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  1. Didn't know that. I guess I kinda agree on that, but come on, it's a game, many times you just want to get out for whatever reason and I think you should be awarded at least a fraction of what you gained in the match.
  2. I noticed I only get XP and cash if I finish a match. I think this should be changed, sometimes you can't just finish the match, you have to leave early due to an appointment, or a friend just got online and you want to form a squad, or simply you just want to stop playing. So please, make XP and cash count as it's obtained not when the match ends.
  3. I spawn with a 30 round mag loaded and another stored, 60 rounds in total for my MSBS. This is a 32 player based game, what the fuck. I love the game btw, it's just it needs a lot of fixes to be fully enjoyable.
  4. I'm loving the 0.2 patch, optimization got a lot better and progression system is fully working now! But please, add a preview button before buying like a confirmation prompt. I misbought a couple of items thinking it would preview XD Example: 1. Click on monster grip 2. The screem focuses on the gun with the attachment on, and at the bottom, a question (Would you like to purchase this item? With YES and NO options) 3. When bought, automatically equip the purchased item I think this way we could have a preview with a confirmation prompt preventing misclicks Hope you guys like the idea!
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