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  1. Guys calm down, the heli drone will get balanced; it has serious hitreg issues that cause most of the commotion and they're being fixed.
  2. Jammers are going to have a rework, we're not happy with them now and we just had a meeting about it yesterday. We'll tell you more once we have ironed out the specifics.
  3. We'll be fixing ammo resupply from ammo packs first - Currently they add a puny number of bullets per use, now they will add 1 mag per use. Should make in-field ammo resupplies much more practical. If you want more ammo you can always take extra ammo as well in the customization menu. If after the ammo bag fix we'll still have many negative comments we'll consider adding 1 more mag by default but so far there wasn't that much critique, so we'll monitor the situation. In the end we can always do a poll/survey
  4. The 0.6 patch is as polished as it is only thanks to an entire month spent on PTE with constant fixes and updates. Given how positive the reaction was so far it's safe to assume future patches will spend an equal amount of time there in order to be as stable and bug-free as possible.
  5. We'll look into the TTK issues. M416 is much more precise and accurate than M4, lower rate of fire makes it also the more controllable weapon. If we'll see M416 losing usage we'll consider accuracy buffs but the gun already has little horizontal recoil which makes long-range engagements stupid easy with it.
  6. Huh? TTK was slightly increased with reduced limb damage, so it should be the other way around.
  7. We have a lot of models ready but no mechanic as of yet, we'll try to introduce after the new animation system goes live but no promises.
  8. This is just another step in the iteration process, we expect a rebalance or rework of ammo types to happen, we'll see how the current system handles and adjust accordingly. I'm aware we can slowly sway towards "leg meta" and we'll try to solve this issue in the future, if it really arises (maths is one thing, actual gameplay practicality is another).
  9. We just reduced the limb hit multiplier from 80% to 67 (gives ~2 shots more to kill than hitting body) and hand/foot to 57% (again 1 bullet up from hand/arm). We decided to go without exact percentages because they were too obtrusive to get a head around since different weapon have different AP values. The system was simplified in the following manner: If the armor is "effective" against the given type of bullet, it stops it from penetrating, thus increasing your BTK. If it is not effective, then the bullet penetrates as if there was no armor. "Somewhat effective" is an edgecase scenario for some stronger bullets that do not ignore the armor but deal huge damage anyway due to their sheer stopping power. You also now get exact BTK values per gun in the weapon customization menu. Edit: They may still be a bit bugged at the moment (some stats may not align with in-game values) but we'll do a cleanup soon.
  10. Previously the sway was barely noticable, we may have overdid it on the red dots. We'll adjust it, thanks for reporting.
  11. Mag size will determine how fast do you resupply them - Say, taking a 30 round mag from the bag would take 4-5 seconds while a 10 round mag 1-2, which could make a life or death difference in a rapid CQB encounter when you're low on ammo. We'll be rebalancing attachment weight to increase the difference individual selections have, and it's pretty probable we'll make 10 round mags absurdly light to give you some reason to take them. As per ways to replenish ammo: We already have ammo bags (which do not define your class/abilities/weapons like in other games so there's less of a reason not to take them if you need them), drones can have ammo bags on them, you can take extra ammo before game starts, helicopter drones can drop ammo bags, and there's talk of adding additional options as well. We did think about adding them in crates on points but there's already a fun dynamic when often a team that captured the area fills it with supplies to restock, we wouldn't want to take away from it. The ~120 ammo pool caused you to almost never run out of your bullets or be forced to switch to secondary and given the amount of options we have we decided for a radical reduction. There were a lot of teamplay mechanics that did hurt because of that. And yes, everyone was/is running around with med packs - Possibly because no one needed ammo packs. Do you know we have equipment packs as well? By now they restore a lot of stuff but we'll probably be moving explosives and rare ammo types (e.g. Tor) there as well to make players using such weapons be more commited to their actions (e.g.: if you want an RPG in your squad, you need someone with an equipment bag). We're trying to promote teamwork using soft changes like this, we'll see how it changes the game, if it won't work we'll look for other options. We are willing to rework how gadget selection works to increase utility of some of them but given how much of a major and invasive change that would be we'll try simpler changes first to increase diversity - We do appreciate we're one of the very few games when everyone wants to be the healer but a squad 80% full of players with med packs is not the sort of teamwork we're working towards
  12. As said previously the ammo restore for ammo packs will be fixed soon-ish, they'll give you one mag per use.
  13. We want to put out the ammo replenish fix as soon as we can, hopefully not long after 0.6 hits live. We'll see what feedback we'll get, previous ammo pool was stupid large but we don't want to go into any BFV-ish exhaustion mechanics. If it will be deemed too small by the majority we'll try adding one more mag per gun (with exceptions) but there's enough ways to replenish ammo already (I think more than in BF?...) that it shouldn't be an issue. Hopefuly.
  14. Well, I can surely spoil the beans and admit that some of what you suggested is being worked on... But hush hush, no more leaks
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