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  1. Rozmo

    Ps4/Xbox 1

    After the release, World War 3 will be available exclusively on PC with Windows operating systems. If the game does well on PC we'll seriously consider releasing it on the console as well.
  2. Rozmo


    Very soon.
  3. I assume everything is related to eye adaptation which is post processing. This will be tweaked and fixed. I will check if this is already fixed in the internal tests.
  4. Thanks for pointing this out I will check how many of those assets we have and we will fix it.
  5. Hey tynblpb, I will forward this to the QA team to get this checked what is going on and if it supposed to be like that. Thank you for your report. Next time please try to use bug template so we can gather some additional information such as game build, etc.
  6. Thank you for additional information.
  7. Hey, have you tried pressing alt+enter to window screen? If this is not helping try pressing F11. Let me know if this fixed the problem.
  8. Hey tynblpb, Thank you for pointing this out. We will investigate this issue.
  9. Hey, I have noticed similar issue with the magazines, so this must be somehow related to the invisible missile. I have forwarded this to QA team.
  10. Hey tynblpb, Thank you for your input, I have forwarded this to QA, and we'll gonna check it out.
  11. Hey, Thanks for posting this animation bug. I will post this to dev team, but as far as I'm aware new animations will fix the issue.
  12. Thank you for spotting this out. I have check this and bug is visible for me so I have forwarded this to QA. Regards.
  13. Happy to hear that this managed to fix it self. We will monitor if this happens more often.
  14. Thank you for reporting this. It's know issue and it's getting fixed.
  15. Thank you for pointing this out I have passed this to the QA team.
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