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  1. Never mind. Got help thank you. Still lags and rubber bands.
  2. Any way to change servers? Sick and tired of this rubber banding and lag BS!
  3. I'm just glad I didn't spend any money on this game. (Phew)
  4. Sorry. But I have to vent at all these bugs and constant game crashes. Why do I need to pay to test someone else's game. So frustrating. I'm still old school and were brought up on the notions of paying for something that actually works. I understand that the devs are still hiding behind the "Test" phrases (As is Armored Warefare still hiding behind that and they are dead in the water.). So why not open the game for free for a weekend. So more people can come in and help them test. So they can get out of this test phase. Forgive me. But I feel cheated and the updates did not do much. In my honest opinion.
  5. Now I work my butt off to spawn an upgraded tank and my team mates steal it. This gaaaaaaaaaame....
  6. So sick of this constant crashing. Every single match... I crash to desktop. And I cannot spawn a tank? WTF!?
  7. Where? Those with the "AF"? Wow. This game is dead here. That is a disappointment. As this game is so awesome. Looks like I'll have to skip this game. ?
  8. I'm back. So I have some cash to spend. And before I spend it on World Of Tanks or other games... I thought I might just pop in and ask if there are servers for, or in, South Africa?
  9. Don't be a sloppy d!ck. Have your parents never taught you any manners? If you could not figure out that the guy is in need of help... Then that says a lot about you, your education and the way your parents raised you. That's why I gave him links to the forums that could help him.
  10. Let's hope that this is true. Cause I'm really itching to buy the game all ready...
  11. Unlike some people here. I sympathize with you. Seems you might have a legit problem. Have you tried to contact the DEVS for a possible solution? Does your PC specs meat the minimum requirements? What trouble shooting have you done? Have you tried updating your graphics drivers? There can be hundreds of reasons why you might not be able to play. It's all about trouble shooting. Just a shame that this community will use your grief to make fun and brag instead of trying to help. But. I guess that's how people are these days. Hope you get a solution soon and see... Visit this forum for possible solutions. or Known fixes and stuff
  12. I'm still watching to see what happens. I want to buy it, but I'm not prepared to play with high pings. Does not work on other games, and it will certainly not work on this either. (For me.) So I'll keep my wallet closed for now and hope for the best.
  13. If the enemy is able to plant mines on your repair station... Your team deserves to be spawn camped. It also means that the enemy PTFO'd and your team did not. Just the way I see it.
  14. Thanx for all of the information here. I'm old school and will still hold back, on buying this game, until things look up. ?
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