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  1. 14 hours ago, tynblpb said:

    Seeing this suggestion getting no upvotes except 1 from me(not to mention mine being declined), I think I'll be from time to time poking devs with the question: are there any works being done with adding this quotated feature?

    So, @Rozmo, sorry for bothering u, but can u poke someone from the devteam with this question and if it's not a secret give an answer?

    I have spoken to developer regarding the quote. Currently, things has changed a lot with the fps (ofc atm it's still not best but it's matter of the time - and map optimisation that we work on right now) and devs don't want to take the freedom in customization away from the players, so I doubt there will be such options as certain uniforms setups on certain maps. You as a player have rights to set soldier to look like authentic US or Russian soldier and other players have option to make soldier look the way they want. 

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