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  1. We plan to encourage accuracy and headshots, yes.
  2. We're already testing a slightly increased TTK, it's not as tanky as it was before but gives the players a little bit more time for reaction.
  3. We're currently testing a revised TTK which is slightly longer than the current one. It still gives the feeling of a more hardcore BF-style game but you have noticably more time to react. We're still ironing stuff out but it will probably go live with the next update. Truth be told I'd love to add a hardcore mode with 1 hit kills for both infantry and vehicles (save for armors, APSes and everything else we have) and just make everyone happy but we can't divide the playerbase like that at this point
  4. We'll be tweaking the TTK. It will be slightly increased, but we're still looking for ways in which we can do it best. Expect additional armor tweaks and changes to make them as important as we want them to be. We like the way it is now (a mix between a tactical shooter and a milsim) but it's not the best fit yet for all of the modes we have in the game so further tweaking is needed. However the overall "idea" of what we have now seems satisfactory for what we aim WW3 to be so we'll iterate on it.
  5. 7.62x39 already has a small edge over 5.56 in high tier armors where it sometimes gets 1 BTK less on short range. In general we're all for nuances like that but now we're still focused on getting the basic system balanced properly, as armors still feel less useful than they should be.
  6. 5. We slightly reduced the horizontal recoil for ARs. They should be more stable now.
  7. Exactly this The 125 HP was just a quick test to try out a possible BTK increase without re-calculating the entire weapon balance. We're reverting to 100 now but we'll probably shuffle the balance to increase the BTK by 1 in the near future.
  8. The camera shake was designed to minimalize flinch a bit. It's still WIP but you shouldn't loose aim as badly as you did before when hit. Overall we consider the 125HP test a step in the right direction, we'll be reverting to 100/3BTK for now but we'll probably do a balance shuffle in the near future to increase the BTK by 1 round up. The flinch was decreased, not increased. By camera shake I meant flinch, and by "new" I meant "adjusted and slightly reduced", altho it may need more tweaks.
  9. If anyone's curious, the current PTE build has players with 125 HP, buffed armors, lowered limb damage and increased headshot damage - Try it out, it's something of a middle ground between a 3 BTK and the old system, we're eager for feedback. Oh, and there's a new camera shake for being hit.
  10. Exosuits. I'd love us to have real-world style exoskeletons in airdropped care packages that would come with a minigun. ...but you guys would crucify us for that
  11. Long story short: The changes done were designed to mostly put the game into a better place in terms of overall gameplay balance and figure out what works best for the type of game we want while fixing biggest issues (e.g. random TTK that often went crazy in earlier builds or finding the best way to integrate armors into the gameplay without them being OP or obstrusive). We're still not there yet but once the game is in a satisfactory spot balance-wise we'll iron out the details like gutshots. That and we never strictly considered it a problem - It is disputable what their role should be and should they be promoted or discarded, in the end we pushed the overall balance and we'll solve the gutshot situation once the "feel" of combat will be somewhat final. Another major issue is that, simply put, most if not all of the current gunplay/balance changes were done through the design team alone without any new coding or mechanics while the other teams were busy with lifesaving issues such as stability, netcode, performance et cetera which are, obviously, way more important. Gutshots will require at least some code/model changes and, as with other such issues, it was pushed back in favor or more pressing matters. Things are much smoother now so after Recon is out we'll focus on major mechanical improvements.
  12. We had multiple footstep sound tweaks but it seems we need more. We'll see what we can do. Gutshot meta is not something that was originaly intended to be a major feature and while we pretty much agree they're too easy to pull off the idea of careful shot placement is a very neat little feature of WW3 and we'd like to leave it in in one way or another, just maybe not the way it is now. We'll test a number of options. One especialy crazy idea was to add a 50-75% damage modifier to the gutshot area but have them cause a bleed effect that would be fixed by using any healing item. So there's that, wonder what you guys think about it We know about this issue and once the new animation system is in place we'll be looking closer at the situation. We'll see what we can do.
  13. Minor features need to be implemented at this stage because it's the constant adding of features that causes the game's current state, performance and stability wise. And we need those features in because the game is like halfway done in most areas. Once the features are set and we'll get to final optimization and stability fixes the situation should improve greatly. If we'd focus on stability/optimization now you'd get a stable build for 1 month and then it would all crash and burn once a new build with additional features implemented would be released. You can't develop a game and implement final stability/performance updates at the same time. That's just how game developement works.
  14. Limb damage will be decreased in an upcoming patch (from 75% to 60%), headshot damage will be increased by 25%, and in the future we'll take a look at armors and buff them somewhat (we have a number of options here). Increasing the BTK by 1-2 bullets is also a possibility (I'd rather have that done through an armor buff tho). Overall we'd want to keep the TTK in the low/medium low regions but increase the role of shot placement, so that an efficient and accurate player will have a significant edge over a spraying one while still keeping the player health amounts somewhat realistic/authentic. Once we're satisfied with the TTK/BTK we'll take a look at exact recoil balancing. 1) Gathering feedback on the recoil, some like it some hate it, we'll iterate in the future probably. 2) Right now weapons loose stability with each shot after the 3rd, so the recoil increases up to the ~6-8th, at which it is the highest. Previously there was a major sweet spot with minimal recoil at around 2-6th shot so everyone was spraying all the time (we had threads about this). If it is really too much we'll consider lowering the max recoil or increasing the time it takes to reach it. 3) Currently armors have 2 different statistics: absorption and HP. Absorption is the amount of damage the armor takes before "passing it through" to the wearer. Bullets have their own AP value which decided how much of the damage bypassess the armor. This means stronger bullets penetrate and deal full damage while weaker ones (with less AP) are stopped. I think the current system is good enough in design but needs to be tweaked so that the armors are slightly more effective. Armors weakening in given locations would lead to random TTK for both the shooter and the wearer so while logical on paper, I don't think it would be enjoyable without a way to track who has a weakened armor plate where (and somehow showing it to every player). 4) That would require a total rework of the game's shooting mechanics. It would also make the gunplay siginificantly more hardcore/realistic and it would be too alienating for many players. We're happy with the mechanics we have now and consider it being the matter of fine-tuning instead of rewriting the core gameplay rules. I love games with this mechanic as well but it would be a way too invasive change to the gameplay at this point (the game would play completely differently after it, as well). 5) That's exactly how it is now. All scopes have their own sway that's affected by the player stance. If you think they're too weak then we'll consider increasing them a bit. 6) You can't shoot when jumping - But you can shoot when falling. We had shooting disabled for both jumping and falling up to a few patches ago but that made the game feel extremely clunky.
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