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  1. Rozmo

    Moskwa - dziurawa siatka

    Dziękuję za zgloszenie, prześle to do QA. Pozdrawiam,
  2. Rozmo

    Forwad movement

    Could you be more specific, what do you mean small jumps ? Best way would be to record the video. Feature as head shake is implemented to the game and that could be the reason.
  3. Dziękuję za zgloszenie, prześle to dla QA.
  4. Dziękuję za zgloszenie, prześlę to do ekipy.
  5. Dzięki za zgloszenie, prześle ten watek dla QA.
  6. Rozmo

    annoying Invisible wall

    Where directly do you throw the frag grenade ? Is it between upper part and lower part of the model ?
  7. Rozmo

    Games crashe

    Thank you for reporting I will forward the .dmp file to the tech team. In future please use the template. It's help us record the issues.
  8. Rozmo

    Item with -1 price

    It gets usually fixed on next patch - in this case 0.3.3. But don't quote me here. as I haven't got patch notes yet.
  9. Rozmo

    Item with -1 price

    At the time being items with -1 are not available to be purchased.
  10. Rozmo

    Berlin bug na rusztowaniu

    Dziękuję za zgloszenie, prześle to do naszego zespołu.
  11. Rozmo

    WW3 does not start

    I have been reported that users managed to temporary fix the issue by following those steps : Could you try that ?
  12. Rozmo

    weapon stats are different

    seems like it's not working as it should. I will let devs know about it.
  13. Rozmo

    weapon stats are different

    Upper stats shows the base weapon statistics, underneath show the stats with all modifications done to it. That's why you can see differences. We are also working on UI to make everything look better and easy to navigate.
  14. Rozmo

    UGV robot rocket ammo deals low damage

    Thank you for reporting. UGV is not designed to destroy vehicles with two-three hits. I can forward this to the devs as an idea about increasing damage.
  15. Rozmo

    WW3 does not start

    If you've send crash in crash log window - we gonna receive it. To keep in track you can send us .dmp files here so we can track it down manually faster. I wonder if this is new type of crash or crash that most players experience after 0.3