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  1. The difference might include a few bullets. That's why we increased armor thickness against bullets in abovementioned post.
  2. We wanted to simplify their combat purposes so we decided to dedicate one most optimal target for each of the drones. Their different control types already support their function.
  3. Just wait for the next patch. 1 Tandem = it's over. [TWEAK] Heli Drone decreased HP (600 to 450), increased armor thickness against bullets
  4. AT mines detect wheels or the hull, then they explode. Are you sure that the mine did not sunk into the ground? I infer that it might be a problem with the surface or landscape in general.
  5. Those phantom strikes should disappear once the new menu is implemented. They appear because we are constantly adding new strikes and some of the strikes' ID numbers get shifted.
  6. @tynblpb This wasn't planned, and it seems like a bug. We are going to investigate it.
  7. You're right, the stats didn't properly update, it's gonna be fixed in next hotfix.
  8. It was happening in BF4 because DICE screwed up and the game did not reward the players enough for destroying the air vehicles with missile launchers. In BF4 nobody wanted to sacrifice his score and fun that he could've had in standard ground combat for camping with Stinger/Igla and hunting for copters or jets to shut them down. I was often resigning from my score when I saw that my team is getting raped just because of the enemy's air superiority. I was equipping Stinger/Igla but then the game looked more like an ornithologist simulator.
  9. Actually vehicles should be the main counter to the Heli Drone, you just need a proper config. Psst, kid. Have you heard about RCWSs? You might want to try one of these. It's true that balance is required but saying that there are no countermeasures for certain threats is not true.
  10. System już działa, quady znikają po dłuższym okresie nieużywalności.
  11. Adding a new mechanic (Stinger) just to counter other single mechanic isn't a good design practice. For instance, jammers can be used against drones, to prevent enemy strike calls and to counter UAV. New weapons should have multiple purposes to be useful. A better solution would be to give some other weapon an option to counter the Heli, like special ammo for RPG. In the next patch, we will be working on better performance of RPG missiles and Warmate against the Heli.
  12. Vehicles' speed is a part of the major vehicle rebalance which should be expected in 0.7.
  13. This issue has been fixed, just wait until the next minor update.
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