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  1. Ohh cool! thanks @tynblpb, I have forwarded this to QA.
  2. Can you explain on which tank this happen? is it on any or just specific one? Also only this location you showed or it doesn't matter?
  3. Thank you I have forwarded your profile to developer, who will look into this issue.
  4. Can you send us your SteamID64
  5. Hey, Thanks for the report I will forward this to the team.
  6. Hey, thank you for the report we will look into that.
  7. Thanks for reporting we will investigate that. Was this checked only on base tanks?
  8. Thanks for spotting this out, we will get that fixed.
  9. Thanks for reporting, I have sent this further.
  10. Hey, Thank you for reporting, I have forwarded this to the team. Regards,
  11. Thank you for spotting this out, I have forwarded this case to the QA team.
  12. Looks class for indoor battles. I wonder what map designers would say
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