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  1. Amazing 1 on 1 ratio model design work by developers and nice comparison by the video editor.
  2. Boy o boy was the "Thermal Optics' or FLIR so freakin OP in BF4. - Especially in any spammy attack vehicle. I hope WW3 doesn't turn into that.
  3. Nice but I still think that the font is too small. In menu and especially in-game.
  4. see the attached image. Does it show the selection of servers and then the Connect button on the bottom right?
  5. yes of course! I'm actually very surprised that a game of this HC nature does not have a ALL / Squad / Team VOIP. I really do hope they add it in the near future. If not just start with Proximity like in PUBG. If your teammates can hear you, so should the enemy. Makes it more entertaining really.
  6. I personally have no real problem not shooting teammates. It's mostly being aware of your surroundings while ADSing or pray-spraying. Kinda like IRL. But if need be, they should ass some punishment to constant TKing. Delaying a respawn is really not a big thing for them... Try these: - 1) 3X the negative points what it takes to kill a soldier. So if it awards you 100 pts for killing enenmy, then -300 pts will be deducted if you kill a teammate. - 2) Punish function - Insta kills the TKer. - 3) If the top doesn't stop the TK'er from TKing then lock out his guns and nades for 5-10 min - 4) If still all doesnt stop them from TKing... temp ban for 24hrs
  7. Not a weapon but a gadget... A defibrillator to revive squadmates. Of course balanced it out and not too easy as it is in BF.
  8. yes very good points. I do have faith in the developers that they can create a non-spammy BF-like revive system.
  9. ( if the Developers have this already in mind and will be adding it real soon then please disregard this thread.) ------ Be it super slow revive, or defibbed with low HP or however, this game is in need of Medics or a way to revive squadmates. This will help for Squads To work together* with a medic around. Besides, pretty sure the BR mode will have something for this right? Because right now it kinda feels like a mindless run and gun combat like other, ahem... " certain " shooters. I implore the Devs to add it in the game. --- I would recommend that obviously, set some rules for these reviving medics. To not make Medics too OP, (like in BF3) I myself put some down here if the player has, let's say the 'Defibrillator " gadget attached: • You can revive if you are not getting suppressed • Revive back to 30 or 50% - It's up to the revived player to heal up via different ways • * I would recommend that you could only revive squadmates - this will help players to work and stick together as a Squad ... as it should. • Let's not make it too arcadey - you can only be revived once for every re-spawn. --- Just my two pesos... What say you?
  10. Reminds me of the Gustav days in BC2... while very fun to use, it was very frustrating on the other end... plus cheesy. You know similar to the UCAV, Mortar in BF. Give it time you guys, they WILL fix this.
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