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  1. Hi exremenudro. You said you have contacted support, to clarify, have you contacted Easy Anti-Cheat technical support? - If you have not and you instead sent the request to support@worldwar3.com please contact Easy Anti-Cheat technical support and they will be able to assist you with the issues. Relating to the error you are having I've found some possible solutions: If you have any Gigabyte hardware, please disable RGB Fusion and/or end the following processes via Task Manager: GvLedServices.exe, SelLedV2.exe, RunLed.exe. If you have any ASUS hardware, please disable ASUS Aura and/or end the following process via Task Manager: LightingService.exe. Please attempt whitelisting World War 3 on any anti-virus software you have installed. Please attempt to close any peripheral color control software in the Task Manager. Thanks.
  2. Glad to hear it is resolved. If you could still provide your Steam account for the record that would be great.
  3. Could you provide a link to your Steam profile, please?
  4. Completely understand your frustration here, we'll be able to get a solid ETA and some information of the future updates (roadmap) out in the next 1-3 days. Keep a close eye on the Twitter tonight too.
  5. We're responding to as many posts as we can on Twitter. Unfortunately, we don't have much to update you guys with currently other than we are working on resolving the server issues. We'll hopefully be able to provide more comprehensive changelogs soon.
  6. Lot's of these questions have been answered on Twitter. Read the replies here https://twitter.com/ww3thegame/with_replies
  7. Most prototypes never make it past being a prototype though.
  8. Hi could you please edit your post to follow the template provided? Thanks.
  9. Please edit your post to conform to the template provided or it may be hidden. Thanks.
  10. Please edit your post to conform to the template provided or it may be hidden. Thanks.
  11. Please update your bug report to the template provided.
  12. Hello, this thread is dedicated to discussing in-game cheating. We've made to get feedback on what the community is experiencing in-game with cheaters. However, to keep this thread clean a set of rules have been devised below. RULES Do not report cheaters here! Report all cheaters to the email hacks@worldwar3.com. Do not discuss issues you are having with EAC here. Find more help and information here. Do not appeal or discuss a ban here. Find more help and information here. Do not post the name of cheats or post links to them. Do not name and shame any users, if you need to report people to do it with the email above. WHAT WE ENCOURAGE We encourage that people use this thread to discuss their feelings about the levels of cheating in-game and also how they think we can combat them more effectively.
  13. vin

    Loot Boxes?

    This is a concept still in the files from when the game was being designed as a free-to-play FPS. It's not valid anymore. As for loot boxes and microtransactions, in Early Access, we will have no microtransactions/loot boxes. After release microtransactions may be considered but will only be visual and will only be implemented with the support of the community. Thanks.
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