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  1. Meant to watch this as soon as I saw you post it but I only just now got to it. Glad I watched this one, great work! I really enjoy how I can zone-out watching the gameplay and just fully focus on what you had to say. I think you covered a lot of really good topics and made some excellent points! Hope to see more from you ! Also, about the Ballistic system; I felt the exact same way hearing about bullet penetration. I'm actually pursuing a Physics Major so I get really excited hearing about the Ballistics system in the game and what kind of research/work might have been done to implement the systems they have in place. Anyways great video and I hope to see you around!
  2. Yes, I do feel that the game benefits from a PT Environment. Being able to test a patch before forcing it on everyone is great. 0.4 was in a great state when it was pushed to the PTE, but it still had some issues. Getting those issues ironed out before hand I think is overall the best thing to do instead of dishing these patches out too fast.
  3. Nice! And gg's yesterday with the C4 match lol
  4. I can't wait to see this, sounds like a lot of fun!
  5. Nice. Would love to see some kind of challenge/achievement system that can help you gain more in-game currencies.
  6. Nice, keep it up! You seem to be good at finding these holes in the walls lol. The more you find the better! So thank you for taking the time for reporting these bugs
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