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  1. Pretty much exactly that We don't want to rush out any untested changes right now but the barrel damage curves will look very simillar to the above pic.
  2. Those stats aren't final, we will be iterating soon. Dropoff differentiation will be added.
  3. We're looking into it right now.
  4. We'll look into this asap
  5. The menu is indeed bugged, you need to click on a barrel twice to get the correct damage curve. Damage dropoff differentiation will be added soon.
  6. Nah, it's in the internal builds, will go live for 0.7 but no idea when it'll enter the PTE, we're switching between the rebalance and the new anim system setup, it's a lot of work ? but it's worth it
  7. For now we just seperated (today in fact) horizontal and vertical recoil modifiers for attachments, and we'll be adjusting the grips and muzzle devices so that some of them will be more specialized in what they improve. So you should be able to find attachments cominations which will make the guns more enjoyable for you to play. Muzzle devices, grips and barrels will have bigger and more varied effect on weapon behaviour. We'll probably add pros and cons for each so that they will make one thing better but another worse, and it's always a tradeoff. We'll be taking a closer look at weapon behaviour this fall once the new anim system is in place. We'll probably dig up an ancient build from 0.2/0.3 era, compare the feeling and see what changed.
  8. Protip: During a in-studio test game, someone called in a heli drone. Two seconds later the chat was filled with "awww hell here we go again", three seconds after that I shot it down from full health with a single well aimed Tandem RPG. So, we hope the changes will satisfy you.
  9. We'll be doing a major pass on weapon damage and armor somewhere in the near future, we have a number of ideas how to improve the armor situation. Armor *is* effective, just the differences are too subtle and there is a ton of edgecases where armor can be completely omitted (gutshots et cetera). We'll work those out.
  10. Honestly, this gives you just a vague idea where the shot came from, you still need your own eyes (or scouting) to locate the enemy. It won't also hand out sniping spots to you like killcam does. I think this is a fine in between because it gives you a hint of what happened without being a cheaty killcam. It will help mitigate the "wherethehelldidthatcomefrom.jpg" problem of "random" deaths, which we consider one of the few last major gameplay issues the game has; with the animation system being in very advanced stages, what's left is fine tuning like this before 1.0 release.
  11. They will All of the pros and cons of weights stay the same. We're also currently going to try different camera flinch effects for loadouts, with heavies being less punished for being hit than lights. It's a miniscule difference at the moment but it's there, we'll see how will it fare. We can also swap it around so it will be another upside of being a light. Curious what you guys think about this. Which reminded me: Heavies have the biggest camshakes for effects like jumping and falling, so light loadouts will also have a small advantage here with less screen noise when staying mobile.
  12. We'll be testing the changes, they will be ofc on PTE as well. Currently the players are absurdly fast which can lead to a number of issues in the gameplay, as it's done to minimize the "clunk" due to the poor movement system currently in place. However, given how much more fluid the new one is, the old speeds will be a total overkill. Even now you can sprint so fast as a light that some vehicles like quads loose their significance. The differences between speeds will be the same as they were before (+/- 15% faster or slower). Currently the light is between old heavy and medium but it's all up to testing and feedback.
  13. Players will be probably slowed down in the very near future, with all speeds based more or less on the current "heavy" loadout, we'll be testing those changes internally very soon.
  14. Of course teamwork can be a game design choice, but we don't want to sacrifice the gameplay tempo and accesibility we have now. Yes, teamwork needs more work (this sentence hurts) but we don't want it to be as important as it is in Squad et cetera, where you can't have fun without constant communication and a well-organized team. Per attachments: I've meant the balance, not their implementation. Putting attachments on the top rail is a cool feature but I doubt we'll have the time to do it in the foreseable future (you never know tho). Currently we're working on a new attachment balance that will put focus on specializing your weapon for specific roles, e.g. CQB/secondary, main universal, long-range etc., with a bigger weight difference between different builds. We're still early into this iteration but you should see more options as viable than before. Some attachments will also have bigger impact than others, e.g. the barrel length will be the prime defining factor of your preffered engagment distance, with short and long barrels offering specific and noticable pros and cons for different situations.
  15. True but those games are significantly more hardcore/realistic than what we aim for. We're still adding in features and mechanics that were missing since launch. You may say the game is "losing its identity" but what was at release wasn't even the final identity we aimed for anyway - With mechanics still adjusting it will take some more time before the core experience will finaly solidify. We might have done things differently in terms of launch from today's perspective, but what's done is done. Important thing to note is that we never adjusted anything with the intention of "dumbing down" the experience. Many of the changes you see are us finishing up and slowly polishing WW3. The game lacked a lot of simple quality of life elements, but some of them seemed to add to the gameplay's depth, as silly as that seems. Case in point: Bugged ammo resupply caused a huge need for ammo packs, which led to increased temwork element. Expect a lot of gameplay touch-ups to come once the new movement system is done, we're still iterating and nothing is set in stone. E.g. damage model/armor system will probably get another pass, weapon attachments are currently being rebalanced with bigger customizability and role-fitting in mind, amount and location of supply points will likely be reduced (it's possible they'll be removed from cap points altogether and added as separate points of interest), teamwork is likely to get a closer look as well.
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