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  1. Actually vehicles should be the main counter to the Heli Drone, you just need a proper config. Psst, kid. Have you heard about RCWSs? You might want to try one of these. It's true that balance is required but saying that there are no countermeasures for certain threats is not true.
  2. System już działa, quady znikają po dłuższym okresie nieużywalności.
  3. Adding a new mechanic (Stinger) just to counter other single mechanic isn't a good design practice. For instance, jammers can be used against drones, to prevent enemy strike calls and to counter UAV. New weapons should have multiple purposes to be useful. A better solution would be to give some other weapon an option to counter the Heli, like special ammo for RPG. In the next patch, we will be working on better performance of RPG missiles and Warmate against the Heli.
  4. Vehicles' speed is a part of the major vehicle rebalance which should be expected in 0.7.
  5. This issue has been fixed, just wait until the next minor update.
  6. We've responded to your feedback by increasing the optics damage resistance, so it won't be that easy in 0.6.14 [this is internal numbering, will be live in the future update - Ragir] Also, you don't have to come back to the base anymore, UGVs can be repaired in the same way as armored vehicles. Just get close to it and press [4]. Jammers are a hot topic in the studio right now and they will be certainly revamped in the future.
  7. RPG and high calibers shells' effectiveness against Heli Drone will be improved in a matter of a day or two along with cooldown fix.
  8. We've investigated this issue and no such thing occurs. Could you give us more details? How did you approach the platform? Did you land or hover over it?
  9. Does this bug occur always? This bug will be investigated. EDIT: Issue has been checked on the latest PTE version, mines explode as expected.
  10. Ciekawe sugestie, przekażemy je naszym Level Designerom.
  11. The bug with reconnection to a jammed drone will be fixed before the live version is released.
  12. Thanks for this lengthy analysis, it is very valuable for us. As the first step to even the chances between Heli and its potential prey, we decided to decrease it's HP pool by 20% which should result in lesser amount of magazines required to empty in order to destroy it. We are against decreasing the price of guns and equipment as those are powerful weapons. We want to introduce just one tweak at a time but we observe the situation on servers and track your feedback. This gun should be the default for Heli as it costs 0 to unlock. This issue will be fixed before strike enters the Live Server.
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