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  1. Hmm. It may be either a menu purchase bug (an odd one), or the drum mags for both of those guns are actualy seperate items due to some miniscule model difference between the two and their purchase is not paired together (as it should have been since it's the same item IRL). We'll take a look at this. Thanks for the info!
  2. There's always the possibility of adjusting weight for select weapons/weapon classes based on feedback. We'll take a look at this thread in depth and see what occurs, keep in mind the current weights are still an early iteration. There's going to be an attachment balance pass soon-ish so we can slip in a couple of weight tweaks as well. The current idea is that attachments will be more differentiated in their weight impact, and some of them will be more crucial than others. We could, in theory, make barrel length the defining factor in a weapon, with short barrels heavily impacting medium-long range performance but being light enough to be viable as a lightweight/secondary option for a different gun. So you could take an AR as a secondary for a SR but it would have to be a heavily cut-down version. This is a tight situation we're in because we want to give the freedom of customization but such freedom is only as interesting as the dilemmas it faces you with. We'll try to work something out.
  3. One of the more absurd ideas that came through our heads was giving high magnification scopes recoil reduction to compensate for the percieved recoil increase but honestly not sure what to think about that.
  4. I'm a huge Hunt: Showdown fan and the sways there, ooooooh booooy We'll try with the bipods I think, once we do that we'll see what occurs based on player feedback.
  5. Strafing affects the accuracy slightly but we wanted to keep it to a reasonable minimum because we want the player's skill with the weapons to define his hits and not abstract maths behind weapon accuracy. So when shooting at long ranges you should be immobile, but you shouldn't have issues with hitting while moving on shorter distances. We decided not to do the hold breath mechanic for the time being because it's usualy pretty annoying to use. Our sways are not *that* big to require such mechanics, currently we're thinking of adding sway reduction to bipods so they would be a must-have for long-range combat (as they are IRL).
  6. We never wanted to have stamina in-game, there was an idea once for "soft stamina" (e.g. player fov decreasing + camera blur/darkening when exhausted but without any actual speed decrease) but it's not likely we'll do it. Still curious what you'd think about that. It's more likely we'll slightly reduce base movement speed (especialy strafing to reduce the amount of Quake in CQB), ADS speeds will probably stay the same, and the default sprint speed for medium would be the current heavy, with light/heavy being +15%/-15% of that speed (If my memory is correct that's the difference between current loadouts but I'm not 100% sure ATM). What do you guys think?
  7. We're researching on the issue, a fix is in the works.
  8. The 417 image is a leftover from old icon style, it will be updated. Handguards will also have their prices fixed.
  9. There's a high chance player movement will be slowed down, but no decisions yet. I think this could use a seperate discussion thread, we're dying for feedback on this issue.
  10. We had it mostly ready since a few months (with the exception of some customization options) so it was very hard for me to remain tight-lipped. And I'm a terrible liar. It has a very low rate of fire (430 irc) which makes it weak in close quarters but over medium to long ranges it's a beast (or so we think at least), have fun with it and leave feedback! @tynblpb If my memory is correct it's price is similar to the Scar-H, maybe a bit higher. It's pretty heavy tho, heavier than Scar by a wide margin.
  11. Okay, I guess it's official now: The HK417 Battle Rifle aka M417 "Battle Waifu" is coming in the next patch, you can test it now on PTE servers. Have fun guys! It's OP! We love it! *Laughs in accurate and controllable full auto fire at 200 meters*
  12. I think I suggested we do just that ages ago Hey, why not, I'm all for it, it's not a priority now but we'll see in the future.
  13. It's complete and absolute inability to be controlled in full auto is legendary
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