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  1. Hit me with a follow, going to start streaming WW3 everyday https://twitch.tv/dynshot
  2. Hey so basically about a month ago I created a clan called "Team Dawnlite". I really didn't try to get members until the night of the release and since the servers were not working I kind of slowed down there. We are a North American and European Competitive Clan, that squads up and shit. At the moment we can't really do anything until the farm gives access to custom servers which will hopefully be one day in the future. This is a clan to try to be the #1 squad in a game, every game and grind the hell out of world war 3. We have around 10 members at the moment and are looking for people who want to just play the game and hang out, and win. There are a few req's to join: Decent Microphone 17+ Years Old Skills in a Different Game Live in North America or Europe If you are interested in joining just PM me on here. Peace out soldiers.
  3. To be fair I know motion blur is not good but in world war 3 it's not insane like other games have it. It was just a tip for people who get around 30fps to make them feel better because it does make the game look smoother with low fps. ??
  4. -USEALLAVAILABLECORES should be on default and besides that the only command that will probably do anything is -high.
  5. I did it in Battlefield a lot tho, quit referencing COD lmao
  6. Guy's remember that being realistic is not the most fun for the majority of people, it's a video game not Escape from Tarkov. EDIT: Grammar
  7. Removed Multiple Launch Commands and Added the Video Settings
  8. It would be a good place to post videos and livestreams, no harm in it.
  9. Sorry about the Malloc option, I removed it from the post. Removed it from the original post since it's pretty complicated apparently and does not affect it that much, Going to add more stuff in the future and I want to keep adding onto this. If you have any thing that you could add to the thread dm me.
  10. WW3 Optimization / Increase FPS Guide October 2018: (Last Edited 10/23/2018) This guide will help you use your computer to the max to play this amazing new game. In the future the game will be optimized but it's just the beginning now and not everyone has a $3000 system, so this might help a lot of people. Step 1: Windows Optimization / Hardware Optimization Install CCleaner and clean everything on your computer. This makes a lot of things fairly easier. Install Driver Booster (Checks for New Drivers Easily all over your computer) Optimize Windows 10 for Performance Open Windows Explorer Right Click "This PC" and go to "Properties" Click "Advanced Settings" Click "Performance Options" Click the button that adjusts windows for best performance (uncheck all buttons) Click Apply and Exit Make sure all of your CPU Cores are no parked and are being used (youtube.com/watch?v=4fKxZ1mq9KA) Make sure to install your GPU Drivers (Nvidia and AMD) Step 2: In-Game Optimization Put all graphics on high-ultra except put textures, shadows, viewing distance and post processing on low. This will put more of the load on your GPU rather than your CPU. Also put Anti-Aliasing on Medium-Low. Set these as your game launch settings, without the brackets: [-high -USEALLAVAILABLECORES] Go to your Steam Library and make sure WW3 is closed. Right Click on World War 3 Click Properties Click on Launch Options Put Your Settings in and Save Start World War 3 In the Video Settings, Turn On Motion Blur. This will create the illusion that you are getting more FPS. I will keep updating this thread when I get more things to add but this is how much I know so far, have fun playing soldiers!
  11. At the moment they are working on loading/server issues. Once that is done they are going to be solely working on bug fixes and optimizations. It's an early access game, not a finished game.
  12. On how Warzone is structured, I think people attack if they have the least amount of objectives and defend if they have the greater amount of objectives.
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