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  1. I stopped playing around 0.3 when the players were invisible and when the "out of bounds" in the uncap areas didn't work. There were many things that influenced my decicion to stop playing like, RPG spam, camping spawn areas with armor, hit detection (or lack there of), sniping shotguns, etc. The BIGGEST thing was the BS responses by Farm51 to not punish people glitching under/into the ground/walls. I had hope for this game but Farm 51 stumbled at every step, especially the launch. Only if they listened to the community then. Edit: I do keep an eye on the forums to see if things are changing, but the more I keep reading the less I like the direction the game has gone.
  2. the entire game peak players is less then 300 people.... good luck
  3. Well back when it was a closed test I highly advised you delay the launch into early access and we see how that turned out. Lets see how this advice turns out. F51 you should look at hiring/contracting an outside group to help with development and improvements instead of hiring more internal staff. There are groups out there that specialize in assisting companies with problems you are having. This would take a huge workload off of your staff. They could work on additional content and less about bugs and improving fps.
  4. Im cool with microtransactions as long as its NOT: 1) Pay to win. 2) By playing the game you can unlock everything.
  5. lol special forces... joe blow Army (usually the lowest rank person) carry M249's all the time. I made one of my guys carry the 240B for a 2 weeks while in Iraq.
  6. You know Military forces have been carrying LMG's on infantry soldiers for years. They are not hard to shoot standing up either.
  7. I wreak all the time with the MG5. It is great at all ranges. If you play with a high sensitivity then you can control the recoil easily but handling the recoil is what makes it a skillful weapon.
  8. @kony I would ask you to try it out as see what hit values you get. I hit the very back of the standard start of the game LAV for 10 points of damage. The Quadchopter was receiving damage it was so close when it went off. Also you clearly don't know ballistic and damage effects of military weaponry. If you would like more information about how HEAT warheads work I will be glad to send you information. But here is an example; a HEAT hand grenade can and will penetrate their armor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RKG-3_anti-tank_grenade Now you might be thinking WTF does a hand grenade have to do with a quadchopter. Well the quadchopter has or should have a larger warhead then the hand grenade aka have more penetration/overall damage. If you clicked the link it shows a hand grenade can penetrate about 120mm to 220 mm of steal (or armor).
  9. I find it funny I see people with the med pack icon at 1/3 hp and they just keep running and never even heal themselves.
  10. It in the name, its a HEAT quadchopter. It is specifically to take out armor that is what anti Tank means. What your response tells me is that you want some strikes to be totally useless and for them to never be used.
  11. I want to try out different warheads on the quadchopter. Put the HEAT (High explosive anti tank) warhead, put in right into the back of a tank..... 10 damage to the tank... there goes 1500 BP. It is useless.
  12. I do not what to see revives, but the squad spawn system needs to be updated. They need to make a way for the squad leader to spawn on places other then the main flags. For example, if they dont want the squad leader to spawn on the squad members then let them spawn on other squad leaders.
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