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  1. Beryl 262 seems to be lacking in the Disney department, with its animations being all over the place. Specifically, when using Vepr modification on the hand guard. Please fix before I actually start World War 3, ty xoxoxox
  2. I agree, you summed that up nicely. Still, with the current mechanics in place. I think the game will thrive as an Arcade style shooter. Larger playerbase and it will enable to game to succeed. In turn, I feel a minimap would be a great addition. A lot of people have requested it both on this forum and the suggestion channel on the discord. And also agree about the maps, the newer maps defintely play better for vehicles.
  3. Yeah no, you can't attribute or justify bad game design with "players are noob" that's now how this works.
  4. Firstly, once again. Well done, the most recent update has been superb! Finally more players, and even my friends are playing it! You've really fleshed the game out. But having been playing the game since day 1. And the earliest tech demos, I have founded the two BIGGEST issues in this game. Issue A: The game doesn't know what it wants to be. Issue B: The game is very clunky and no system, game engine or current tech could ever smooth this out, things need to change. I'm going to break these two issues down now with things that contribute to the major issues. Both Issue A and B are even linked. Issue A; The game clearly has some form of realistic vibe, no minimap, gun handling and ballistics etc. However this is having a detrimental impact on the game. The gun handling and armor is fine. The issues arise when you consider the map design and radar. Games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and CSGO (There are many more I can list) Keep the player orientated in battle, regardless of the playable map. Right now, I can tell you - Players are having issues orientate them self, how do I know? Because 90% of the kills I get, are on unsuspecting players - And the majority of my deaths are from players I didn't even know where in the vicinity. This should not be a common occurrence in a FPS shooter ever. So, I asked my self why is this happening - and I went and played the aforementioned games. The answer? All the games have a radar, and in all the games, a players position would be given away when discharging their gun. In turn, I'm lead to believe you NEED to add a radar, because hear me out - In real life, soldiers and police don't have this issue. No one, engaged in a firefight has this issue? Don't believe me, watch any helmet or body camera footage. Even in Airsoft, this amount of disorientation is not present. Heck, the only time this sort of disorientation happens is when you are a GI in jungle that speaks Vietnamese. But why are we not disorientated in real world gun fights (Minus the ringing ears, concisions which are common place in actual battlefields)? How do people in real life, have a rough idea of where the armed opponent is, when obviously we don't have a minimap? Senses, we have a lot of senses. And these senses can't be simulated, or stimulated in a game. You can't simulate every sound, objects moving, shadow in a way that enables a player to react accordingly. In turn, I propose a minimap is added to assist with 3D Spotting, to reduce disorientation. Because honestly a lot of kills are dissatisfying. Today, I was able to kill 3 people in a room, ad between each kill I was able to reload, why? Because even though there was other hostiles in the room, they were completely unaware that their teammates where dying, despite me shooting my unsuppressed gun, in the same room practically next to them - they had little to no idea I was there. This should not happen. You can confirm this further, by playing Battlefield 4's Hardcore game mode, I tend to find that I die more due to disorientation, nowhere near as much as I see people dying in WW3, but near enough for there to be a correlation. Issue B; Back when you did the Discord Q&A , I asked you the question "Will map design complement vehicular gameplay?" (Or a question along those lines) The response? "Yes", you claimed the maps would complement the vehicle gameplay, but honestly? They don't. And so, again. I asked my self why? I specifically went and played Battlefield 4 on similar maps. And here's what I found (and your recent update proves me theory) - Siege of Shanghai being one of the more comparable ones to a map such as Berlin - What I've found is, you've done what I would do. You've congested the map with detail. I get that the in game universe is at war, and there in turn is equipment and craters etc. However, due to their clunkyly and boxy geometry, I find navigating the maps to be extremely difficult, and when you link this to the disorientation, you can soon find your self very overwhelmed. Vehicles are not overpowered in this game, so when you are being shot at by infantry? Stuck on a shipping container? it gets very annoying. And while there is annoying objects in Battlefield 4's Siege of Shanghai, they are in no way as common. But, how did you recent update reaffirm this point? I also compared Smolensk to Zavod 311, and what did I find? The vehicle gameplay in both maps is perfect! Infantry can use dense groups of trees to divert away from IFVs and tanks, whilst tanks can make use of the open and clear geography of the area. I found that when playing the BTR, in both games, the experience was surprisingly similar, just in the case of WW3's Smolensk? The gameplay was actually better, because it was more balanced. In Battlefield 4, in the MBT, I can literally be unstoppable. In WW3, Infantry have a really good chance. In fact, Smolensk is WW3's Utopian map for ideal gameplay. So, in conclusion, the biggest issues are orientation and clunkiness. TL;DR I compared WW3 to Battlefield and figured out why Battlefield is more fun. I'm convinced that the sooner you address them issues, the sooner more players will arrive. Moreover, targeting a more causal player bases primary will acquire more players. Have two gamemodes, similar to Casual and Hardcore. Where one has 3D Spotting and minimap whereas one doesn't. Maybe also reduce weapon power by 20%.
