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  1. when you have 1hp left and several enemies shooting at you
  2. alot of games always were weird how you can have a few HP left and still be able to run around and kill enemies just as easy as if you were at full health. what if your wounded, for example 1/3 health, you should be pretty slow moving around and you may not be able to aim correctly, maybe ADS would be blurry. maybe alot of sway when ADS. maybe a recoil multiplier. this might inspire teamwork of healing injured teammates so they can keep going in battle, less lone wolfing. might also prevent people from having such heavy loadouts when they know if they take damage they will be slow as a slug
  3. i dont think there should be a revive. maybe an immobilized aspect but i dont think a revive is needed.
  4. i have been getting those small updates also that take forever. shouldnt be anything major but Steam or something does a bad job with it. i made a thread about it and how it took 36 minutes to do a 19mb update, 10 minutes of it was preallocating which is jsut Steams way of making sure you have enough storage space.
  5. on top of that it took 36 minutes to finish the update
  6. Black hawk Down and Saving private Ryan will always be my tops. no matter how many times i watch. but alot of the ones people have mentioned are also up there like We Were Soldiers, Full Metal Jacket. there are a few others that many people dont care for but i grew up watching like U-571 and Behind Enemy Lines. don't think anyone has mentioned Jarhead yet. some movies i only like due to a few scenes like Kilgore of Apocalypse Now i dont watch many series. Band of Brothers and The Pacific were probably my favorites. i need to rewatch Generation Kill when i can, never heard of Generation War ill have to watch that.
  7. what is with steams preallocating taking so freaking long. a 19MB freaking update taking over 10 minutes on an SSD with plenty of space. freaking ridiculous yet alone on bigger updates over a GB. is there a way to disable this?
  8. well i use to be able to post the videos straight to the forum as long as it was udner the limit. i dont really wanna put them all on youtube
  9. Accepted file types jpg, png, dmp, gif, jpeg · Max total size 7.91MB i should have said "can we no longer attach videos to a post"
  10. UMK will not load alternative ammo or at least for AP rounds. have not tried other LMGs. all my other load outs will G17 animation for alternate ammo is messed up G36 has small animation glitch of charging handle disappearing when loading alternative ammo are we unable to post videos now? 48691
  11. he may not have sway in the video but hes holding it for a less than a second in a firing position between shots. thats a 46lb (20kg) 83inch (2300mm) rifle. you may be able to muscle up enough strength to do that for a short burst and fire somewhat accurately but i bet you if he held it shouldered for 10 seconds without firing, he would be exhausted and unable to hold it steady if even able to hold it at all. yet alone being in a combat role with it. your letting a quick video cloud your judgment. theres videos of people dual wielding M82A1 rifles and M60 machine guns, doesnt mean its a reality of being used in combat. the TOR is not as heavy or long as a PTRS but its still a long heavy gun. 35lb (16kg) rifle and is 53inch (1350mm) rifle. it would wear you out standing up having that rifle shouldered for any significant amount of time especially after running around with it and any other weight you would would have. its designed to be used with a bipod for a reason. my point about the TOR damage was that its a 50cal rifle. but a chest hit with im assuming steel armor can do 55 damage. i feel it should do damage like a .50 cal should. i feel it should be a 1 shot kill to center of mass hits regardless of armor. the sway factor would keep it from being OP and not a run and gun weapon. something you have to be in prone and to use. not running around and gunning. i didnt say anything about accuracy. yes a rifle itself should have great accuracy, especially at 100 yards. but it would come down to a shooter itself for accuracy. a rifle can be a laser beam but if a solder cant physically hold it still due to shear weight, thats a bit different. what can be a laser beam or a rifle when its supported can be hard to hit the broad side of a barn once your exhausted and pushing yourself to hold up a very heavy rifle. so while standing trying to hit headshots at 100 yards is an easy job while standing with a normal AR, or wile prone with a anti matierial rifle, doesnt mean you can do it as easily with an anti material rifle while standing. still possible but much harder
  12. since 40mm grenades have a minimum arming distance, this might help prevent the noobtube effect. you can only use them at distances above X meters or else they wont detonate. no point blank firing that kill you and the enemy.
  13. sure he might be able to hold that for a couple of quick shots. but hes not accurate. in the start of the video he has to hold it near vertical because there is no way to can shoulder that rifle more than a few moments. for heavy ARs they sway doesnt need to be alot, attachments done weight that much right now either. the SIG smg has a weight of 11.3 stock and can weight about 12.5 with long barrle, sights, grip but there is no drum avalible for it. a stock configured G36 in this came currently weights 15. with attachments like medium scope, long barrel, grip, drum mag it will still only weight some over 16 so its not a horrible change. now a UMK has a weight of 23.3 stock. the 100 and 200 round mags weight the same which should be changed, but with a bipod, scope, long barrel it only weights about 24.5. but every bit of weight will make it harder and harder to hold. then you get to the TOR which weights jsut under 36. thats the weight of 2 fully customized G36s or 3 SIGs. it should be almost uncontrollable when trying to shoulder it. i didnt play alot of BF1 but from what i remember the anti tank rifle is devastating but it can only be fired from bipod. so we have an anti material rifle in this game that shoots a 50cal. people complain it doesnt 1 shot kill. well lets make it 1 shot kill but be hard to use.
  14. what do you guys think about grenade launchers? either under barrel or standalone single and multi barrel grenade launchers. they would turn into the 'noobtube' like the rpg tends to be now but could also prove effective against vehicles. could be used for smoke or flashbangs, maybe even teargas?
  15. a heavy weapon such as the TOR or MG5 should have alot of sway when standing ADS due to the weight. maybe enough that its effectively unusable when standing. these are weapons designed to use a bipod afterall. would also effect heavy ARs with drum mags and long barrels and a ton of accessories. where as a light AR or SMG would have very little sway when ADS. this might make weapons such as SMGs, pistols, lighter ARs and light loadouts more effective and help counter the large firepower of LMG and the huge usage of snipers. might also give players more of a reason to use the light sniper, which name i cant remember because i haven't been killed by it yet, instead of the heavier TOR or G29. when crouched or prone the sway would be reduced alot and if using a bipod would eliminate sway.
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