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  1. Hey, I do apologise for any inconvenience this has made. I have a question, what are your specs? and are you using HDD or SDD? Also please let me know what game settings you have set.
  2. Hey, Thank you for reporting this issue. I will forward this to our team.
  3. Thank you for the report. I will forward this to the team.
  4. Thanks for spotting this out. I will forward this to developers.
  5. I have checked on new animation and it's fixed
  6. Thanks for spotting this out, I have added this to the list.
  7. Well in theory glass shouldn't block you from the flash... but I will check this for sure.
  8. Righto, I am collecting this data you are sending regarding textures flickering.
  9. Thanks for reporting this. I have forwarded this to the design team to double check if this is a issue. Regards,
  10. Hey! Thanks for spotting this out! I will forward this to the team. Regards,
  11. Right I think this is the cull distance, that's need to get corrected I assume we will get this fully optimised with the new version of the Berlin.
  12. Hey, Thanks for reporting this issue, I will send this to the QA. Regards,
  13. Hey Manchild, Thank you for reporting! I will forward this topic to our team members as we are investigating the problem with the servers being stuck on Match Ending. Regards,
  14. Hey, Thank you for posting this issue, I have pinned the issue on our internal check list and we will investigate the issue. Best wishes,
  15. Hello there, NO SPACE TO SPAWN warning shows when there is no space to spawn (close to the wall etc.). I will ask if this also include if player is in control of the drone.
  16. Thanks for the report, I will speak with the team regarding the resizable modules on the screen for wide screens.
  17. Thanks for spotting out this detail. I will forward this to the QA team.
  18. Good catch, I will forward this to the QA team. Regards,
  19. Hey, Thank you for reporting. I will forward this to the QA team. Regards,
  20. I have spoken to developer regarding the quote. Currently, things has changed a lot with the fps (ofc atm it's still not best but it's matter of the time - and map optimisation that we work on right now) and devs don't want to take the freedom in customization away from the players, so I doubt there will be such options as certain uniforms setups on certain maps. You as a player have rights to set soldier to look like authentic US or Russian soldier and other players have option to make soldier look the way they want.
  21. Can you check now if your game loads a bit faster? especially when you waiting for Browser.
  22. Hey @tynblpb , Can you check now if your game loads a bit faster? especially when you waiting for Browser.
  23. Right we are currently working to get this fixed, it's not on our side but probably new changes made by windows that effected EAC
  24. Right we have noticed slow loading time on HDD's we are investigating the issue .
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