minutes to capture all objectives. THE DEFENDING TEAM AT ONE POINT MAY OWN TWO EXTRA POINTS EVENTUALLY WHICH WILL BE THE OBJECTIVES FOR THE ATTACKING TEAM AND IT IS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST TO HOLD THESE OBJECTIVES EARLY. FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOU'RE HOLDING B1, YOU MAY STRAIGHT AWAY TAKE OBJECTIVE C2, AND IF YOU LOSE B1 YOU MAY TAKE C1. IT IS IN THE BEST OF THE DEFENDING TEAM'S INTERESTS TO CAPTURE THESE OBJECTIVES. THE ATTACKING TEAM DOES NOT NEED TO WAIT WITH THEIR ATTACK UNTIL THE DEFENDING TEAM CAPTURES THE AREA. The attacking team wins as soon as they capture all objectives ending at A2 . The defending team wins if in the 30 minutes they manage to hold at least one objective. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO: Re-position and attack MSPs. Simultaneously attack two objectives. Take back a lost area as the defending team. Enter enemy team's territory by crossing the red or green lines. Use the BTR which is located at C1. IT IS ALLOWED TO: Use any strike, vehicle, drone etc. Move around the map between the red and green lines, this area is available to everyone. ! ! ! ORGANIZING DETAILS ! ! ! We invite you from 21:30 CEST to the official WW3 discord, where you will be divided up by the organizer and will receive your server password. The amount of spaces is limited. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ASK YOU TO KEEP CIVIL IN THE VOICE CHANNEL, TO NOT CUT SOMEONE SHORT. DURING THE EVENT WE'RE TRYING TO FOCUS ON HAVING FUN TOGETHER, AND NOT ON THE GAME'S PROBLEMS, ITS DEVELOPMENT, OR YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KEEP TO THIS RULE WILL BE ASKED OUT OF THE VOICE CHANNEL AND THE GAME. If you are interested and will likely show, please reply to this topic and let us know. See you there! o7
  12. There is one stream but it is in Polish. You can see how it played out here. It may be timestamped, so go to 0 if it is ^^
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