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  1. Super low player numbers in the US is my main thing. There is hardly ever a server with enough people to have any fun anymore. I also think that Modern Warfare, after playing the beta this weekend, will be a decent enough game that I won't really need this game anymore. It's sad to say, because I've been playing since the alpha, but it's taken so long to finish that most hype is gone along with the player base and I think this year's Call of Duty will take the rest.
  2. Lol except RPG is dual purpose. It's just as good at taking out people as it is tanks. And that was part of my point...three RPGs should be MORE than enough to take out a heli drone... technically ONE should be enough...and most people are already taking one of those. If rockets did what they are supposed to to that heli drone, it wouldn't be an issue.
  3. I'm not a new player, I just don't play as much as everyone else. I've been a part of this since the second month of early early access. The heli drone is a horrible idea unless the hit box is fixed or it is nerfed, otherwise it needs to go. Like I said, four of us were pouring rounds into one, all of us cursing because only one or two hit markers would show up per magazine. Then we saw three rpgs hit it and still it stayed there and killed us all. None of us were or are "newbs", it's just broken. I understand that if you take the jammer score streak you can kill it outright, but why should everyone waste a streak slot just for that? Guns and especially rockets should be able to take it down MUCH more easily than now.
  4. Heli drone is broken, it's as simple as that. Biggest mistake so far in the game. I had a while squad working together to take one down. That hit box is smaller at point blank than the hitbox on a person at 100m! It is easier for me to pick off a person with a SCAR at distance than it was to hit a heli drone at point blank with a UKM. Even saw a couple rockets go into one and it just shrugged then off and proceeded to pour rockets into us. It needs to be nerfed, the hitbox increased considerably, or completely removed from the game.
  5. Ok, that's good to know! Thank you?
  6. A friend and I tried to hop on yesterday to try and play a few games and there were no NA servers even listed on the browser...it was completely blank. Has NA been completely abandoned?
  7. So much this! Hellfire is basically useless. It would be a vehicle insta-kill as it penetrates vehicles in the most unprotected place...the top armor. The fact that you have to save the BPs for this and then only get between 15-48 damage when it should just kill the tank is ridiculous.
  8. Steam tell me that ww3 takes up almost 500gb on my computer. Because of that I cannot move it over onto my sshd drive. Is something wrong? Is it supposed to take up that much room? How do I fix that?
  9. This was also my problem. Thinking of adding some more RAM this weekend, will that help?
  10. So the stuttering problem when a map initially loads had more or less disappeared in the last patch, now it's back. It took a good 45-60 seconds for the stuttering to stop so I could play, any suggestions? Also, heli drone is OP AF! It would be nice to have a lock-on launcher to take it out, maybe a dedicated air to air like sigla or stinger? And I agree with the ttd...it's very off-putting. other than that the new map looks nice, just need to get used to it, I wish we could get on some roofs though, I think you block off too many stairwells in the apt buildings. The new visuals on Moscow are superb! I died a few times just looking at the changes! Maybe the increase in graphics makes my PC run slower than the last patch? I dunno, I'm usually a console player, not PC. I play now to build up enough playerbase for a possible console version in the future.
  11. Those are VZ58 mags and you show guy with AK below. ?. I just thought it was funny, don't want to offend. Being able to do this with mags for a faster reload time every other reload would be really cool!
  12. Why raise ttk? That destroys the realism. Depending on shot placement and caliber people will go down between ,1-4 shots. Having a game where you are emptying half a mag into someone is crap just so the other player can feel like he had a chance to retaliate. Let's NOT give an award to everyone and reward the people who can squeeze off shots first and accurately. I think a lot of the ttk problems will be fixed as soon as the netcode is fixed closer to launch. It took Battlefield 4 almost three years to get the perfect timing (well it's never perfect, but it's really good). Stop crying about btk, ttk, weapon nerfs, etc until they can get everything running as smoothly as possible, otherwise everything anyone says about it seriously IS just voicing an opinion because there are too many variables still at play. Some days I kill and get killed equally as fast, other days I'll unload entire mags into a guys back and he will turn and seemingly one-shot me. I'd start complaining about all of this once v 0.9 goes live because most issues with netcode and servers and optimization should be fixed by then. But, as with all of us, that's my opinion.
  13. Do not add an overheat mechanic. Who cares if people use long bursts? That's what lmgs are for. Besides, it takes a couple hundred rounds of continued fire to make a barrel overheat, let alone force a barrel change. I use the lmgs all the time and I think they are fine. In cqc they can shred, since the innaccuracy of sustained fire is nullified by close environment. When I use lmgs on warzone it's almost impossible to hit the broad side of a barn unless you are prone and using a bipod. This kind of complaining is what killed the shotguns, they are useless now, and forced the devs to get rid of the Tor. These kinds of complaints just sound like you guys want another battlefield instead of a new game. I honestly think we need to let the devs finish the game and get optimization and hit reg figured out first then see what is actually OP. From what I've seen lately the AK15 is more OP than the lmgs, but I wouldn't advocate changing it until other things are finished.
  14. I cannot connect to any game. I am stuck in a loading screen for maybe five minutes and then the game crashes. I'm super disappointed.
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