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  1. Dis u notice his ping? His ping is well under 100....now ask such gameplay from a guy who has 500 ping. Lol. And thats the frequent case nowdays with most of ppl.
  2. To be honest. I dont think so that at this moment, one can determine a a guy may be cheating or not. I may appear teleporting infront of others die to my 500+ ping on any given server and people may say that im a cheater. I play on AS...500+ ping I play on NA...500+ ping I play on EU...500+ ping Would u mind telling how much ping u were playing that game?
  3. To be honest. It doesnt matter wht u choose. Since game has no ingame voice so u can only hope the rest of the team play according to the objective. So far, i chose Attackers. And everytime...the entire team is running headless guns blazing. No text comms, no voice comms (since there is none) Devs need to develop a mechanism in such a way that team play according to the objective. I really dont lime the fact that playing a realistic shooter which is part FPS and part MilSim; has no real Comms. Without this. Game will go nowhere. AND I HAVE PRETTY HIGH HOPES
  4. Even today i was playing with 500+ ping. Yes.....no kidding :@
  5. Lmfao. Wth is Laser Gun hahahaha
  6. Thats why we are all here. Im sure they are reading all into these posts...i hope....
  7. I highly doubt that.....!!!!!
  8. I second ur comment. Scopes really need veriation. They all seems alike
  9. on Tuesday.. i was able to play without any noticeable lag and had so many kills. but on Wednesday (yesterday) i was getting killed shooting static enemies. getting killed behind the wall. Countless times, i shot enemy real good but they shot me with a single bullet and am dead. this was the frequent case yesterday so i literally quit playing.
  10. ok...thats strange. i never get this HUD. even though all are enabled
  11. well. that what i 1st thought when prone with bipods attached. but exclusively noticed that bipods were not deployed. but saw one video of a guy on YT, where he was shooting while prone and his bipods were well on the ground.
  12. I notice u ur coming from R6. Camper spotted ?
  13. Bobyabk

    Say Hello!

    Hi...its Bobyabk Add me on Steam for teamup. Steam ID: Bobyabk
  14. Wait...what.....i cant find it still...:s Im talking abt In Game...like...while im running around killing and be killed. Just at that very moment...where can i find it...the Ping..
  15. Guyz Can we deploy the bipods on the sniper. So far im unable to do that as i couldnt find any key for this. Help plz.
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