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  1. Why raise ttk? That destroys the realism. Depending on shot placement and caliber people will go down between ,1-4 shots. Having a game where you are emptying half a mag into someone is crap just so the other player can feel like he had a chance to retaliate. Let's NOT give an award to everyone and reward the people who can squeeze off shots first and accurately. I think a lot of the ttk problems will be fixed as soon as the netcode is fixed closer to launch. It took Battlefield 4 almost three years to get the perfect timing (well it's never perfect, but it's really good). Stop crying about btk, ttk, weapon nerfs, etc until they can get everything running as smoothly as possible, otherwise everything anyone says about it seriously IS just voicing an opinion because there are too many variables still at play. Some days I kill and get killed equally as fast, other days I'll unload entire mags into a guys back and he will turn and seemingly one-shot me. I'd start complaining about all of this once v 0.9 goes live because most issues with netcode and servers and optimization should be fixed by then. But, as with all of us, that's my opinion.
  2. Do not add an overheat mechanic. Who cares if people use long bursts? That's what lmgs are for. Besides, it takes a couple hundred rounds of continued fire to make a barrel overheat, let alone force a barrel change. I use the lmgs all the time and I think they are fine. In cqc they can shred, since the innaccuracy of sustained fire is nullified by close environment. When I use lmgs on warzone it's almost impossible to hit the broad side of a barn unless you are prone and using a bipod. This kind of complaining is what killed the shotguns, they are useless now, and forced the devs to get rid of the Tor. These kinds of complaints just sound like you guys want another battlefield instead of a new game. I honestly think we need to let the devs finish the game and get optimization and hit reg figured out first then see what is actually OP. From what I've seen lately the AK15 is more OP than the lmgs, but I wouldn't advocate changing it until other things are finished.
  3. I cannot connect to any game. I am stuck in a loading screen for maybe five minutes and then the game crashes. I'm super disappointed.
  4. I wasn't making a reference to THIS game when I made my statement. Apparently you make your own erroneous conclusions based on your own prejudices. All I said is it is NEVER fun to have to dump an entire mag into someone to kill them. Many games feel that way, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Apex, etc. I never said this game felt that way. <REMOVED> /weedtime
  5. Ttk is fine! Leave it alone! It's NEVER fun to have to dump most of a mag into someone to kill them. I think tyk is perfect right now.
  6. I like ttk, right now what makes the game unplayable are tryhards who play the game too damn much and spawn trap. It's ridiculous. TDM is a joke. Warzone is much better
  7. I get it, but honestly I think it's in the same shape now as BF4 was at launch. I see the and problems and issue with crashes as EA had for the first few months of BF4's launch... Difference is THAT WAS a finished game lol and the bugs didn't get fixed until a couple years ago! So I think this game is in a good place in that respect. So far in the past two days of play I haven't had one crash so that's a massive improvement over .3 version! Again, i hadn't played for two months though.
  8. I stopped playing for two months because I was getting frustrated: horrible frame rates, aweful optimization, cheaters, hackers, bugs...I get it. But I played it a couple nights ago and I had a blast! I could get into firefights and get kills without having to stay in the edges of the map and snipe. It was so much better. I agree though, there is almost no one in NA servers, which really sucks. I hope that they can revitalize the hype at E3 this year so that people will come back. I have my doubts though thanks to assholes with their negative reviews OVER AN EARLY ACCESS TITLE!!!! Seriously, why did they expect a finished game?
  9. I have had this problem and have complained about it since EA started. Before EA, in closed testing, I didn't have this problem. This stutter forces me to snipe in order to even play the game, but that is getting boring. I have been ridiculed constantly about it and I am happy that you two have vindicated my complaints.
  10. Hit detection is trash, for stutter during cqc is still horrible. I'm putting half a mag into people only to "instantly" die because he somehow saw me before he came around a corner and registered on my screen. It's bad. I can't play this...again...
  11. Like I said, I don't mind the time to rank up so long as weapons and attachments are not locked behind level progression. I stated that. If stuff is locked behind certain levels I'd like to see level progression made a bit faster. I haven't played the new patch yet, but I get off of work early today so I was going to play this afternoon. So far, from other posts it seems all weapons are available for purchase regardless of rank, which if that is true I have no problem with the progression system.
  12. I hope the Devs read this, or anyone else who may have read something I haven't seen yet, but is the leveling up process going to be fixed soon? The 0.2 patch resets our progression stats, but it took hours of gameplay and I haven't even leveled up once. It takes SOOOO much XP to level up, I was hoping that was going to be tweaked so it didn't take 20+ hours just to get to level 2. If progression is NOT linked to what you can unlock with in game currency I can understand why it is the way it is, but if there are going to be weapons or mods locked behind certain levels of progression I think is should be mich easier to level up than the current system. Before all of the problems that came with early access, it only took me 5 hours of game time to level up, now, and it could be because I have been sniping because of framerate issues in CQC and therefore get less xp per game, now it has taken me 17+ hours to get halfway to PFC and that will take far too long to unlock weapons I could want. Just asking.
  13. I agree with this. If it didn't stutter so bad in cqc I wouldn't snipe as much.
  14. You're ridiculous dude lol. It's a game based on a Russian invasion of Eastern Europe...there are only four main calibers for rifles and lmgs...He could respond "so we need another 5.56 rifle? rly?" Lol come on man, it's personal preference, don't diss a guy because he has his vision. Personally I like 7.62x39 more than 5.56...has more punch irl.
  15. I don't know if you were meaning light=smaller caliber heavy=larger caliber or if you actually meant weight, but a lighter weight weapon will have MORE recoil than a heavy weapon in real life. The heft of a weapon helps to reduce recoil, the lighter you make a weapon the more recoil you will feel. Just FYI...
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