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  1. É, depende, quando cai US East fico com 180-200ping, quando caio em US West fico com 240-300...
  2. É tenso jogar com 200ping...
  3. I live in Curitiba Brazil, and I'm choosing NA/SA servers. I usually play with 20-40 ping in other games when there are Brazil servers. But in WW3 I always end up on NA servers, playing with 180-240 ping.
  4. It doesn't work then, is this gonna get fixed anytime soon? Playing on 150+ ping is terrible
  5. Yeah, but even if I do that, I end up in some NA servers, I never get to enter in SA servers.
  6. Is there a way to play in the SA servers? I can see them in steam view->servers, but there is no SA option when I click play in world war 3. I tried selecting the server and hitting connect but I always end up in other (NA, EU) servers. Thanks guys
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