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  1. So then put the points of the drones down to 1/10 the cost of a tank... sorry i don't want to offend you but this statement is bullshit... sure it would be a pain in the butt to get killed in a tank by a strikes that costs half the points of your tank, but it has to do a lot more damage than 10 points... ?
  2. As I mentioned it yesterday in another post, where do I find that roadmap? You guys are talking the whole time about this roadmap, so please release it!!! ?
  3. So what's with the roadmap? No I don't want to troll, I just want to know and looking forward to it ?
  4. I guess you have to higher your graphic settings...
  5. I don't think so, BUT go and report the devs about that glitch! If you don't do, you will be banned! (just kidding! ?)
  6. There will be no other "Battlefield" for me than WW3 this year! BF1 was fun but not like BF2/3/4 was and WW3 is my Battlefield now! Like I said before... ? I hope you do not mind if I continue to use this name BFV(agina)? or do you have a patent on it? ?
  7. It is an Early Access Title with no optimization, what the hell do you expect? ?
  8. When I play as a AT-Soldier, I always use the Ammo-Bag, so I don't have to think about RPG-Ammo ?
  9. In my opinion, there should be no female soldiers... if you want female soldiers, go play BFV... ? May be there are some really hard female soldiers out there but please don't bring them to WW3...
  10. It's nice that they are active everywhere but THIS IS THE OFFICAL FORUM... I don't want to check 1186218 different Reddit/Discord/FB/Twitter/WHATEVER to get the news, that should be posted here. this should not be an attack or something similar, just objective criticism! ?
  11. I don't want to offend you, but you have to aim a bit more. the guns have a higher recoil than in a standart cdo/bf game. also at the current state of the game, with desyncs and so, sometimes the shots can't "connect" to the target ?
  12. May be the mine got shot and then exploded?
  13. The general problem is, that you can die from 3 hits in the legs or arms with an AK15. The AK15 does 40Dmg per bullet, so you get shot 3 times to the arms/legs and you look to the sky... I don't know what I should think about the system in generel because the game is some kind of hardcore and if the dmg gets reduced, that feeling disappears and I guess the game gets closer to arcade-game-style...
  14. I guess customising ingame wouldn'T happen because of the different load-outs that you can customise. Therefor I would go for a training map/shooting range, so you can test your gear
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