  5. Discord: Andromeda#6837 SteamID 64: 76561198092881626
  6. Did I just get a BTR-90 Confirmed? And fantastic. Reduced match times were needed! It will make the game far more enjoyable. If you add micro-transaction based cosmetics, may I suggest this as a camo? This is currently top secret design which is being tested by Russian Specialist. This camo makes tank invisible (also changes engine noise to cheekie breeki, causing enemy to think it is Lada with sound system). The added advantage of adding this skin being... The huge sales opportunity Anyway, in all seriousness. Thanks for the update, and can't wait!!!!
  7. I'd be willing to bet most don't. This game while by the admissions of the developers is aiming for a more milsim feel, I don't believe it should reflect on the time, there is a much bigger player base here. It's targeting users who are from both Battlefield and Call of Duty, users who as you said, play a game that is not centered around long games. Moreover, battlefield had much larger maps than this, with far higher ticket rates and the matches subsided far quicker. Also the design of both Battlefield and WW3 are very similar in terms of time between encounters. People are already getting 30+ kills with in half a match. If I get a tank, I'm usually getting 20 kills in the first 10 minutes. The game doesn't have enough action for the time to pass and be enjoyable.
  8. Agreed. Riot Shields are not exactly designed for combat, especially on the front line, would almost be absurd as women on the British front line, and soldiers wielding Katana's in some hypothetical game set in World War 2.... Basaltic Shields, sure! But not riot shields, would you like Pepper Spray as well? Actually fuck it, devs get on it. I want a Pepper Spray, with beta mag, extended barrel, SWAT Optics and cantered Iron sights! But seriously. No riot shields.
  9. They've been overly glorified in Rainbow Six Siege and people are starting to forget what a basaltic shield is, or even what they look like. If they add any of them, maybe it should be a full fledged Ballistic Shield, like the ones made by HighCom, and if added the development team should consider what they did with other ballistics... make the balanced and realistic (relative to the weapons data)
  10. What if I want bullpup MG mounted to the top. Or RPG ?
  11. B̶r̶e̶x̶i̶t̶ ̶M̶e̶a̶n̶s̶ ̶B̶r̶e̶x̶i̶t̶ ̶ Lower Match Times Means Lower Match Times! It's became very apparent, you guys have done a good job at making this a fun FPS, but for the love of god reduce the match times. I feel like I need to start a union to reduce my play hours as it's inhumane. The developers stated that they would consider releasing a file system for dedicated servers after you leave Early Access (Makes sense). I believe IF people eventually run their own servers, that they should be able to change the time a match last yes. But as it currently stands the default match time is simply too long. Thanks - Andromeda, Head of the "ADD A BTR-90 Blyat" Campaign. ADD A BTR 90
  12. Russian Standard with Leninade to drink with Corn Flat bread to eat, especially at lan parties with the boys
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