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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): In options resoltion scale is broken - only allows 25, 50, 100, 150,200. Values in between are only shown for the time the mouse button down event is active, as soon as button is released the save menu pops up and safes on one of the earlier values. Priority is lowest of course, since it is not game experience related. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3343723 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): i guess it's obvious - go to menu and klick SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): 6700k, 1070, 16gb CRASH LOG (if any):
  2. Can confirm: The problem persists, when the squad plays more than one round. This issue occurs randomly - got the feeling it happens when it is not the first round together and next mode is TDM.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): When in squad and starting a game (quick join, different server etc...) only the squad leader joins, the rest stays on war map GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3339314 (all) STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): join a squad - try to play SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): 6700k / 1070 / ... nothing special CRASH LOG (if any): %
  4. Do you have current player-counts? I got the feeling that there are very little players left. Every evening I start recognizing about 20% of the players in every round while these are randomized. Additional there are evenings where I see like 20 people in 3/5 rounds on a server. Feeling really insecure, while the game is really geting more and more fun...
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: In HUD and on Minmap all objectives are missing the whole round. This error occurs in few games over the evening. Can't reproduce the bug but had 2 friends with the same problem the past days. Leaving the server and joining a new server helps. GAME BUILD ID:3313103 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: No idea SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: i7 6700k (all 3), 1070 / 1080, 16GB RAM
  6. another victim here - played 3 rounds with my squad. In round 4 i was in the enemies team Since then I get kicked out with above error after 30 secs ingame
  7. Is there a moderators reaction in this subforum, or are we simply having smalltalk about what we like and maybe someday we will find some of our ideas (or not)? No offense - just asking
  8. B4n4n45p1i7

    Clan Servers

    EA only wants people to buy a game, play it for 3 weeks and drop it. When they release a DLC the people buy it, play it 3 weeks and - again - drop it. This way they save a lot of data center costs, because they need lesser servers / performance. Additionally, when the next game is released, the old one can be buried easier. It's the same with WoW. Nowadays all veterans buy the new DLC, play it for a week and drop the game again. This way Blizzard earns money for least effort and little running costs...
  9. B4n4n45p1i7

    Clan Servers

    Imho the case is the complete opposite. You can see it in any Battlefield game, the only working servers are community servers. Why? Because they play what they like and how they like it and thats exactly what the publicity likes. Additional there will always be cheaters and there will always be cheaters that find another loophole and cheat without getting caught by anti-cheat. Active (human) Admins are the only way to keep track of them. Currently we hold the last BFHL-Servers in Europe and see (new) cheaters every week. PunkBuster lets them play because it's undetected. If you check out BF4 and even BF3 you will see the exact same phenomenon. Clan Servers are full, public servers empty / already turned off. (As indicator - BF4 has still ~10k players daily for PC. BF1, which is way newer "only" 20k for PC - Source https://battlefieldtracker.com) A game's success (after the first weeks of a release) is community-driven. When there's a vivid community a game can become very old (See Diablo II still has more than 4k players / day on closed battle.net Europe, makes about 15k players worldwide). When people don't start teaming up, a game will be forgotten soon enough. Why do you come online after work? Because there's your community, your clan, your friends, call it whatever you like. And when there are more than 5 people online it's hard to play a game properly, because you either can't join the same server, or the server balance is corrupted soon enough. On a (good!!!) clan server people care to balance and even split the good clan players in different teams and squads. A balancer can hardly perform this in the beginning of the round without people complaining. Of course there are badmins and crappy servers with idiots, but they're the servers that will vanish, because the people will start avoiding them. For me and my clanmates, our clanserver is the place to meet, to play together and the place where our favourite maps, game modes and configurations are running. The bigger our community is becoming, the more servers with more different maps / modes / whatever we rent and we play. Like this everyone can take a good gaming experience and can give clean and good administrated servers for everyone. Needless to say that Farm51 can earn money with server rental and can reduce their own hosting costs, because servers are running in data centers all around the world, which brings better server performance, because clanservers are rented, where the community is. Less players = less servers in that region. More players = more servers in that region. My plea: Let the community decide what it wants and allow them to rent servers publicly and let them configure them freely.
  10. After another few days of playing the issue gets worse and worse. I did not play one single game without 3000 Tickets difference ...
  11. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): When Alt+Tab is used game goes "inactive" (Task Manager Wording) and is not responsive anymore. Can't do anything but killing the task. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3271209 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Tab out to Desktop, go back to game (repeat until it happens). Does happen randomly sometimes 1st / 2nd Alt+Tab, sometimes after hours. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): 6700k/1070/16gb ( CRASH LOG (if any): none
  12. Didn't see that issue so far - but here a balancer would help as well ?
  13. Du willst Abends nach Feierabend ein paar gemütliche Runden spielen? Am Wochenende könnten es auch ein paar mehr Runden sein? -> https://lafamilia-gaming.com Wir sind über 100 Leute im Altersschnitt von etwa 30 Jahren aus der Battlefield Ecke. Ein paar von uns sind schon zu WW3 übergelaufen, andere fehlen noch. Wenn du also deutsch kannst, Abends zwischen 20:00 und 22:00 gerne mal ne Runde WW3 spielst, melde dich im Discord oder Teamspeak, da ist ab 20:00 immer jemand. Alle Infos auf der Website!
  14. After some games this week I have to say that nearly every round is won by one massively overpowered team while the other team has loads of leaving players for the whole time. Playing like this is no fun at all for the losing team. Why is there no team-balancer implemented that picks a good squad from Team 1 to massively losing Team 2. With this one big problem of tank overdose on the winning team (more points = more tanks = even more unbalanced round) would be fixed as well. Of course we all know these annoying balancers from other games, but I for myself hate to get mowed down for 40 minutes ... I think the trick is to configure it properly (more balancing in the first minutes / none in the last 5-10 minutes or sth.)
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